Continuing Education Spring 2011

Feb. 2, 2012

Throughout the year, manufacturers of locks and door hardware make it easy for locksmiths to upgrade their skills and / or learn something new to help their locksmithing businesses prosper. Locksmith distributors are another excellent source for educational seminars and programs. The following is a sampling of the continuing education courses. To be included in our Continuing Education wrap-up, send your 2012 class schedules to Locksmith Ledger, fax 866-827-8020 or E-mail to [email protected].

IP Video Technology Toues

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution continues to offer its hugely successful North American IP Video Technology Tours trhough the 3rd quarter of 2012. The free, one-day training events are held in Tri-Ed / Northern Video branch locations across the country.

These comprehensive IP trainings, led by Jeff Stout, Tri-Ed / Northern Video’s director of network Ssolutions, and Mike Leary, network product specialist, cover important technical topics such as Video Resolution, Illumination, Ethernet Transmission, Surge Suppression, Recording Platforms, Types of Networks and Understanding Storage.

Here are the updated Q3 and Q4 Tech Tour dates:

8/2/2012:Charlotte, NC (704.523.8855)

8/7/2012: Chicago, IL (847.357.8309)

8/30/2012: Sacramento, CA (916.563.7560)

9/11/2012: Riverside, CA (951.781.2300)

9/13/2012: Garden Grove, CA (714.265.4000)

10/9/2012: Boston, MA (617.412.2520)

10/11/2012: Milford, CT (203.878.8870)

10/23/2012: Seattle, WA (253.395.3930)

10/25/2012: Portland, OR (503.644.0874)

11/13/2012: Las Vegas, NV (702.227.6636)

11/15/2012: Burbank, CA (800.546.8774)

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution is translating IP into Infinite Possibilities for dealers and integrators across North America. In addition to offering them an extensive line card of IP products, Tri-Ed / Northern Video’s free, meaningful and ongoing IP trainings have educated more than 3000 customers thus far and are helping ensure their success in this exploding sector. “Our IP trainings are meeting a critical need for our customers and enabling them to compete in the IP arena,” Stout notes.

For more information visit

PureAuto Weeklong Sesssion: Sept. 17-21

Stay competitive in the fast paced world of automotive locksmithing. PUREAuto seminars teach only the most up-to-date tips and techniques available to the industry while using the current and innovative tools on the market. Each course is invaluable to both the novice and pro. Learn tips and industry updates from the experts in the field.

Topics include:

  • Automotive Transponders
  • Domestic Automotive
  • Introduction to High Security Automotive
  • Key Generation
  • High Security Key Generation

The location for this session is Lexington, KY. Visit or call 800-654-0637 for more detailed course descriptions, registration info and the entire 2012 schedule.

MBA USA Courses

MBA USA, Inc. has been providing training and tools to security professionals since 1993. Our training and tool sales operations are located in a renovated building with two classrooms conveniently located at the North end of Nicholasville, Ky.
The 2012 and 2013 training schedules are now posted online at 

2012 Courses include:

GSA Certified Safe & Vault Technician (11-day course. The 11th day is optional): Aug. 20-31, Oct. 15-26.

Basic GSA Approved Container Inspection Course (3-day course):  Aug. 7 – 9, Nov. 13 - 15.

GSA Container Identification  (1-day class): Aug. 6, Nov. 12.

Sargent & Greenleaf Model 2740 Lock Training Class (1-day class): Aug. 10, Nov. 16. This is factory-authorized training on S&G’s NEW Government lock approved under FF-L-2740

GSA Container Locks Master Class (Formerly X-07/08/09 Master Class, 3-day course): Dec. 3-5. Includes training on the X-07, X-08, X-09, S&G 2937 and S&G 2740

Neutralization and Repair of GSA Approved Containers  (FED-STD 809B, 2-day course): Dec. 6-7.

Combination Lock Technology I (2-day class): Aug. 13-14.

Safe Lock Manipulation  (2-day class): Aug. 15-16.

Professional Safe Drilling  (1-day class): Aug. 17. 

Kaba Mas X-09 Safe Lock Installation/Operation

This one-day certification course provides in-depth training for installation, operation and programming of the X-09 lock and presents the differences between it and the X-08. Students will be taught to handle the X-09 without causing ESD damage to the lock during the installation process; set up the lock in various modes of operation; change combinations; recognize and clear error conditions in the lock; auditing procedures; and basic troubleshooting.

