Tech Tips: Versatile Electric Strikes

June 1, 2017
Before selecting the best strike for your application, conduct a detailed site survey, verifying space for the strike body, power availability, and door, lock and frame condition

Today’s professional security installer has a wide assortment of options available when specifying electrical locking hardware. This is very different than during the dawn of the electronic access control era.

A number of factors will determine which locking solution you specify, and the starting point is a detailed site survey and review of the budget allotted to the project, how the system is expected to operate, and the exact nature of the building or business into which the electric lock will be placed.

Here are a few tips:

  • Check for room behind the existing strike plate to be sure an electric strike body will fit. This is critical on storefronts where there may be extrusions and the edge of the glass in the way, or frame set into poured concrete cinder block construction.
  • Check for wiring access to the strike’s location. Planning will be required for providing line voltage for the power supply and for running the low voltage lines from the power supply to the electric strike.
  • Remember that passage function and entry function locksets are not suitable for use with an electric strike.
  • Determine if the door is a fire door assembly. You are limited to the modifications you can perform on the door and frame without affecting the door integrity and a fire protective.
  • Be certain the strike is designed for the lock. Latch length is critical, and also if it is a mortise lock, you need to determine if a deadbolt will override the electric strike, or if the electric strike will permit opening the door when the strike is actuated.
  • Figure out whether you want failsafe or failsecure operation, and provide the proper power supply for the strike.
  • Be sure the door is in otherwise proper working condition; adding electrical hardware will not solve other issues such as sagging, damaged hinges, or inoperative or non-existent door closer.
  • If the door is subject to backpressure from air conditioners or heating systems, select an electric strike which will tolerate preloading.

Adams Rite Ultraline 

The Adams Rite 7400 and 7401 Electric Strikes with 4-7/8" faceplates are designed for Adams Rite deadlatches or cylindrical locksets with 1/2" to 5/8" latchbolt projection. They are designed for use in aluminum jambs and stiles. These strikes open electrically under 30 lbs. of preload

Ultraline strikes provide remote electrical control of any door equipped with an Adams Rite 4500, 4700, or 4900 Series (or similar) Deadlatch or cylindrical (key-in-knob/lever) type lockset with 1/2" to 5/8" latchbolt projection. Electrical actuation unlocks strike jaw, releasing latchbolt so door can be opened without operating latch itself. Extremely compact mechanism fits into aluminum jamb (or opposing door) sections as shallow as 1-1/16". 

This non-handed strike features an ultra-compact design and an adjustable stainless steel split-jaw with 1500 lbs. of holding force in fail-secure mode. The strike releases electrically with up to 35 lbs. of door “preload" (pressure exerted on doors by air conditioning systems, warping or misaligned hardware which can disable common electric strikes). Single solenoid operates on 12, 16, or 24 volt AC/ DC power. Strikes are equipped with a quick connect plug-in type connector.

Options include: monitoring, Lip Extension Kits, ELX-ElectroLynx™ Adapter and 16 VDC Adapter,

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Camden CX-ED2079

Camden’s CX-ED2079 low profile grade 2 ANSI strike for cylindrical locksets comes with three stainless steel faceplates provided.

Camden CX-ED1079L and CX-ED1079DL grade 1 ANSI strikes for cylindrical and centerline mortise locksets offer the added value of built-in latch monitoring and three stainless steel faceplates. This easy-to-install electric strike was created for medium-duty applications, specifically to control traffic flow through interior and exterior openings in retail and commercial environments.

The ‘Universal’ strike design of all three models delivers flexibility, with field selectable voltage, fail safe/fail secure operation and mechanical adjustment of the strike body for locksmiths and security professionals alike.

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HES 1500, 1600 Series

The HES 1500 Series electric strike  was designed to be flexible with field selectable installation, a modular platform allowing for ongoing adjustment, and interchangeable parts. It was designed with aesthetics in mind, allowing for all visible surfaces to match the lock trim and strike plate. The 1500 will accommodate every brand of cylindrical or mortise lock designed to work with a 4-7/8" strike plate.

The HES 1600 Series electric strike is the heavy duty, modular, versatile solution for cylindrical latchbolt and deadbolt locks that can accommodate up to a 1” deadbolt with enhanced vertical cavity spacing. With multiple faceplate options in a variety of options to match the lock trim, the 1600 will accommodate every brand of cylindrical or mortise lock designed to work with a 4-7/8" strike plate and do so stylishly. It was designed with sustainability in mind, coming in a low-energy mode, with field replaceable parts, and recyclable components. The 1600 Series is also available as Complete One Box Solutions.

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ROFU 2435 Kit

The ROFU 2435 Kit electric strike is designed for use with heavy duty mortise locksets as well as cylindrical locksets. With five different stainless steel faceplates, ROFU 2435 is versatile in accommodating a range of locksets and is field reversible from fail-secure to fail-safe.  The sliding keeper shim design allows flexibility of up to 1/8” (3 mm) and the strike can also accommodate deadbolts up to 1”.

  • Fail safe/ Fail secure changeable on site
  • 12/24 VDC
  • Heavy duty mortise locksets/ cylindrical locksets
  • 1,000,000 cycles factory tested

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Trine 323478LC

Trine's smallest electric strike in the world has the 323478LC - the Cylindrical lock ANSI solution.  With 3 faceplates included, 11-28 AC and DC power accepted, and a 1" total back set, this strike can go in the tightest installs and is the best solution for installing inside concrete or wood frames.  The strike body is a third the size of most electric strikes, allowing it to go where others cannot.

The 323478LC Kit includes:

• (1) 234-26D -- 2 3/4” Faceplate

• (1) 234X-375-26D -- 2 3/4” Faceplate with extended ramp

• (1) 478-32D -- 4 7/8” Faceplate

• (1) 478-CCFP - Compeitor Cutout Filler Plate

• (1) 30LC - 11-29 AC&DC Mechanism

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