Electronic Access Control for your Customer

Sept. 30, 2013
Locksmiths sell electronic access control. Selling what your customer wants makes a happier customer.

Locksmiths have been installing electronic access control for about half a century. The first one I installed was an electric strike with two remote releases for the front door of a jewelry store. The electric strike offered the jeweler the opportunity to choose with whom he would conduct business without having to walk to the locked door. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to install many electronic lock mechanisms and systems.

Locksmiths install access control to meet customer’s needs. When discussing commercial access control, most end-users who have between two to ten doors, want two things. To restrict access when they want and to know who and when everyone attempted to gain access.

While thinking about this Blog, I was discussing an issue with a small to medium sized company that has electronic access control. The card access system enables early and late employees to gain access while having the ability to lock the perimeter. Although the system has door position switches, there is not active monitoring. The boss, whose office requires dual credentials, has a habit of leaving the door propped open. The audit trail has not been reviewed for a long time. Overall, they are very happy with the system.

Remember, when you sell an access control system, really listen for what your customer wants. Ask questions in order to develop a plan that meets their needs.

As always, I look forward to your comments, suggestions and recommendations.