Dortronics Provides Custom Notification Solution For Hospital

Feb. 1, 2009
The customized Dortronics AT Miniature Electronic Time Delay with DPDT Relay aids security personnel in monitoring camera alerts.

Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital in southeastern Virginia has built their reputation by providing the best care available for their patients and their families. It was only natural, therefore, that they would seek out the best possible security solutions to keep patients, staff and visitors safe.

On their 15-acre campus in Norfolk, VA, this long-term-care hospital and nursing facility had implemented a video surveillance system to help provide a safe and secure environment for both its patients and staff. Key to this solution was the inclusion of an audible chime to alert monitoring personnel that there has been motion or activity in one of the designated areas under surveillance.

“We needed a customized solution to help us determine when it was necessary to attend to the surveillance system,” said Mark A. Davis, director of information systems and communications, Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital. “With significant activity in many areas of the hospital, the concern with the system was that there would simply be continuous alerts, making it difficult for personnel to sort out levels of importance.”

With a problem in need of a solution, Lake Taylor turned to Dortronics Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of standard and custom access control products including timers and interlock controllers. Using their AT Timer, Dortronics was able to provide a schematic to meet the exact and unusual needs of the hospital.

“With the Dortronics timers, we were able to have a setup that doesn’t chime continuously,” said Davis. “Instead, it will only chime after 20 seconds have passed with no other motion detected by the camera. This helps to suppress unnecessary alerts.” He added, “This type of customer service is very rare.”

The Dortronics AT Miniature Electronic Time Delay with DPDT Relay operates on 12 or 24 volts DC, requiring only .025 amps. Its unique design protects the timing circuit against spikes and surges produced by strikes and solenoids that may be operated by this timer. The housing enclosure is small enough to fit inside a single gang junction box. Utilizing the flying leads, this timer can be easily added to any momentary actuating switch to change a single output to a DPDT timed output.

Dortronics Systems, Inc. is a “quick-ship” supplier of standard and custom finish access control products including electromagnetic locks, power supplies, key switch controls, pushbutton controls, prox card and keypad access controls, delayed egress controls, alarm annunciation controls, high security locks, egress bar door releases and emergency pull stations. For more information on Dortronics’ access control products call 800-906-0137 or visit