Best of Electronic Security 2016

Dec. 1, 2016
Our rapidly changing world drives the demand for better security solutions, and technology provides the means these achieve these solutions. Trends include all-in-one surveillance and access control systems viewed or managed via smartphone

Delivering professional security has never been a greater challenge. The threats come from a wider array of sources while the arsenal of security solutions also continues to grow.

The locksmith needs not only to be competitive in the hot security marketplace, but also must keep an eye on emerging trends and technologies to better equip him to meet the new challenges.

We reviewed our own pages of The Locksmith Ledger over the last year since one of our prime missions is to bring our readers the new products and appraise them of the trends on our industry. Trends include all-in-one surveillance and access control systems that install quickly and easily and can be viewed or managed by smartphone apps. The majority of new products combine electronics along with mechanical design to achieve incredible new levels. Following are some standouts from 2016.

3xLOGIC's Small Business Kit

Featuring a four- or eight-channel system with bullet and/or dome cameras, the 3xLOGIC Small Business Kit provides an affordable, professional grade surveillance system perfect for small businesses. Designed for maximum value and ease of use, the kit includes all the features and capabilities a business owner needs for security and peace of mind

Components include:

  • High Definition Video (2MP - 1080p)
  • IP67 Indoor/Outdoor Rated Cameras
  • Motion-Activated Recording with Push Notifications
  • Event/Tamper Alerts

Three prepackaged Small Business Kits are available and come with an easy to use setup Wizard and a free View Lite II mobile app.


  • 4 Channel NVR with pre-installed 2TB HDD
  • (4) 2MP Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Cameras
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Quick Setup Guides


  • 4 Channel NVR with pre-installed 2TB HDD
  • (4) 2MP Indoor/Outdoor Dome Cameras
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Quick Setup Guides


  • 8 Channel NVR with pre-installed 2TB HDD
  • (4) 2MP Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Cameras
  • (4) 2MP Indoor/Outdoor Dome Cameras
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Quick Setup Guides

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AXIS Camera Station S2008

The Axis all-in-one recorder with integrated switch for high-definition Surveillance AXIS Camera Station S2008 is an out-of-the-box, ready compact surveillance appliance with an integrated manageable PoE switch.

AXIS S2008 is validated for reliable high-definition surveillance up to 4K. It is preloaded with AXIS Camera Station video management software with Universal licenses for 8 channels and other necessary system software. It is preconfigured to minimize installation time.

AXIS S2008 has validated hardware components and three-year hardware warranty. AXIS Camera Station offers an intuitive user interface and allows users to take full advantage of Axis’ wide range of video surveillance cameras and other IP products. It also supports integration of third-party cameras.

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Cansec Modular Access Panel

Cansec’s single most important product for 2016 was the

Modular Access Panel (MAP1). It is important for the following reasons:

  1. It is one quarter the size of the panel it replaces and it supports twice the number of doors (four vs two)
  2. It has built-in LAN support as standard
  3. It can be factory provisioned for two or four doors and field provisioned to upgrade from 2 to 4 doors buy just purchasing a new provisioning code (no hardware to be added)
  4. Most importantly, it can be managed three different ways:

Connected to Cansec’s First Access server software running on an end user’s server

Via the built-in web server called Webster (max. 4 doors).  This essentially turns it in an Access Control Network Appliance.

As a cloud based subscription service using Cloud Lock

A leading industry trend in access control is the wholesale shift from proprietary servers to shared, subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS).  For this reason, CANSEC has partnered up with a company called Automation Consults ( in Cairo, Egypt, to develop Cloud software (Cloud Lock) which works with the MAP1 controller.

Cloud based solutions are well recognized and provide huge benefits making this shift unstoppable.  

