Making the Leap to Electronic Access Control

March 3, 2020
For a cost-effective approach, select technologies that are geared to expansion and open architecture.

New products bring new opportunities for locksmiths to incorporate electronic access control into their customers’ existing security arsenal, moving forward from strictly mechanical to electronic. Ideal solutions will mitigate the risks, satisfy the client’s objectives and use existing assets.

Below, we look at some of the newest products that will help commercial and residential customers move into the realm of electronic access control.

Schlage LE, NDE and CTE with ENGAGE

Electronic access control can enhance the experience for end users who look to balance security, efficiency and convenience throughout a facility. Whether the customer wants a more efficient way to manage keys and access privileges or desires auditing capabilities at an opening, wireless access control solutions can make the transition a seamless process.

Allegion has economical solutions that locksmiths can apply in commercial, institutional and mixed-use facilities. Schlage LE and NDE wireless locks extend the benefits of electronic access control deeper into a building, beyond traditional perimeter and high-security openings. Wireless locks are affordable and easy to install, because they use an existing standard door prep with minor modifications and eliminate the need to run wires.

Built-in Bluetooth enables the Schlage LE and NDE to connect directly to smartphones and tablets, so locksmiths don’t have to have proprietary handheld devices for set-up and configuration. And the flexibility allows locksmiths to help their customers implement a solution that can evolve over time. As security requirements change, customers can transition from a stand-alone lock to an integrated access control solution — or to a convenient mobile-credential solution.

The Schlage CTE single-door controller extends the benefits to perimeter, exit and parking-garage doors. This solution is hard-wired, but it enables the opening to be managed through the same ENGAGE web and mobile apps that the LE and NDE wireless locks use.

Through ENGAGE apps, it’s easy to configure lock settings, add users and view audits and alerts from virtually anywhere. Advanced capabilities, such as networked real-time communication with the ENGAGE Gateway, can be managed with leading access control software providers.

Schlage LE wireless mortise lock features:

  • Option of using a smartphone to open doors
  • Interior push button to enable storeroom, apartment, privacy and office functions
  • Works with Schlage L Series mechanical mortise lock, with 31 lever and two knob options
  • Weather-resistant design for use on perimeter doors
  • MS mortise with indicator, MB mortise with push button and MD mortise deadbolt available to configure applications for a storeroom, privacy, apartment or office
  • Field-changeable lever handing on most styles
  • Innovative integrated door-position switch, which requires no additional door prep
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless configuration from smartphones and tablets
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for enabling automated daily updates directly from host software
  • No-Tour capable
  • Networked real-time communication with the ENGAGE Gateway and leading access control software providers
  • Up to 2 years of battery life
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.25 (indoor/outdoor), ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, UL 294, ULC S319, UL10C (3-hour fire rated), FCC Part 15, ADA, RoHS, FL3905, FL12400 and FL14482

Schlage NDE wireless cylindrical lock features:

  • Easy to install, fits mechanical Schlage ND door prep with minor modifications
  • Compatible with major brands of key systems

 Schlage CTE single door controller with multitechnology reader features:

  • Enables around-the-door solution with ENGAGE functionality (works with an electrified lock or electric strike)
  • Built-in BLE and Wi-Fi
  • Includes Schlage MT11-485 or MT15-485 reader
  • No-Tour capable
  • Four inputs: door position (DPS), remote release (REL), request to enter (REN), request to exit (REX)
  • Three outputs: alarm relay, auxiliary (AUX) relay, lock relay
  • Input power: 12 or 24 VDC or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Provides DC output power and dry control contacts

SDC Quiet Duo LR100 Series ELR Kit

The LR100 Series Electric Latch Retraction Kit enables electric access control and dogging of mechanical exit devices. When activated, the motor retracts the exit-device latch and pulls the pushpad on most devices into the dogged (depressed) position. This allows for momentary or sustained push-and-pull operation of the door.

Quiet Duo LR100 Series kits are available for: Adams Rite, Arrow, Corbin Russwin, Dor-O-Matic, Falcon, Hager, IDC, Jackson, K2, Kawneer, Marks USA, Marshall Best, Pamex, PHI, SARGENT, SDC, TownSteel, Von Duprin and Yale


  • Motorized electric latch retraction and dogging for fire-rated and nonrated devices
  • Retrofits select exit-device brands without having to remove the device from the door
  • Requires only a latch head cover and a removeable end cover plate for most other brands
  • 700 mA inrush, 200 mA continuous power

SDC SELECTRIC Electrified Mortise Locksets

SDC’s SELECTRIC Electrified Mortise Locksets are designed for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities where code compliance, dependable operation and resistance to physical abuse are required.

