Domino Garage Butler

May 1, 2009
Putting the Domino Effect to Work

Home security can take many forms. Especially when children are involved, lost, misplaced or forgotten keys can mean a loss of personal security if someone is prevented from entering the warmth and security of home.

Domino Engineering Corp. has provided a keyless answer for opening garage doors for several years. Their economical, battery-operated GD-1 garage door system is furnished complete with a keypad to mount on the outside door jamb of a garage door plus a control box which is mounted in a secure position inside the garage. The backlit keypad contains 10 numbered buttons plus an ‘enter’ button. The owner can quickly and easily program the GD-1 to operate with any personal code containing from one to six digits.

The Domino GD-1 is universally applicable to all automatic garage door openers. The GD-1 can be an added source of revenue during every residential service call.


Domino Engineering has now introduced a new SC-20 keypad system for entry doors. SC-20 units are designed to operate as the keyless switch to operate either electric strikes or magnetic locks. The SC-20 allows 20 individual user codes, variable unlocked timing and normally open or normally closed outputs.

The economical SC-20 system is designed for either outdoor or indoor usage. The lighted exterior keypad connects by an RJ11 plug to a miniature interior control panel which measures only 2 1/2” X 2 1/2” X 1”. The control panel serves as the junction point for connections to the owner’s magnetic lock or electric strike. Power requirements are 12-24 VAC/DC. Easy-to-connect terminals simplify wiring and the control panel is small enough to fit into a single-gang electrical box either mounted on the wall or in the open area above a dropped ceiling. Normally open or normally closed switching allows the flexibility of using the keypad for operating both electric strikes and magnetic locks.

SC-20 systems are manufactured in the USA by Domino Engineering. The SC-20 also can be used in commercial applications such as apartment buildings, employee entrances or computer rooms where restricted access is required.

Codes can be easily changed from the keypad by an authorized person using their master code.


Domino Engineering's new Garage Butler is an automatic timer designed to close residential garage doors. The Garage Butler features six time delay settings. After the desired time delay, an audible alert is sounded and the door is automatically closed. When the included light sensor detects that natural light in the garage is becoming dark, the Garage Butler will close the garage door.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Domino Engineering, telephone 800-736-6466 or web site