Home Security With the Cartell DriveGuard™

Oct. 2, 2013
Add vehicle detection to any security, home automation or lighting system.

Cartell vehicle detection systems are designed to monitor the end of the driveway so homeowners made aware that a vehicle has entered their property long before it reaches their home. The Cartell system can be configured to turn on lights, alert the homeowner with sounders, activate cameras and notify security systems - not after someone has broken in, but before damage is done or someone is hurt.

Car Tell invisible free exit systems can be configured to open an automatic gate without the use of remotes or keypad.

The Cartell DriveGuard™ line of driveway alarm systems allows the homeowner to select, and the dealer to configure to choose how they will be alerted when vehicles enter your driveway.

The DriveGuard Integrator™ system adds professional vehicle detection to any security, home automation or lighting system. When connected to two zone inputs on a security or home automation panel, it will trigger any and all features supported by those systems when vehicles are detected.

Its sensor is buried beside and near the end of the driveway, hidden and vandal-proof. It only detects moving steel, eliminating false alarms caused by animals or blowing objects. Its control unit is installed beside the security or home automation panel.

When integrating vehicle detection with a home automation or security system, the following will be enabled when vehicles drive into the driveway:

  • Turn on lights at night
  • Chime at keypads
  • Play audible recordings at keypads ("Car is in the driveway," etc.)
  • Post messages at keypads
  • Pull up driveway cameras on screen
  • Notify external sources (police, etc.)
  • Cooperate with computer modules to interact with computers, email, etc.

Two components make up the DriveGuard Integrator™ system: the CT-2B control unit (includes 12 volt transformer) and the CT-6 sensor probe

The CT-2B control unit has a single timed output with simplified features. Field adjustments include relay time and sensor probe sensitivity. It comes in a high quality, white metal enclosure and is usually installed beside the home automation, security or lighting panel for easy integration with those systems.

NOTE: Use the power supply that comes with the CT-2B to power it rather than relying on the home automation or security panel for power.

Based on magnetometer technology, the CT-6 sensor probe detects movement in the earth's magnetic field caused by moving steel. It will not detect animals, people or blowing objects. Wind and weather do not affect it, eliminating most false alarms. It does not require power.

The CT-6 sensor probe should be buried 6-10 inches underground, toward the end, beside, and parallel to, the driveway. It covers a 12-foot wide driveway from the side. Wider driveways will require more than one sensor probe. It has direct burial cable attached, making conduit unnecessary. The cable is buried 3-6 inches underground, up to and into the house. It is connected to the control unit.

The CT-6 comes with a custom length of direct burial cable attached in increments of 50' from 100' to 500'; comes in increments of 100' from 500' to 3000'. The cable is polyurethane coated, making repair splicing in the field possible.

Cartell has been around for more than 35 years; products are made in the U.S. and carry a five-year warranty. For more information, visit www.cartell.com.