Classroom Lockdown With The Push of A Button From Alarm Lock Wireless

Feb. 3, 2014
Today’s electronic pushbutton locks offer considerable security, key-free consumer convenience and ease of retrofitting standard door locks. New features include instant lockdown via PC or keyfob.

Wireless access control has established itself as an essential tool, offering to enable fast strategic deployment and powerful tools unavailable if using hard-wired equipment.

When considering equipment for a security application, the criteria for what is installed follows an order of progression beginning with defining what is required, meaning what features/benefits the system is required to deliver. Sometimes the client will tell you what they want, while other times the final decision will be a collaboration between what the client thought they needed and what you as a security professional recognize as a requirement and recommend to them.

After the goal and purpose is defined, then the feasibility of the solution must be addressed. Feasibility involves factors such as cost, difficulty to install, and the time required to roll out the system.

The cost is the price of the product, the price of necessary infrastructure to support the product, and the cost of the labor to install the system and train the end-user.

If power, communications and control cabling can be minimized, or eliminated, budget dollars and installation time can be put to better use for both the end-user and the installer. The focus can be placed on the front end of the project rather than on the backroom toil.

The additional benefits that wireless brings with respect to reporting and control capabilities further underscore why wireless commands a significant market share in security.

This is why forward-looking companies such as Alarm Lock have developed its entire product line around wireless standalone solutions and constantly are pushing the envelope with new features to keep pace with the urgent and growing demand for security and access solutions in virtually every geographic and security/access market.

Important issues to the locksmith are how responsive a vendor is to market demands, how a vendor positions the locksmith in the marketing channel, and the technical support offered by the vendor.

In the case of Alarm Lock, it has been more a case of their creating new markets with innovative products rather than responding after-the-fact to market demand. Alarm Lock’s proactive new product developments are due to the combination of investment in engineering, and intimate contact with their market base, the locksmiths. Pioneering technology as found in their door alarms and iconic Trilogy pretty much tell you what you need to know about Alarm Locks stance on new product design and staying current with emerging technologies.

Additionally Alarm Lock offers a variety of cogent technologies to meet the challenge of enhancing school & institutional safety and security. Many of their products have held market share for decades, a tribute to both their evolving technologies as well as to the fact that these products are great ideas.

Alarm Lock and its sister companies in the Napco Security group have made a strong statement with regards to the partners and channeling. A perfect example of this philosophy is their Profit Center Program.

Today’s electronic pushbutton locks offer considerable security, key-free consumer convenience and ease of retrofitting standard door locks. Add to that more stringent security needs, virtually everywhere, and the result has been that installations of standalone access control locks, with and without door-usage logging, are increasingly in demand, with no end or slow down in sight.

For those eager to enter this lucrative, booming market and expand and complement their traditional offerings, Alarm Lock has specially designed a program for retail locksmiths to tap this potential and grow their business. The Alarm Lock Profit Center Program offers retail locksmiths and their technicians FREE simple, step-by-step, field-proven methods.

Trained professionals teach and guide locksmith/dealers exactly how to install, sell and compete effectively in this marketplace. Your technicians will become expert on the product, its application and its marketing, through our comprehensive system of training seminars, joint sales calls and presentations to your customers! In simplest terms, we’ve designed a program that will help you secure and grow your bottom line.

To enroll in the Free “Profit Center Program” just contact your Alarm Lock Sales Representative at 1-800-ALA-LOCK.

Electronic Standalone Locking Solutions w/ Local Lockdown: Alarm Lock Trilogy P/DL 4100/4500 Series

• Simple push button locks door from inside, or use keyfob

• Activates small light indicators on front & back sides of door

• Includes bilingual signage on use and Lockdown

• Override option by authorized administrators

• No keys, key hassles; access controlled with ID card or digital code (overridden

in lockdown emergency)

• 1 Hour installation. Can be field converted into Wireless Networx Locks

later with kit (as below)

• Grade 1 Durable, Vandal-Resistant All Metal Locks, for inside & outdoors

Electronic Standalone Locking Solutions w/ Keyfob & Panic Button Lockdown : Trilogy Locks with Keyfob and/or Panic Option

• Rugged, easy to use and install electronic Trilogy locks add access convenience and quickly retrofit any lockset on virtually any door, inside or out.

