On the Scene at GSX: SALTO Keys in on ‘Real’ Competition

Sept. 12, 2022
The company’s solutions are aimed at delivering smart access control.

Ahead of GSX 2022, SALTO Systems has a clear idea of its competition in the marketplace, and it isn’t who you might expect. In fact, it’s more of a what.

“Our biggest competitor isn’t another access control company,” says Colin Depree, SALTO sales strategy lead for North America. “Our biggest competitor is the mechanical key.”

With that in mind, the company is showing off what it calls smart access control technology that advances a message of removing the mechanical key from the security equation.

Mechanical keys are “one of the biggest pain points for our end users,” Depree adds. “Mechanical rekeys are superexpensive, [and] tracking of mechanical keys is difficult. So, we’re really focusing on continuing that message of mechanical-key replacement and looking at leveraging electronic locks in maybe a different way than what a lot of people first think about.”

Less & More

SALTO is showing off its full line of electronic access control solutions, including the XS4 Original+ door lock and the Neoxx G3 electronic padlock. These products not only address the issue of new uses for electronic locks, but they also address another SALTO message of “more vs. less.”

“How do we create opportunities for more doors, for more control, more data, more revenue per door for our business partners?” Depree says. “What else can SALTO bring more of while also bringing less cost, less stress for business partners and less time [for security pros] per door?”

A locker lock solution from sister company GANTNER that will be at the GSX trade show is a prime example of working to address the “more vs. less” proposition for customers, while also making sure to tailor the “experience” to the correct audience.

“We’re really focusing on the corporate smart office space” with the locker lock solution, Depree says. “And all of that ties into more openings and less confusion on the integration. How do we bring a solution that delivers more openings and leverages a single credential? That’s the end user’s experience, right? Then, it’s the buyers experience — the company or whoever it is: ‘I have more control. I know who got into that locker. I can audit that.’ Then, to the business partner, it's ‘I can deliver a much larger solution. I have more openings that I can put into my proposal. I don't need to find a way to integrate four different solutions. I have one solution.’”

But SALTO isn’t suggesting it has a one-size-fits-all solution. On the contrary, it can tailor the products to fit the demands of different markets, whether they’re commercial, retail or multifamily housing.

A New Interface

Speaking of multifamily, SALTO expects to unveil a new software platform aimed at that market, although SALTO is quick to say it’s for the “residential” market. Multifamily and multiuse buildings certainly will be intended markets for this new access control platform, but vacation-rental properties is another fast-growing vertical market that will be well-suited to the new platform.

The platform is called Homelok, and if that sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that. SALTO announced Homelok in the spring at ISC West with a longer title, and it’s ready for a more thorough unveiling at GSX, Depree says. Homelok will bring the power of SALTO’s SVN technology to a cloud-based interface. The result is building managers will be able to get data from “offline” locks without having a dedicated on-premises system.

“That’s always only worked with a on-premise server,” Depree explains about SVN. “We haven’t had a cloud-based back end available to use that. We have SALTO KS, which is a cloud-based application, but it needs online locks. There has to be a wireless connection for our locks. Homelok is a platform that will now leverage cloud for our back end but will enable offline locks to be attached in the cloud environment.”

The platform is expected to be rolled out to the public before the end of 2022, and Depree adds that Homelok’s technological underpinnings will allow SALTO to create further platforms that are aimed at specific vertical markets.

“What we envision is we’ll continue to use this core and then deliver some vertically centric interfaces,” he says. “[In] hospitality or healthcare, you don’t use the terms ‘residence’ or ‘dog walker’ and things like that. That front-end interface will use a different terminology.”

For more on SALTO’s solutions, go to Booth No. 1217 at the Georgia World Congress in Atlanta.

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