News Briefs September

Aug. 3, 2011

Napco Protects Stonewall Jackson National Shrine

The "Stonewall" Jackson Shrine located at the Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park, is the plantation office building where General Jackson died. The “Death Room”; the most important room in the shrine is being protected by NAPCO’s C100STE Dual Technology Microwave/PIR detector.

Napco’s C100 Series Adaptive dual microwave/PIR detectors automatically adjust to their environment, minute by minute, for the ultimate false alarm immunity and reliability. Environmental disturbances that register by the PIR and/or microwave sensor are better tolerated and the threat of false alarms or nuisance alarms is dramatically reduced.

For more information about the C100STE Dual Technology Microwave/PIR detector, visit

ALPRO On Track At St. Pancras Rail Station

Access control keypads from Alpro Architectural Hardware have been used at Saint Pancras International Station in London as part of security upgrades during the largest rail refurbishment project in the UK for a century.

The Alpro keypad has an ingress protection rating of IP68 and its design has proved robust in a demanding environment by providing protection against airborne contaminants including brake pad particles which are a familiar problem at railway stations even in areas away from platforms.

St Pancras is an international arrival and departure point, and staff sections must be secured so the general public may not enter. The keypads are ensuring that entry to operational areas of the station is restricted to appropriate personnel, so contributing to protection of the travelling public.

Alpro’s bright aluminum keypads are vandal-resistant and suitable for up to 200 users. They are available as self-contained or two-part units, with surface or mortise-mount options. Benefiting from piezoelectric technology, whereby pressure on the sensors is converted to an electrical charge, the keypads have no moving parts. The numbers are hard-anodized into the case; they will not wear off and cannot be stuck down with gum.

Keith Parry, divisional sales manager at Alpro, said, “There are very few keypads with IP68 certification in the marketplace and still fewer with the levels of vandal resistance and aesthetic appeal offered by Alpro. These keypads are proving a default choice in environments where protection against contaminants, reliability and maintenance-free performance are vital.”

The units’ security plugs offer tamper resistance, and users can employ various length codes – from 4 to 8 digits – simultaneously. There is a 2 amp chargeover relay and the anodized graphics contribute to durability. The keypads have timeout functions for both code entry and programming.

Saint Pancras International Station acts as the London terminus for all passengers travelling on Eurostar from France, Italy, Germany and other continental destinations. When completed in 1868, the 100-metre high single-span train shed was the largest enclosed space in the world. But the site was threatened by developers in the 1960s and only saved after a campaign headed by the poet laureate Sir John Betjeman.

BuildingLink Launches Internet-Based Key Storage System

Keylink by BuildingLink® is a new Internet-connected key tracking and storage system that aims to substantially modernize the way that building managers handle key security.

The result of three years of design, engineering and technology innovation, the Keylink solution improves upon older technologies found in current key-tracking and storage systems with features such as touch-screen interface, integrated webcam, driver’s license ID scanner, and quick-access modes for emergency keys handling. Behind the scenes, the KeyLink system is entirely Internet enabled, providing real-time online backup, browser-based remote configuration and monitoring, and a range of user-selectable email alerts.

The exterior styling has been considered as well; ergonomically shaped keytags, soft blue LED key-locator lighting and other design elements combine to create a feeling of hi-tech sophistication that plays well with current front desk design aesthetics.

“I’ve been using traditional key tracking systems for many years, but with KeyLink it seems pretty clear that the next generation has finally arrived,” says Larry Coulson, manager of the White River Plaza complex in Santa Fe, and a new KeyLink user.  

The KeyLink story began seven years ago when BuildingLink’s CEO Jerry Kestenbaum found himself fielding repeated requests from its real estate technology customers to design a better key storage and tracking system.

“Our clients were frustrated by a decade or more of having only one or two vendors to choose from, and by having to spend an awful lot of today’s dollars on yesterday’s technology” says Kestenbaum.   “So after several years of hearing this, we decided to accept the challenge: to design and build from scratch an entirely new and better system that would fully utilize best-of-breed technology. But first, we invested a huge amount of time and energy finding out from our clients - and we have more than a thousand buildings - what their ideal, perfect system might be.”  

Kim Pettitt manages The Cosmopolitan in Houston and was one of the first people to install Keylink. “The Board and the residents all share in my enthusiasm for this new system which adds organization, professionalism and peace of mind,” she says.  “Keylink is another step in making The Cosmopolitan one of Houston's premier properties.”

TKO/SDD Software Updates Released

Kaba Ilco Corp., Rocky Mount, NC, announces the following TKO/SDD Software updates, now available for purchase through Ilco distributors.

2011 Ford 80 Bit System (Part # BM0158XXXX)

Ford Edge 2011

Ford Explorer 2011

Ford F150/F250 2011

Ford F250/F350 Super Duty 2011

Ford Fiesta 2011

Ford Flex 2011

Ford Focus 2011-2012

Ford Mustang 2011 (some still use 40 bit system)

Mazda Prox/RKE (Part # BM0157XXXX)

Mazda CX-7 '10-11

Mazda CX-9 '10-11

Mazda3 '10-11

Mazda6 '09-11

Mazda MX-5 Miata '09-11

Mazda RX-8 '10-11

In addition to the above Mazda/RKE software update, this update includes menu updates for Honda USA, Mazda, Infiniti, Toyota USA, and Hyundai/Kia USA Remote.

The updates are now available for purchase through Ilco distributors.

Owners who have registered their equipment, and provided a valid email address were notified via email on July 21, 2011. Owners are encouraged to register their Ilco equipment and key machines in order to receive updated information direct from Kaba Ilco Corp.

For more information visit the web site, call Customer Service at 800-334-3321(option 1), or e-mail:[email protected]