Schlage Adds CO-Series to Electronic Lineup

Aug. 5, 2010
Open platform CO-Series locks are available in three configurations: cylindrical, mortise and mortise deadbolt.
Open platform CO-Series locks are available in three configurations: cylindrical, mortise and mortise deadbolt. By Gale Johnson

Schlage will introduce a new CO-Series of standalone electronic locks this fall. This new CO series will replace the current Pro Series, Cobra series and KC2 electronic lock products. The Schlage CO-Series represents the ideal solution for customers wishing to upgrade to electronic access control. The locks are designed with an open platform, providing you with more choices and freedom from proprietary technologies.

The CO-Series has passed rigorous ANSI/BHMA 156.25 grade 1 certification and is UL294 listed. Mechanical components are based on trusted and dependable designs from the ND and L series locks from Schlage.

A wide variety of finishes and lever options are also available. Key-in-lever designs are available to accept many popular full size, SFIC and FSIC lock cylinders, which simplifies integration into existing key systems.

Lever designs include Sparta, Rhodes, Athens and Tubular.

Battery operated CO-Series locks are available in three different configurations. The amount of mechanical options in the Schlage CO-Series of locks makes it easy to find the right solution for any application. Cylindrical, mortise and mortise deadbolt chassis are available. The CO-Series also has exit trim unit compatibility with popular models of exit devices including various products by Von Duprin, Falcon, SARGENT, Precision, Yale, Corbin-Russwin and DORMA.

Handing is field reversible. Four standard off-the shelf AA batteries offer an approximate two-year battery life assuming an annual usage of 36,500 cycles per year.

The CO-Series offers many benefits such as easy management of electronic keys (codes, fobs or cards), minimizes the distribution of mechanical keys and the ability to program and manage multiple access levels such as toggle, freeze and pass through.


CO-100 locks must be manually programmed. Unlocking is accomplished by using three- to six-digit code combinations entered on a 12-button keypad. The lock will accept up to 500 user combinations. No audit trail or time zone features are managed. CO-100 electronic locks are an economical solution for locking an office, storeroom or a residence where basic access control is required. User codes can be easily added or deleted at the lock.


CO-200 locks may either be manually programmed or programmed using Schlage utility software (SUS). User rights for up to 2,000* users can be stored in the lock. User rights can be easily added or deleted at any time. The CO-200 also contains an audit trail feature. Up to 2,000* lock operation events can be stored in the Schlage CO-200 electronic lock. In addition, security levels include keypad only, magnetic stripe cards, 125 KHz proximity cards or a combination of card plus pin code operation. A battery status indicator is on-board. Settable functions include classroom, office/toggle and privacy settings which provide lock usage flexibilty. Access control settings include 32 holiday settings, up to 16* time zones and up to 16* different auto unlock settings (*based on access control software limitations).


The CO-250 lock is programmed in a similar manner and contains many of the same features identical to the CO-200 unit. Magnetic stripe cards allow building management to update user access rights by installing information on the magnetic stripe credential instead of having to visit each lock. In addition, the CO-250 will accept an unlimited amount of user codes and can hold up to 4,000 audit trail events in memory.

The ability to automatically control locking and unlocking times while maintaining audit trails of opening events cannot be matched by standard mechanical locks. It is estimated that less than 10 percent of all door opening in the country now have any type of electronic access control system. Schlage CO-Series electronic locks provide an excellent opportunity to offer your customer a product which will be compatible in looks and performance at a later date with either additional CO-Series locks or with Schlage AD-series access control products.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or contact Schlage Customer Service: 800-847-1864.