New Technology Brings New Keypads & Readers

June 1, 2016
Smart card readers, wireless technology and other advances help meet your customers' needs

As a locksmith and security consultant, the goal is to select the most appropriate solution for your customers’ applications.  The less product knowledge you have, the easier it is to make a selection but the less likely it will be an appropriate solution.

This is the stereotypical salespersons’ tactic; arrive at the client’s location already set on what will be offered. The salesperson has only limited product knowledge and even less professional concern for the successful completion of an installation that will adequately protect the customer. Their priority is to close (the sale).

After years of being the installer who was handed a box of equipment and sent out to install it, only to find it either didn’t fit the door, or do what the client wanted in the first place, I developed a dislike for “The Closers.”

So to help you acquire more product knowledge and therefore better enable you to help your client make the right choices, the Locksmith Ledger provides our monthly showcase of products to deepen your knowledge and broaden your horizons.

Cansec Via 

Cansec’s Via Universal Wireless Lock brings the benefits of wireless to virtually any access control system. Unlike other wireless locks, it can be configured in under five minutes and does not require a PDA, tablet or smart phone to initialize it. A few simple DIP switch settings and you are done.

The Via Lock operates with 125 kHz HID and AWID cards and supports all Wiegand formats up to 64 bits. Locks communicate wirelessly to a Via Hub which can be located up to 70 feet (21 m) away in a typical office environment. Each Hub can support two Via Locks.

Three status LEDs on the reader make troubleshooting simple. The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries which will last approximately one year in a typical application.

Wiegand data is sent wirelessly to the Via Hub, which in turn sends the data to a Wiegand reader port on the associated access control panel for verification. If the lock relay operates, indicating that access is granted, the Hub will send a wireless unlock command to the reader at which the card was presented.

The high quality ANSI Grade 1 cylindrical lockset is suitable for use on interior or exterior wood or hollow metal doors from 1 3/8” to 2” in thickness (35-51 mm).

Features are:

  • Configure in less than 5 minutes
  • Supports 125 kHz HID and AWID cards
  • Supports ANY Wiegand format to 64 bits
  • Works with ANY access control panel
  • Up to 70 ft (21 m) range
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • ANSI Grade 1 cylindrical lockset
  • Schlage C core
  • Use on interior & exterior doors
  • Built-in self diagnostics
  • Wakeup every 5 minutes
  • Via Universal Hub supports 2 readers
  • Supports door contact input

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Essex Electronics

The SKE-34 is a heavy duty, self-contained access control keypad with features suitable for most residential, small commercial and harsh industrial access control applications. With a 2A relay on board, simply add power (5VDC or 12 to 24VDC) and the SKE-34 is ready to provide dependable access control.  Rugged Stainless Steel construction and proprietary Piezoelectric Billion Cycle Switch Technology™ ensure performance in any environment (heat, rain, snow, ice -up to 3/8"). The SKE-34 is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Easily programmable through the Keypad, the SKE-34 features 502 Codes (1 Master, 500 User and 1 Temporary) and 3 Programmable Outputs (1 SPDT Relay rated at 2A at 24V max and 2 Open Collector 1/4A max to ground).  The SKE-34 can be used to control a fail-safe or fail secure electric locking device.  It can also be used to control a garage door or electric gate.  Two 1/4A grounding outputs are available which can drive a relay (separate relays required) to open a second door, trigger a CCTV or doorbell or control an auxiliary device.

The SKE-34 is available with a Stainless Steel Bezel (SKE-34S), Black Bezel (SKE-34K) or Keypad without Bezel (SKE-34X). 

iRox™ Series iRox™ and iRox Plus™ are heavy duty smart card readers with Genuine HID Technology™ . These all weather IP66 rated readers feature stainless steel construction, epoxy encapsulated electronics, audiovisual feedback and a vandal resistant recessed design.

 iRox features iCLASS SE® which reads HID 13.56 MHz high frequency formats. iRox Plus with MultiCLASS SE® adds 125 kHz proximity for dual frequency applications

RoxProx™ is an extreme duty 125 kHz Proximity reader with Genuine HID Technology™ . RoxProx features include stainless steel construction, epoxy encapsulated electronics, audiovisual feedback and a low profile, vandal resistant design.

Essex RoxProx II is a heavy duty, low profile 125kHz proximity access control reader designed for all indoor and outdoor environments. RoxProx II features stainless steel construction, epoxy encapsulated electronics, customizable graphics and Genuine HID Technology™.  Built to withstand the harshest environment yet attractively designed to complement any decor.

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PAXTON net10 Promo Kit

Paxton’s compact net10 promotional kit has been designed to help security professionals effectively promote the net10 system, and the individual net10 products, to your potential customers. If you are already a net10 partner or approved partner, purchasing the promo kit will take you one step closer to gold partner status – increasing your purchasing discount to 30 pecent. The functioning items within the kit include the net10 desktop reader and net10 smartpoint, which work accompanied by a demo version of the net10 app.

Paxton’s net10 delivers out of the box access control, IP video management and building automation. It interfaces with existing building infrastructure to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms. The system comprises a web-based user interface for easy building management and a selection of discreet hardware. net10 is a fully integrated building intelligence system providing security, convenience and energy efficiency.

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Rosslare Access Control

Rosslare Security Products, a division of Rosslare Enterprises Ltd., has been manufacturing high-quality security products since 1980. The company’s three main lines are Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Guard Patrol.