Also taught are proper removal procedures of the lock's back cover and information regarding the lock's internal parts. During the programming section, students will operate the lock in single, dual, and supervisor/subordinate modes. All tools are provided and students receive a training workbook and product manuals.

For 2012 dates, visit or contact the Education Department at 888.950.4715.

Lockmasters Security Institute 

Lockmasters Security Institute has released its 2012 Course Schedule online at Pre-registration is required and fees vary. LSI is located at 1014 South Main St., Nicholasville, KY 40356. Telephone: 859-887-9633 or 866-574-8724. Detailed course descriptions are available online.

Online courses are also available on the following topics: Combination Lock Manipulation, Comprehensive Security Specialist, GSA Inspector Re-Certification, GSA Safe & Vault Technician Certification and Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing.

Detailed course descriptions are available online and the above courses are scheduled multiple times during the year. In addition, the full 2012 course lineup is posted at

Secura Key Product Training 

Secura Key announces the continuation of its Product Training Program with monthly scheduled webinars. Each month various webinars are available at no cost to anyone in the security industry or users of access control products.

Secura Key offers a Product Overview webinar, as well as a session on its SK-NET™ Software and its RK65K Standalone Product. These courses explain how to install and operate Secura Key’s popular standalone access control systems and readers. While Secura Key has offered factory training for many years, customers have found it increasingly difficult to send their installation and sales staff to California, considering the cost of lodging, airfare, and missed work time. By using modern web-based training tools, such as Citrix Go-To-Webinar, Secura Key offers its customers live interactive training at their own facilities, or any place with an Internet connection. Other courses will be added in the future. Secura Key is also able to offer one-on-one training sessions for individuals or small groups by special request. Participants can use the microphone and speakers connected to their PC’s or they can use an optional telephone call-in number.

Secura Key’s Technical Training Manager, Jeff Hamilton, conducts the live Webinars. Jeff, a 20-year Secura Key veteran, is intimately familiar with the product line, and he is now primarily focused on product training, while continuing to do technical support part time.Those who are interested in participating in one of our scheduled public Webinars should visit the Secura Key website,, to register for the training. Just click on Support/Training.

For over 39 years, Secura Key has manufactured access control and RFID products. Reader technologies include contactless smart cards, proximity, and other leading technologies. Secura Key’s modern card/tag production plant is expert at packaging a wide variety of Access Control and RFID transponders in durable plastic packages, featuring 4-color graphics, custom form factors and encrypted data.Secura Key’s manufacturing plant and general offices are located in Chatsworth, Calif.

ADI Expo 2012 Dates 

ADI expanded its training initiatives, adding a variety of new courses in IP, residential and commercial A/V, intrusion and more.

ADI’s training is available at branches across North America. ADI is teaming up with industry associations and vendors to provide security professions with training courses to match all skill levels. The program includes Expo seminars, IP Electronic Systems Networking Technicians (ESNT) Certification Training, AXIS Communications IP training courses, CEDIA Business Operations Makeover, CEDIA Electronic Systems Technician Workshop, CEDIA Lead-Based Paint Removal Training, Electronic Security Association (ESA) training classes through the National Training School (NTS) including Level 1 Certification, Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control & Troubleshooting, NICET Fire Alarm Training and FireLite Systems Training courses.

Upcoming Expos: Tampa, FL; Aug. 9, Burbank, CA; Aug. 16, Columbia, SC; Aug. 23, Houston, TX; Aug. 28, Philadelphia, PA and Aug. 30, Honolulu, HI.

For more information about ADI, visit

 Linear Training Classes

Linear University provides FREE training courses at its Carlsbad, Calif., campus. Many of the courses offered are CEU Certified and meet requirements for continuing education credits. This unique format also creates a perfect setting for dealers and installers to meet their industry counterparts, share best-practices and brainstorm industry solutions. Remaining 2011 courses include:

Keypads and Secured Products. Two-day class covers the features and functions of IEI keypads and secured products. Day 1 covers keypads, proxpads and the Secured Series System. Day 2 covers Connecting Max2/Max3 to PC, HubManager Pro and locksets.

Access Control / Gate Operators. Three-day program covers wiring scenarios, programming options, applications and troubleshooting of Linear networkable telephone entry and access control systems. Also provides an in-depth knowledge of gate operator types, application considerations, system design, common accessory wiring and industry safety standards. 24 hours CEU credit.

Audio/Video/Data. Three-day program covers Video Modulation and Distribution, Whole House Music and High Definition Video Distribution.

Intercom and Air Vac. Three-day program. Day 1 includes an overview of Linear intercom system with topics including Electro-Magnetic Induction (EMI), High voltage versus low voltage wiring, Balanced versus unbalanced circuits, AC versus DC voltages, Twisted versus un-twisted wiring, National Electrical Code (NEC), Cat-5 protocol and Audio, mechanical and electrical feedback.

Day 2 -- Apply what has been learned in Day 1. Receive hands-on instruction in the proper techniques and practices of intercom installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Learn to install the Linear line of dmc intercoms. Conclude intercom training with practice applications and product overview.

Day 3 -- Factory training in the techniques and practices for the installation, servicing and maintenance of Linear Platinum and Red Series Central Vacuums.

eMerge Access Control Solutions and Certification. Two-day class. Day 1 covers Basic Networking Theory, startup and hardware installation. Day 2 covers Programming I, II and III.

To check for the 2012 training schedule or for information on CEU credits, visit

Medeco Certifications

The Medeco3® Certification class covers the design and operation of door hardware cylinders and cam locks. Hands-on exercises are used to disassemble and assemble a Medeco3 mortise cylinder, decode a Medeco3 key, pin a cylinder to a decoded key and master key a cylinder. Matrix masterkey reading, application of MACS, specialty tools, levels of key control, and an overview of the product line and interchangeable core pinning specifications are also covered.

KeyMark x4 Certification is a technical and sales training class for retail and institutional locksmiths, dispatchers, sales people and end users who want to become more familiar with KeyMark x4 by Medeco. The class covers the features, design and operation of KeyMark x4 interchangeable cores, key-in-knob cylinders, padlocks and deadbolts. Attendees should have a basic understanding of how a common pin tumbler lock works and have experience in pinning a pin tumbler cylinder.

For more information and registration information, visit and click on Technical Training/Support.

Assa Abloy Americas University

ASSA ABLOY Americas listened to its customers and partners when they voiced their need for a comprehensive and complete training program. The new solution is two-fold: Provide learning environments that are near major metropolitan areas in the form of state-of-the art training centers and provide a wealth of eLearning online training programs.

Individuals interested in the online eLearning can apply to be a student in the ASSA ABLOY Americas University. After being accepted into the University, students can enroll in online courses and also schedule themselves into the classroom recourses. To create a profile and enroll, visit

Each training center has a classroom and a lab with full size doors that students prepare, core and install products in a real life experience. For full schedule, location, cost and registration information, visit

Kaba Access Control Training & Certification

Kaba University was introduced in April 2006, since then more than 1500 security professions have been successfully trained and certified on Kaba's Peaks, Simplex and E-Plex product lines throughout the United States and Canada.

Kaba University - College of Access Control provides expanded professional training in the wide breadth of Kaba Access Control products.

To check for upcoming classes, visit or call 800-849-8324.

DORMA's new E-Learning website – – has been registering visitors and signups at a rapid clip, hundreds of them in recent weeks. And no wonder. Like professionals in any discipline, architects benefit powerfully from continuing education. Not only does it keep them abreast of trends and new developments in architectural hardware; what’s equally important is they can only remain certified by meeting the CE requirements of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

AIA requires 18 learning units annually: eight in health, safety, and welfare, and four in sustainable design, for architects to maintain certification membership. is an ideal tool for teaching about architectural hardware and delivering CE credits architects need. DORMA is a Registered Provider with AIA Continuing Education Systems. Self-education in a user-friendly environment is the hallmark of the site, which is available to DORMA customers as well as architects.

Successful completion of a 60-minute program earns architects one learning unit toward maintaining their certification. It’s just as handy as George says: earned credits are reported automatically to AIA’s CES Records and certificates of completion are issued to AIA members. Non-AIA members can receive certificates upon request for self reporting.

Architects who operate in California can also do coursework toward their state license renewal (as required under statute) through DORMA online learning. In this case, a special focus is offered: understanding how architectural hardware affects disability access and acceptable design under the Americans with Disability Act.

All DORMA classes provide essential information about architectural hardware to help the building team make informed decisions about product selection and performance. The programs are suitable for use by other members of the building team (including end users, hardware sales representatives and distributors).

Others outside the architectural fraternity who can benefit from DORMA’s online learning include architectural hardware consultants. They can earn the continuing ed credits they need under the auspices of the Door and Hardware Institute.

DORMA is providing 15 educational programs on site now; 14 are AIA credit programs. All are offered at no cost. In addition, a non-credit DORMA-specific class provides an overview of the company, its products and its services to familiarize the participant with the wealth of offerings available.

RCI Training

Whether you need to brush up on your skills or learn something new, RCI’s Inside Advantage Training and Consulting program is right for you. Visit to see when these courses are available in your area. Classes include:

Electricity 101 The Fundamentals Of Electricity, Locking & Wiring offers the basics of electric locking and wiring. Through presentation and hands on labs, attendees will gain a fundamental understanding of electricity, basic electrical circuits, low voltage wiring, electric locking systems and applications, electrical formulas and relays.

Electricity 102 Intermediate Electric Locking & Wiring reviews the fundamentals of electric locking and wiring. Attendees will get hands on training using a Multi-meter, learn to draw and build low voltage electrical circuits and low voltage locking systems; work with relays and learn trouble shooting techniques for electric locking systems. Designing An Electric Locking System answers the questions, Electric strike or electromagnetic lock? How many and what model of power supply should be specified? RCI invites integrators, locksmiths and distributors to join us in learning how to design an electric locking system that can easily integrate with today's highly advanced access control systems.

Electric Lock Selection And Installation is designed for participants who are involved with the specification and installation of electric strikes and electromagnetic locks. This course offers the attendee a greater understanding of door hardware and teaches how to choose the proper electric locking product to complete the application correctly the first time. This seminar will also demonstrate installation methods and trouble shooting techniques for a wide variety of locks and frame types.

Customized Product Seminars provides personalized and custom training. Contact your local or regional sales representative to arrange for a customized product seminar.

Rutherford Controls also offers organization specific certifications. Different organizations and seminars come with a variety of credit hours and points. Some of the certified programs we offer include Just the Basics in Electric Locking, Just the Basics in Electric Locking & Wiring and Review of Electrical Locking Products

For more information regarding certifications and custom seminars in the United States, contact Tammy Mlak at 1-800-265-6630 ext. 2202.

SDC Road Academy

SDC Academy hits the road to major cities. SDC Road Academy curriculum includes product education, real world access hardware applications, doors and frames, new and retrofit construction and life safety code compliance. Go to to download full details and RSVP form, or contact factory for future SDC Road Academy Dates. Or call 800.413.8783.

DynaLock Electronic Security Hardware

DynaLock offers training sessions on electronic security hardware at its headquarters in Bristol, CT, led by John L. Schum, VP Sales and a Door and Hardware Institute Instructor for 20 years. Classes cover electric wiring diagrams, basic security hardware and code compliance. Experienced DynaLock technical staff also presents hands-on classes in creating and wiring locking/access systems.

Upcoming dates: Classes are scheduled upon request at DynaLock or distributor locations.

For more information: call 877-DYNALOCK or Email [email protected].

Marks i-Que Certification Class

In the i-Que electronic certification class, students will learn about the versatility of the Marks stand-alone access control product line. The class covers all types of locksets - cylindrical, mortise, tubular and exit device. From the basic functions of the Metro series to the high-end proximity lock, the features and highlights of each type of lock will be discussed. The students will work with a mount and lockset installing the lock on the pre-drilled mount; then setting up the lock for operation at a simulated job site. The students will then install user codes and some basic programming using the keypad. The class will then review the software package that can be utilized to program the locks. The class will conclude with a question and answer session. At the end of class, the students will be given the mounted sample lockset they have worked on.

Instructor is Raymond Krispin Director of Electronics Marks USA. For more information: 631-225-5400.

Securitron University

This one-day series of courses is designed for all levels of experience in electronic locking, including electronics, wiring, product selection, site survey and installation. Sessions include: Basic Electricity and Electric Locking, Advanced Electric Lock Wiring, State-of-the-Art Smart Products, Electric Lock System Site Survey and Design, Securitron State of the Art Smart Product System Wiring and Securitron Electric Lock Installation 101.

This class is offered at Securitron headquarters in Sparks, NV. On-location classes may be scheduled through Securitron sales representatives or instructors.

For more information: Mark McBroom, telephone 800-624-5625, Ext. 443, Email [email protected].

Videx: CyberLock

This seminar provides an introduction to the Videx CyberLock access control system, covering basic design concepts and a detailed description of the hardware and software components. Students will see how the locks and keys are programmed, access schedules are created and access events are downloaded and viewed on the computer.

Videx also offers CyberLock Advanced Training, which covers all CyberLock cylinders available and will thoroughly present the features of CyberLocks, CyberKeys and CyberAudit software. The group will create a variety of applications on the computer, program the locks and keys, and retrieve the access events. Students in this class should have already completed the introductory course or be familiar with the CyberLock.

For more information: call 541-758-0521 or visit

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