 Benefits to subscribers:

  • No server hardware required and no software to install
  • No client software to install
  • No static IP addresses to assign
  • No port forwarding or other firewall compromises
  • No IT personnel costs - initially or ongoing
  • No up-front software costs
  • System managed by browser from anywhere
  • Single instance of Cloud Lock software constantly updated
  • Cloud Lock software hosted by IBM
  • Subscription based - pay only for what you use

Benefits to security installers:

  • Same profit on equipment and install as conventional system
  • No software to install
  • No static panel IPs to be assigned
  • No firewall port forwarding to configure
  • Share in monthly subscription fee for life of the account
  • As system grows, your revenue grows whether add-ons are done by you or others
  • MAP1 controller can be provisioned for 2 or 4 readers - pay only for what you need
  • Easier to sell than conventional client/server solutions
  • Support your clients from anywhere via browser – no software required

To address the potential concerns which customers may have with regard to the security of their data and reliability of the Cloud Lock service, Cansec is hosting it on IBM’s Softlayer cloud hosting facility with a reputation  for quality and reliability.  

This Youtube video gives an overview of the IBM Softlayer platform - .

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Codelocks 5510

The new Codelocks 5510 makes it possible to operate and manage door control directly via the keypad or via a compatible smartphone by downloading the K3 Connect App. Program locks via your smartphone, generate and send codes for easy access, issue smart cards for alternative entry, track and control with audit trail.

The new SMART Lock, CL5510 ANSI Grade 2, offers flexibility and convenience by providing a range of entry methods including the use of pushbutton code, smart card or smartphone, enabling users to choose the most suitable access method. It utilizes wireless technology to give building managers the ability to program locks via a smartphone, generate and send entry codes for easy access and issue smart cards for alternative entry.

The smart lock supports up to 350 users, with 100 client user codes, 100 phone clients and 150 client smart cards as an alternative entry option. By installing the K3 Connect App on a smartphone, all aspects of the lock can be managed remotely, from updating basic settings to creating multiple individual access periods. It is iOS and Android compatible.

The App is available on Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play™ for Android™ devices by searching for K3 Connect. It works on any smartphones with Bluetooth.

Entry can be tightly controlled and monitored by issuing NetCodes, which are generated and sent via email and SMS. The codes can be created with a specific start date and time that automatically expire after a set duration.

The ability to offer keyless entry removes the hassle of storing, issuing, and replacing keys. Audit trails allow building managers to keep track of when and where the lock was accessed. The full lock audit trail data can be downloaded and viewed at any time.

The CL5510 can also be set in code-free mode at fixed times of the day, for example when access is required for cleaning, maintenance or deliveries. This removes the need for a key to manually unlock doors. Up to 10 different code-free periods can be created, that automatically enable when scheduled.

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HID Trusted Tag Services

HID Trusted Tag® Services combine HID Global’s patented NFC trusted tags with its cloud-based authentication platform to add unique and trusted identities to everyday objects. The innovative and easy-to-use solution facilitates secure, efficient transactions simply by tapping an attached or embedded tag with a smartphone (or other NFC device).

It enables facility managers to accurately track security check points and instantly dispatch guards for instant response to and reporting of fraudulent activities throughout the building. Security guards are able to patrol areas more easily and efficiently with automated patrol stops that replace manual sign-in processes. And, with a simple tap of their mobile phone to a secure trusted tag, guards can digitally prove that a security patrol took place at the proper location, at the proper time.  

Providing a frictionless authentication experience is not possible with today’s standard NFC labels, static tags or QR codes, HID Trusted Tag Services are an ideal choice for “proof of presence”, time-and-attendance, brand protection and other Internet of Things applications using NFC-enabled smartphones today and Bluetooth smart devices in the future.

Advantages of cloud-based authentication and NFC:

  • Secure – Encrypted data changes on every tap, blocking attempts to share, clone or manipulate tags or URLs.
  • Frictionless operation – Simply tap to interact, no app to create or download.
  • Streamlined deployment – No proprietary software or special readers for tag authentication required.
  • Enhanced analytics – Provides real-time access to precise data and reliable audit trails.
  • Flexible – Supports NFC-enabled devices and is designed for future support of Bluetooth®-enabled devices.