Rosslare covers the full gamut of access control products including; networked multi-door controllers and NVR integrated systems, standalone door controllers, many readers for various installation environments and technologies, PC monitoring and configuration software as well as a wide range of accessories.

Rosslare’s anti-vandal systems are developed to deliver reliable, robust and rugged products for a multitude of installation environments as well as waterproof and harsh weather conditions demands for both indoors and out.

Rosslare Product Families are:

  • Access Control
  • Networked Multi Door Controllers
  • Video Enabled Networked Access Control
  • Readers
  • Wireless Access Control Door Interface
  • Hardwire Intrusion – AuraSys™ Pro
  • Hardwire Detectors
  • Hardwire Sirens

ROSSLARE’s  AC-015 Single Door, PC Programmable 2 Reader Controller is a powerful entry-level integrated solution for single-door access control, specially designed for a low-cost time & attendance solution.

It can be connected to two readers (in/out), lock-strike, door REX, and backup battery. This cost-effective, all-in-one unit is compatible with a range of readers and lock types, and includes user-friendly pc software for real-time monitoring and reporting.

The AC-015 is a compact, all-in-one, 500-user single door-access controller with an RS-232 serial port allowing for PC connection.

User-friendly PC software (AS-015) is provided for real-time event viewing and reporting.

The AC-015 can power and control the door strike, two Wiegand 26-Bit Proximity, PIN code or biometric readers, and REX input.

Unique built-in features include: tamper detection, bell sounder, backup battery charger, and keypad (which can be used as a PIN reader). The unit has multiple levels of security modes and user levels.

This product is an ideal solution for small residential, office, commercial, and institutional applications.

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Keri Systems i2Box 

Keri provides systems from single door to enterprise-class and all types in between. Their product line includes integration with badging, video, telephone entry, and biometrics, and a system architecture that is built for today’s and tomorrow’s security and IT environments,

Just a few of the reasons to choose Keri for your project include:

Cost: Keri typically costs significantly less per door than other popular proximity-based systems.

Fit: Keri meets the requirements of 90% of all access control projects.

Simplicity: Easy to learn, configure, bid, install, and operate.

Expandability: You can add features as needed and grow one or two doors at a time to match user requirements.

Support: Pre-sale system design and post-sale installation support.

Keri System’s Ultra compact size, pre-loaded with Doors.NET Appliance Edition Access Control Software, is easy to install and suitable for installations up to 64 readers and 3000 cardholders.

• Eliminates errors and variability found in customer-provided or o­ -the-shelf PCs

• Turn it on, select your hardware type, then start programming immediately

• Small, quiet, IT-friendly/ready package with 4th generation Intel processor

• Comes with keyboard, mouse, pedestal base, and VESA-mount bracket

The Keri I2Box Appliance greatly simplifies installation because Keri’s Doors.NET Appliance Edition Software is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, ready to use immediately. It is an embedded mini appliance with keyboard and mouse that has the capability to manage an access control system of up to 64 readers and 3000 cardholders. Installers will appreciate the time and hassle it saves because it removes Windows® problems and other system issues commonly found when using a PC provided by the customer or purchased from a retailer.

The Appliance contains the Doors.NET Appliance Edition Application Server, Microsoft SQL Express® database, and selectable PXL-500, PXL-500/Entraguard, NXT, and Mercury Powered NXT Gateways that allow it to connect to any Keri controller type. Simply choose your hardware type and start configuring the system. The unit comes with rubber feet for horizontal placement, a pedestal base for vertical placement, and a rotating VESA Mounting Bracket for attachment to the back of a monitor.

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Vanderbilt’s  lite blue™

Vanderbilt Industries’ lite blue™ offers 2-door web-based access control with expansion capabilities to eight devices. Designed in the same manner as their flagship bright blue® controller, utilizing embedded intelligence, lite blue does not require special software or a dedicated PC. This convenience allows you the flexibility to manage your system from anywhere with internet access.

Built on the Authentic Mercury™ controller platform, the lite blue controller includes two on-board reader interfaces, thereby allowing for easier installation and greater cost savings. lite blue boasts the same easy-to-use software as bright blue and is easily upgradeable to a full bright blue 32-door system if the need arises to expand your system.

Vanderbilt lite blue supports standard Wiegand devices, Schlage AD Series electronic locks, and various card formats and technologies such as proximity, smart card, magnetic stripe and Bluetooth®.

For a complete security solution, Vanderbilt Video Management packages are designed whereby each card swipe can be linked to video and

easily retrieved during investigations.


• Support for up to 2-8 doors and 5000 cardholders

• Includes 2 on-board reader interfaces for direct connect

• Access anytime, anywhere, with a network-connected computer

• Built-in web server

• System back-up

• Anti-passback function

• Facility lockdown via credential or external pushbuttton (via VBB-RI or VBB-NRI)

• Event Notification via email

• Manual overrides to temporarily unlock doors

• Includes enclosure, lock and tamper switch

• BAA compliant

• UL 294 Listed

The Vanderbilt Industries Security Management System (SMS) delivers a powerful, single source solution for integrating a facility’s access-control technologies, digital video, and alarm monitoring systems.

The Enterprise system supports an unlimited number of cardholders and readers and gives you unparalleled flexibility by supporting both online and offline devices. It also enables an organization to manage facility administration from any location and provides real-time monitoring and audit trails.

With the SMS Web application, administrators have convenient access to critical system functions such as granting or denying cardholder access, facility lockdown and more.