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July 3, 2017
A growing number of security apps help locksmiths and their customers grant access, program and monitor their electronic access control systems on the go from their smartphones

Smartphones and computers have assumed a commanding role in security and even locksmithing.

Many functions which were once performed strictly manually have been adapted to computers. Many functions and features not even possible before are now available done with computers and smartphones.

Computer software is often referred to as apps, and many software apps have been adapted to smartphones; often offered at no charge as a service to end-users, or as an inducement to purchase the companion security products.

Perhaps as important as the apps professional security providers are using is the transition that clients have made to computers and smartphones when they are in the market for locksmith and security services.

I keep my smartphone by my side, and since it is both a phone and computer, it has become part of my lifestyle and work toolkit.

Noke ('No Key')

The Noke system is comprised of padlocks, keyfob and software management and control software. The waterproof IP-66 Noke Smart Padlock has an IP66 rating and is built to withstand tough environments and weather conditions.

The Noke Fob is a Bluetooth enabled key that allows users to unlock Noke locks without the use of a smart phone or Quick-Click code. A user walks up to a Noke lock, squeezes down on the shackle, and squeezes the fob while holding it near the lock. This will allow Noke to immediately unlock without the use of a phone or quick-click code.

Noke is compatible with iOS devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 LE hardware and running iOS 7.0 or later (iPhone 4S or newer, iPod Touch 5G or newer, iPad 3G or newer, iPad minis).

Noke is also compatible with Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and running Kit Kat (4.4) version of the Android operating system (including Samsung Galaxy S4 or newer, HTC One or newer, and several more). Noke is also compatible with Windows Phone devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 LE hardware and running Windows Mobile 10 or newer.

The Noke Pro mobile app needs to be running for a user to unlock the Noke Padlock. However, the phone can be sleeping in a user’s pocket, purse, or bag and still unlock Noke, assuming 1-Step Unlock is enabled.

I programmed the padlock with little difficulty to unlock with my Samsung S5.  I had my computer soon while I was doing it and I think you’re better off reviewing the website then focusing on installing and enrolling on the phone. The app works very smoothly and I like it.

Master Lock Vault eLock App

The Bluetooth Padlock presents the opportunity for locksmiths to upsell electronic padlocks over standard keyed locks to meet their customers’ needs. Master Lock’s Bluetooth Lock Box is the first electronic lockbox sold through locksmith distribution channels. With the Bluetooth Lock Box, locksmiths can broaden their range of security solutions to new audiences, such as real estate professionals, property managers and small business owners. It marks the first device of its kind that locksmiths can sell to independent real estate professionals.

The Master Lock Vault eLock app is used with the Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock and Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box. Through the free, easy-to-use, Master Lock Vault eLocks™ app, users can share temporary or permanent access to property and remotely monitor guest activity – without recurring fees or contracts.

HOW TO USE: Download the Master Lock Vault eLocks™ app to register the lock and sync it to the smart device. Once the Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock is registered and connected, the lock will unlock upon touch of a button when it is within range of the Bluetooth-enabled device. The padlocks offer intuitive visual color cues for lock status – blue indicates locked or communicating with a device, green indicates open or unlocked and waiting to be opened, yellow indicates a low battery and red indicates an invalid keypad entry.

Key features and benefits:

  • Share Access – Easily manage workforce access by scheduling daily, nightly or 24/7 guest access via the Master Lock Vault eLocks app or share temporary access via manual code.
  • Monitor Activity – Via the Master Lock Vault eLocks app, monitor employee or contractor entry by viewing lock history, including registration, guest addition/deletion, unlock/open/relock activity.
  • Tamper Alerts – Receive app notifications and emails when there are multiple unsuccessful keypad entry attempts.
  • Low-Battery Alerts – Padlock LED, email and app notifications let you know when the padlock battery is getting low. The Bluetooth Padlocks have long battery lives – up to five years on outdoor, two on indoor.
  • Battery Jump Feature – Provides temporary power if battery dies while the lock is locked.
  • Alternate form of Entry – Directional codes allow for access without smartphones for you and your workforce.  


HID Mobile Access® paves the way to combine convenience with advanced security for access control and many other applications using smart devices.  Powered by Seos®, HID Mobile Access supports NFC and Bluetooth.

The robust HID Mobile Access Portal provides organizations an intuitive web application that increases operational efficiency by managing the enrollment and provisioning of Mobile IDs over-the-air.

No physical encoding, printing, or returns are necessary. Streamlined for efficiency, the HID Mobile Access web application automates the data entry and invitation management process. Administrators can batch upload users and easily send customizable invitations and instructions to each user via email.

The HID Mobile Access App is available through Google Play or the Apple App Store. For the End User, navigating the App is simple and intuitive. Once the App is loaded and the invitation accepted, the device is securely provisioned over the air. HID Mobile Access offers a “Tap” or a unique “Twist and Go” access control experience at the door.


When paired with Schlage ENGAGE enabled wireless locks, updates to lock configuration and access privileges can be sent at the lock with the ENGAGE mobile app. Leverage the existing Wi-Fi network (Schlage NDE and Schlage LE) or built-in No-tour capability (Schlage LE and Schlage Control®) to send updates without visiting the lock.

Supported products include Schlage’s LE wireless mortise lock, NDE wireless cylindrical lock and Schlage Control Smart locks

The ENGAGE web and mobile apps have been updated to allow enhanced capabilities including audit filtering, lock schedules, user schedules, and holidays.


The Codelocks K3 Connect App enables users to operate and manage directly via the keypad or via a compatible smartphone. Program locks via your smartphone; generate and send codes for easy access; issue smart cards for alternative entry and track and control with audit trail. It is iOS and Android compatible. K3 software works on CL4510 and CL5510 locks.

Entry can be tightly controlled and monitored by issuing NetCodes, which are generated and sent via email and SMS. The codes can be created with a specific start date and time that automatically expire after a set duration. The ability to offer keyless entry removes the hassle of storing, issuing, and replacing keys. Audit trails allow building managers to keep track of when and where the lock was accessed. The full lock audit trail data can be downloaded and viewed at any time.

The SMART Lock, CL5510 ANSI Grade 2, makes access control easier, offering flexibility and convenience by providing a range of entry methods including the use of pushbutton code, smart card or smartphone, enabling users to choose the most suitable access method. It utilises wireless technology to give building managers the ability to program locks via a smartphone, generate and send entry codes for easy access and issue smart cards for alternative entry.

The smart lock supports up to 350 users, with 100 client user codes, 100 phone clients and 150 client smart cards as an alternative entry option.

The CL5510 can also be set in code-free mode at fixed times of the day, for example when access is required for cleaning, maintenance or deliveries. This removes the need for a key to manually unlock doors. Up to 10 different code-free periods can be created, that automatically enable when scheduled.


ASSA ABLOY’s BILT app provides installation instructions for products to make it easier to install them. At the present, about 60 products listed. Many are consumer oriented products such as barbecues and baby seats, but ASSA ABLOY has several locks on there also.

Manufacturers’ CAD data is converted into interactive, cloud-based, web-accessed, 3D instructions; each product is about the size of an iTunes song.

The BILT APP is free to consumers and technicians on iOS and Android. Manufacturers pay a one-time production fee, a nominal subscription fee, and as needed an hourly fee to update product information in real time. BILT instructions reduce calls to customer service centers, decrease product returns and increase customer loyalty and upselling opportunities.

Currently the following ASSA ABLOY products are listed on the app:  CORBIN RUSSWIN IN120 and HES 1500/1600

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