• Easily add new keyfob or panic button option to most new and existing Trilogys (3000 Series and above) and program to control “Lockdown” or “Remote Release” with one button.

• No keys, or liability from lost or misappropriated keys, or distribution hassles

• Access is controlled with ID card or digital PIN code

• One-Hour installation. Can be field converted into Wireless Networx Locks later with kit (as below)

Wireless Network Locking Solutions w/ Global 10-Second Lockdown Campuswide: Trilogy® Networx™ P/DL6100, 6500, 7100 Series

Global Lockdown activated from the server or any individual access lock in under 10 seconds

• Deploy wireless networked access locks in under an hour

• ID Card and/or Digital Code Access (PIN)

• Real-time global lockdown or unlock in under 10 seconds

• Scalable by door, area, building or across a campus of buildings, new and legacy

• Manage on-premises or remotely via web client or smart device

• Control access, privileges, locks and doors, by time schedule, exception, etc.

• Grade 1 Durable, Unparalleled battery life, 5 years+

Small Access System w/ Global Lockdown: Networx NetPanel & Wireless Keypad

• Supports up to 5,000 PIN code or ID card users.

• Controls electric strike, mag Lock or exit device with electric latch retraction (ex. narrow stile glass doors).

• Operates 1 or 2 Networx Keypads, PIN-code or PIN & Prox ID or supports standard Wiegand output Prox Readers.

• Inputs for Door-Position Switch and/or Remote Release

• Includes, rechargeable battery backup, 1.5amp power supply, & plug-inAC transformer.

• Top features: Global lockdown and passage from keypad or PC; schedules, 35K event log, request-to-exit, door ajar/kick-in, etc.

• Kits with Networx keypads or NetPanel only

Remote Release Kit: The Remote Release Trilogy Kit adds remote-release convenience to any cylindrical Trilogy installation with keyfobs or desk-mounted button. The kits will retrofit Cylindrical Trilogy Locks dating all the way back to 2000 (with a serviceable battery pack). For Networx Locks, too! Just purchase either the keyfob or desk-mounted release button

PG21MS Series

This advanced narrowstile microprocessor-controlled door alarm is designed for surface mounting on a door or door frame. Typical applications include emergency fire escape doors, nursing home stairwell doors, rear restaurant and theater doors.

Models PG21MS/PG21MB have two selectable arming modes

  1. Always armed mode – when key is turned counter clockwise to the disarm position, the key cannot be removed. To remove key, turn back to arm mode, thus keeping unit armed always.
  2. Standard arming mode – when key is inserted turning counter clockwise will disarm and key can be removed. Turning key clockwise will arm and key can be removed.

Additional features include Max-Flex Terminals, allowing for any or all of the following:

• Continuous power with the addition of an external power supply

• Multiple door monitoring permitted with built-in external reed switches

• Status Indicator – The LED will indicate RED when armed.

• Entry Delay Time Options – include 15 seconds, 1 minute 15 seconds & 3 minutes 15 seconds

• Sleek model design key-activated door alarm for use on standard size and narrow stile doors

• Unauthorized use of door causes alarm to sound and activates LED indicator

• Options include continuous alarm, minute shutdown with auto reset and exit/entry delay

• Uses standard mortise cylinder (not included)

• Tamper switch supervised

• For exterior key control, optional RIM cylinder may be used

• Metallic silver or duronodic finish

• Relay option

• Optional Strobe unit PG21MSS/PG21MBS units include a highly visible amber strobe will flash when unit goes into alarm.