You can send the lockset brand of your choice to SDC for electrification. SDC can modify the following brands: Arrow, BEST, Cal Royal, Corbin Russwin, Falcon, Hager, Marks, PDQ, SARGENT, Schlage and Yale.

Factory-authorized distributors may take advantage of SDC’s mechanical-lock inventory to expedite orders. Meanwhile, distributors can send replacement mechanical locks to SDC for credit and inventory replenishment.

Models include:

7830 SDC SELECTRIC Electrified Mortise Lockset Conversion, Locked Inside/Outside, Failsafe, 12/24VDC

7832 SDC SELECTRIC Electrified Mortise Lockset Conversion, Locked Inside/Outside, Failsecure, 12/24VDC

7850 SDC SELECTRIC Electrified Mortise Lockset Conversion, Locked Outside Only, Failsafe, 12/24VDC

7852 SDC SELECTRIC Electrified Mortise Lockset Conversion, Locked Outside Only, Failsecure, 12/24VDC


  • Field-reversible fail safe/fail secure
  • Key-latch retraction
  • Dual voltage
  • 5-foot cable and connectors (optional)
  • Choice of architectural finishes
  • ANSI Grade 1 compliant and UL listed for 3-hour A Label fire-rated doors
  • CSFM listed, MEA listed

SDC Electra Mod

SDC’s Electra Mod electrified cylindrical locksets ensure that the door stays latched even when it's unlocked, which maintains the integrity of the fire door. Electra Mod locksets comply with all national building and fire life-safety code requirements for use on fire-rated doors, including high-rise stairwell and elevator lobby doors where the use of electric strikes and magnetic locks is prohibited.

Models include: D7200 SARGENT, 10G04; H7200 Hager, 3480; P7200 Yale, 5405LN; S7200 Schlage, ND80PD; T7200 BEST, 93K7D; and U7200 Dorma, C880.

Available in fail-safe and fails-ecure modes, Electra Mod locksets provide a better look than exposed and vulnerable electric strikes and magnetic locks. They also eliminate the requirement for request-to-exit devices.

SDC field kit

The SDC field kit is designed for the fast conversion of mechanical mortise locks into electronic access control locks in the field. Failsafe and failsecure options are selected easily and can be changed in the field as necessary. An optional Request-to-exit kit indicates inside lever operation for alarm shunt, remote annunciation or CCTV activation.

Models include:

SK-L90 Field Retrofit Electrification Kit for Schlage L9000 Mechanical Mortise Lockset 600/300 mA @ 12/24VDC

S7800-REX Request-to-exit Kit for Schlage L9000 SPDT 5 amp @ 30VDC

SK-L90-SC Field Retrofit Electrification Kit, including Springcage for Schlage L9080 Mechanical Mortise Lockset 600/300 mA @ 12/24VDC

SK-88 Field Retrofit Electrification Kit for Yale 8805

LM-88 Field Latch Kit for Yale 8805

SK-82 Field Retrofit Electrification Kit for SARGENT 8206

LM-82 Field Latch Kit for SARGENT 8206


The vPROX long-range Bluetooth readers allow you to add smartphone access to existing card or fob systems, providing a secure, convenient access solution that eliminates managing key cards or fobs.

vPROX readers work with any legacy access control system and are easy to install and update. You don’t have to replace readers, card keys or fobs; just add a vPROX reader wherever smartphone access is wanted. You don’t even have to rewire.

Users simply download the VIZpin SMART app and register. Managers then grant access through VIZpin’s cloud-based portal by adding a vPROX mobile credential to their access control system, just as they would add a new key card.

vPROX mobile credentials work only on the smartphone they were issued to and can’t be copied. Best of all, vPROX mobile credentials are affordable. You also can transfer your vPROX mobile credentials to a new smartphone without having to contact your system administrator.


  • Works with any access control panel
  • No annual subscription
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Long read range of 30 feet
  • Up to five managers/administrators
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