Remote Door Monitoring with MAS Intercom’s Recording Doorphones

Oct. 17, 2011

Intercom systems are being installed in many homes, enabling the homeowners to communicate with the caller without opening the door. The advantage of a video intercom system is the ability to view and communicate with the caller remotely while staying safely behind locked doors.

MAS Intercom has been manufacturing doorphone (intercom) systems for more than 30 years. They manufacture doorphone systems for single homes and multiple family housing linked to the doorbell or the telephone. Their analog and digital systems range from basic two-way communications and optional entry to video and still image color recording with multiple cameras.

Features of all MAS Doorphones include anti-blocking, which automatically resets the system if the handset is not hung up. Two-wire doorbell systems require a minimum wire gauge of 24 AWG, common size for most existing doorbell installations. MAS Doorphones do not require coaxial wiring to maintain a clear picture.

This article discusses the MAS video doorphone systems for a single family residence designed to replace the existing wired door bell. The installed system will primarily use the existing doorbell wiring. 

As a starter, the basic MAS system, Royal Villa Set RVS02/2K, is a two-wire color video doorphone operating on 12 VDC. This analog video and picture recording doorphone has a 3.5” TFT color liquid crystal display with a resolution of 960 x 234 pixels. This recording doorphone has 2 gigabit (Gb) internal memory that can record up to 128 pictures and 66 20-second videos. A magnetic switch ensures disconnection when the handset is replaced in the cradle. The Royal Villa Color Video Doorphone is available with hands free operation. There are eight bell tone choices.

Six function buttons provide unlocking of an optional door opener, dry contacts, changing the viewing camera, a doorbell mute button and obtaining surveillance without lifting the handset. The four-way navigation button controls the recording video and pictures.

When using the Royal Villa Set RVS02/2K Doorphone, there are two choices for an analog doorbell replacement camera and switch - the anti-vandal panel with color camera and the outdoor panel with color camera.

The analog outdoor panel is manufactured of corrosion resistant aluminum, having an adjustable camera. This outdoor panel can incorporate a RFID card access reader and PIN access keypad.

The weather resistant, anti-vandal panel is manufactured of stainless steel, and equipped with a high resolution 1/3” Charged-Coupled Device (CCD) pin hole camera, doorbell button, and a high sound quality microphone and speaker. Resolution is 480-520 TV Lines.

Suggested mounting height for the anti-vandal camera is five feet above the finished floor. The viewing angle of the pin hole camera is 27.5 degrees above and below the centerline of the camera. The camera sensitivity is 0.05 Lux, with color change to black and white mode under 2 Lux.

Both cameras output video at 15 frames per second in a .JPEG format. Upon pressing the doorbell button, both of the cameras have multiple infrared LEDs that indicate the doorbell is ringing. The IR-LEDs provide a less intense and directed light.

When the doorbell button is pressed, the doorphone rings, indicating a caller. Three seconds after the doorbell button is pressed, the camera begins recording either a user programmable 15 seconds of video or an image. Each recording is time and date stamped.

When the handset on the doorphone is lifted, the intercom system enters the active mode. The screen comes on and an audio channel is established with the door panel.

When the handset is on the hook, the doorphone is in stand-by mode. In stand-by mode, video or photos can be recorded, existing image files can be viewed or deleted, files can be transferred to a Secure Digital (SD) Card and screen settings can be modified. Pressing the right arrow on the navigation button activates the image recording function. To record a 20-second video, press and hold the right arrow button for three seconds.

The Royal Villa Doorphone and analog doorbell camera and switch can be wired using existing two-wire door chime wiring. A one Amp 12 VDC power supply is optional. Depending upon the location of the door chime, additional wiring can be run in order to position the doorphone. MAS Intercom recommends installing a doorphone at approximately five feet above the finished floor.

The Royal Villa Doorphone comes complete with a mounting frame and screws. The anti-vandal panel comes with a frame that is mounted to the wall and the panel is mounted to the frame. Two plug inserts cover the mounting screws. According to MAS Intercom, these bronze insert plugs are pressure fit and must be drilled out once installed.

Wiring the Royal Villa two-wire unit requires that the A line in the doorphone be wired to the A line in the panel. The B line is wired to the B line. The power supply is wired to the red and black connectors on the doorphone.

The Royal Villa Doorphone is designed to operate with any electric strike and compatible power supply. The doorphone provides the relay function.

MAS Intercom USA offers a two-year, unconditional over the counter exchange warranty. For more information, contact MAS Intercom USA, 550 West South Boulder Rd., Suite G, Lafayette, CO 89926. Telephone: 720-890-2996. Web Site: