ALOA Booth 930
The Paxton LCD Graphics Proximity Reader provides differentiation for your business and product offering allowing more profit on each project. This high quality reader can be mounted vertically or horizontally and accepts custom JPEG and BMP images uploaded wirelessly via the built in RF receiver. These graphic readers can be customized with your company logo, special conference room labeling, or for basic access control indicating granted access and denied images. Each reader can be different, much like your business and your customers.

Card reader & keypad combination

Introducing the Salto Design XS Keypad Wall Reader Series

June 25, 2024
Designed for ease of use for physical credentials, mobile, and PIN code access, this reader is built with an embossed and braille keypad for the visually impaired.
Card access control & readers

HID TSL 3166 Bluetooth Rugged RAIN RFID UHF Reader

April 5, 2024
HID Global's TSL 3166 Bluetooth Rugged RAIN RFID UHF Reader is a high-performance reader for inventory management, supply chain tracking, and asset management. Using the latest...