How HID Trusted Tag Services Work:

1. At production time, HID Trusted Tags are programmed with a customer-defined URL that points to your website. Your website hosts the user experience for users who will tap tags with their phones.

2. Every time a user taps their NFC mobile phone to a trusted tag, the tag generates a unique cryptographic code. The code is automatically appended as a parameter to the URL that is stored on the tag.

3. This unique URL is then sent to the user’s mobile phone, which will open the corresponding website (a process identical to any URL received from an NFC tag).

4. Your website removes the cryptographic parameter from the URL and passes it on to the HID Global cloud authentication service through a single web-service call.

5. The HID Trusted Tag Services authentication cloud verifies whether the code is authentic (i.e.: a true physical tap of a trusted tag) or caused by a shared/copied URL.

6. Based on this information, your website can block the request, offer an alternative to the user, or simply log whether the website was accessed via a physical tap or a shared URL for later analysis.

7. The standards-based cryptographic code changes for every tap, enabling each tap to be authenticated. This is a unique functionality only HID Trusted Tags can provide.

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TrilogyR NetwroxTM: Wireless Access System-In-A-Box

Trilogy Networx Locks eliminate door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval by communicating wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G, while providing all original Trilogy standalone lock’s functionality.

They provide a quick, easy, economical access system with advanced features & functions, like automatic schedules, event logs and support for 2000 doors and 5000 existing Prox. ID Cards/Badges, but with no wires to run, and no access panels or power supplies to buy or install.

Locks support up to 5000 users with 3-6 digit numeric PIN codes and PDL-Series also support Prox ID card users (virtually all HID™ format proximity technology ID cards, fobs, credentials.)

At its simplest, it’s one Grade 1 durable wireless lock per door, installed in about an hour, all communicating to a single Gateway (each gateway controls up to 63 locks), networked to any non-dedicated Windows-based PC.

In addition to Wireless Trilogy Networx’s unsurpassed battery-life, exceeding 5 years, they feature new network-wide capabilities, executed from any lock or the network’s PC, including emergency priority global lockdown or unlock deployed in seconds. In addition, you can activate (non-priority) system-wide free-passage or locking modes from the PC.

Seamless upgrade path for original Trilogy users: Intermix with existing Trilogy standalone lock installations and share one database and familiar Trilogy lock and software functions: Trilogy Wireless Networx Locks seamlessly integrate in an existing Alarm Lock Trilogy standalone door access system and share the same single DL-WINDOWS database (requires v4.0.1 or higher). Existing Trilogy users can easily add one wireless Networx Lock, or as many as 2,000, to an existing system.

Trilogy Networx and gateway modules have an integral transceiver for highly-efficient 900MHz bidirectional communications, for longer range and less interference than with more common 2.4GHz spread spectrum devices. Alarm Lock devices require no wiring; no splitters or repeaters; no hardwiring to the host/server; no extra power supplies; and no access controller/panels.

Wireless locks are fully keypad programmable and can be up and functioning even before their wireless network is configured, so IT departments don’t have to coordinate with physical security departments or locksmiths

Free Alarm Lock DL-WINDOWS software doesn’t require a dedicated computer or a special computer network or costly server software licenses, it simply runs as a secure Microsoft Windows-based application, on any computer system (as basic as a desktop or laptop PC), a wired or wireless router, and a gateway module or on a an internal LAN with static IP address (recommended). MS XP and Vista supported (v4.01 or higher).

Minimizing hardware and installation costs, a single gateway module can interface between the PC network and up to 63 Networx locks. At its maximum, a Trilogy Networx system can comprise up to 32 gateways for the networking of up to 2000 locks or access controlled doors per account.

Wall- or ceiling-mountable, compact gateway modules and are available in wireless/hardwired and wired-only versions (with Power Over Ethernet (POE) option). The hybrid model connects using either 802.11 or standard Ethernet cable; the wired versions use an RJ-45 Ethernet cable. Networx communications support both wired Ethernet 10BaseT and wireless 802.11.

