Installing the SARGENT PROFILE SERIES using the Major Manufacturing HIT-136 Drill Guide

June 1, 2007

SARGENT introduced the standalone Profile Electronic Access Control Series Locks in 2001. These electro-mechanical locks can control access electronically using keypad, Radio Frequency (RF) technology and proximity for up to 2,000 users. These locking devices are UL Listed for use on fire doors. The Profile Series is available in three configurations: cylindrical, mortise and exit device.

For the purpose of this article, we will install a cylindrical version of the SARGENT Profile Lock using the new Major Manufacturing HIT-136 onto a non-fire rated interior wood door in a large facility. The Profile Series cylindrical lockset is based on an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 SARGENT 10 line mechanical lock.

To simplify the installation of the SARGENT Profile Series Cylindrical Locks, Major Manufacturing has developed the HIT-136 Drill Guide, which provides pilot hole locations to simplify the door preparation.

The Major Manufacturing HIT-136 Drill Guide is designed to locate the cross bore openings, wire slot (wood door only) and screw openings in a wood or metal door. A standard 2-1/8” cross bore opening having a 2-3/4” backset is used to locate the drill guide.

To install a SARGENT Profile Series cylindrical lock:

Step 1. Place the front and back plates of the HIT-136 onto the door faces.

Step 2. Install and tighten the hex bolt using the supplied 5/16” wrench. Tighten the bolt until the leaves do not move. Do not over-tighten as the faces of the door can be marred.

Step 3. Use a 5/16” drill bit and drill the two through-bolt holes. These holes are located at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions. Drill these holes from both sides.

Step 4. Drill the three 1/4” diameter holes from both side of the door. They are located at the top, nearest the top and the bottom of the drill guide. The top and bottom holes are for the escutcheon posts 1/2” diameter). The third hole is for the wire run (1-1/2” diameter). These holes will be enlarged once the drill guide is removed.

Step 5. On the inside of the door, drill two 1/4” diameter openings approximately 5/16” deep. These openings will be connected, providing a wire run underneath the inside lock mounting rose. Important: Drill these two openings only on the inside of the door.

Step 6. On the inside of the door, drill the two 5/32” diameter openings to a depth of 1/4” for the anchor lugs on the left and right side of the 2-1/8” cross bore opening.

The door preparation holes have been drilled.

Step 7. Remove the HIT-136 from the door.

Step 8. Use a 1/2” diameter drill bit to enlarge the top and bottom 1/4” diameter holes to accommodate the mounting posts. To ensure an accurate hole, drill half way through both sides of the door.

Step 9. Use a 1-1/2” diameter hole saw to enlarge the remaining 1/4” hole beneath the top 1/2” drilled hole. This opening is used to run the ribbon cable and the ground wire from the exterior assembly into the interior assembly.

The next step is to accommodate the wires from the cylindrical lock body. If the door is wood, chisel out a slot between the two 1/4” diameter openings drilled in the interior side of the door. The slot should be cut deep enough that the wires do not cause the lock to tilt. If the door is metal, cut a slot between these two holes.

Step 10. Modify the interior door face to accommodate the wires from the cylindrical lock body.

The next series of steps are to install the Profile cylindrical lock onto the door.

Step 1. Prepare the lock to accommodate the hand and thickness of the door. The first notch on one through-bolt is used to locate the lock body for a 1-3/4” thick door. The second notch is for a 2” thick door.

Step 2. Install the latch into the door edge and start the two Phillips head screws.

Step 3. Feed the wires and the lock body through the 2-1/8” diameter cross bore opening, making sure it engages the latch unit.

Step 4. Places the wires into the slot and secure the cylindrical lock to the door using the inside rose spring assembly and the two Phillips head screws.

Step 5. Test the operation of the mechanical lock. If the lock operates smoothly, tighten the two Phillips head screws securing the latch to the door edge.

Step 6. Remove the outside lever by inserting the operating key and rotating it clockwise 45 degrees. In this position, depress the retainer and slide off the lever and lock cylinder.

Step 7. Feed the ribbon cable (keypad harness) connector and ground wire through the 1-1/2” diameter cross bore, placing the exterior escutcheon over the lock and aligning the mounting posts.

Note: Verify the position of the cylinder spacer to locate within the cutout in the outside lever.

Step 8. Slide the outside keyed lever onto the tube.

Step 9. Rotate the key 45 degrees clockwise, and secure the lever. Test the operation of the outside lever using the key.

Step 10. Remove the battery cover from the inside escutcheon using the supplied security wrench.

Step 11. Connect the ground wire to terminal E3.

Step 12. Connect the ribbon cable to the controller connector on the upper rear of the inside escutcheon. Do not force the connector.

Step 13. Connect the lock body motor wiring to the motor connector. The motor connector is positioned vertical above the inside rose.

Tilt the upper portion of the outside escutcheon to pull the excess wiring onto the exterior side of the door. The outside escutcheon has a cavity that will accommodate the excess wiring. Make sure you do not crimp the wiring.

Step 14. Place the inside escutcheon onto the door face and secure using the two Phillips head screws.

IMPORTANT: Hand-screw the escutcheon halves together. Do not use a power screwdriver or drill/driver to tighten these screws.

Follow programming instructions to complete the installation.

For more information on the HIT-1366, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Major Manufacturing, 1825 Via Burton, Anaheim , CA 92896 . Telephone: 714-772-5202. Fax: 714-772-2302. Web Site:

For more information on the SARGENT Profile Series Locks, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or SARGENT Lock, 100 Sargent Drive , New Haven , CT 06511 . Telephone: 800-727-5477. Fax: 203-821-5793. Web site: .

Photos Available Soon

01- Major Manufacturing HIT-136 Drill Guide

02- Cylindrical lock door prep (please remove background of room, thanks)

03- HIT-136 mounted (please remove background of room, thanks)

04- Drill pilot holes (please remove background of room, thanks)

05- Door prepped (please remove background of room, thanks)

06- Adjusting for door thickness

07- Installing lock

08- Installing spacer bushing

09- Mounting outside escutcheon (please remove background of room, thanks)

10- Attaching motoring wiring

11- Attaching ribbon cable

12- Pulling wiring into outside escutcheon (please remove background of room, thanks)

13- Securing escutcheons

14- Installing levers

15- Installing batteries and battery cover (please remove background of room, thanks)

16- Finished installation outside escutcheon

17- Finished installation inside escutcheon