Networx Gateways’ wireless coverage performance equals or surpasses that of 802.11, with each Gateway typically spanning up to 900’ clear field range or 50,000 square feet of indoor coverage.

Up to 50 gateway modules can be used per account and are available in wireless/hardwired and wired-only versions, (with Power Over Ethernet (POE) option).

The hybrid model connects using either 802.11 or standard Ethernet cable; the wired versions use an RJ-45 Ethernet cable. Networx communications support both wired Ethernet 10BaseT and wireless 802.11.

For the fastest most reliable networked system, in discovery setup mode, the system will locate and DL-Windows will display each lock’s signal strength at each installed gateway, so you can select it and optimize reliable communications and eliminate guesswork.

Lock programming, user- and usage-data are stored locally at the battery-powered lock for uninterrupted door access usage in a power outage or server offline situation.

Choice of Lock Styles includes Classic Trilogy Networx (P/DL6100 Series) or ArchiTechTM customizable trim models.

A few to hundreds or thousands of users get PIN code, Prox ID (HID, Smart Card, Mag Stripe) or iLock® Smartphone App access. Enroll new ID Cards in batches through software or Tap-n-Enroll ID’s on face of lock

Choice of Software including real-time processing - Free Alarm Lock DL-WINDOWS Software or from Real-Time Enterprise Integration Platforms: Alarm Lock is a Lenel Open Access Alliance Partner® and locks support Lenel OnGuard® as well as Continental Access® CA3000 or CA4KTM

Pro Training is always available online or in the field. - See schedule or register at

VIZpin®: Your phone is your key®

VIZpin is a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) that lets you connect virtually any device to the Internet of Things (IoT) even when there is no network available. VIZpin’s cloud-based management tools are ideal for applications like managing access to doors, gates, garages, ATMs, cabinets, machines, storage units and construction vehicles. It can also manage data to and from any Powered-by-VIZpinTM device.

For Security Access Control applications, VIZpin eliminates the need for cards & fobs, access control panels, PCs, access control software, cabling, network hardware and Internet Service Providers by transforming the smartphone into your key and your network.

With VIZpin you can control access to multiple sites securely and inexpensively. VIZpin lets you send electronic keys to anyone with a Bluetooth phone, managing employees, visitors, contractors and vendors. The keys can last from 15 minutes to 15 years...and they can’t be copied. If you change your mind, VIZpin keys can be revoked easily anytime, from anywhere.

The VIZpin SMART app uses Bluetooth so it works even when there is no cellular or local area network making it perfect for cost sensitive and remote installations.

The VIZpin SMART app, available for Android® and iPhones® your electronic keys, where they work and when they work. You can even “map” to your location. When you arrive, simply press the VIZpin key.

Don’t have an Android or iPhone? No problem, VIZpin-by-Text lets you send and revoke VIZpin electronic keys to anyone with a flip phone, Blackberry® or Windows® phone.

The VP1 Bluetooth Reader-Controller is an integrated long-range reader and door controller that can be used as a new system or to enhance existing systems. It works with VIZpin, our cloud based SaaS (Security as a Service) that lets you send, revoke and monitor electronic keys from anywhere, to anyone who has downloaded our free VIZpin SMART app.

The VP1 works up to 30 feet (10 meters) away and mounts out-of-sight on the secure side, away from hackers, weather and vandals. Installation is ideal for architectural and historic sites or for protecting your systems identity when you just don’t want them to know what type of system you have. VP1 Reader-Controllers use Bluetooth.

Additional features include:

• Adjustable Read Range from 1'-30' (0.3M to 10M)

• Relay Output for Door Strikes, Mag Locks, Gates and Garages

• Door Sensor Input with Built-in Logic

• Arming Input for Loop, Motion Sensor or Pressure Plate

• Monitored Request-to-Exit Input

• 26 Bit Wiegand Input/Output for use with Existing Systems

• Tri-Color LED

• Real Time Clock

• Low Power 12VDC

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