Delete the Dial: Safe Lock Retrofit

Oct. 4, 2023

Envision eight people and 16 hands all trying to open these eight safes at the same time. Is this some sort of TV reality contest? No, it’s lunch time! We replaced two of these combination locks (one on this nest of safes, one on another) with AMSEC ESL10XL digital safe locks, so guess who’s going to get their lunch first. I’m betting that this company will eventually change all of these safes to digital.

Replacing a combination dial with a digital keypad can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re dealing with exterior handles or re-lockers, but this particular application is about as simple as it gets. As you can see from the photos, the whole change-over takes only a few minutes.

Step by Step

Remove the back cover of the existing lock.

Remove the spline key (careful not to break it!). The dial can now be unscrewed from the drive cam.

Remove the four lock body screws.

Remove the dial ring.

Run the new wire.

Install the new mounting plate. Note that the new lock comes with screws, and only usesthreemounting screws.

Insert the batteries and plug in the keypad.

Attach the keypad with a slight turn clockwise.

Program and test the lock with the door open, then test the lock with the door closed. Programing these locks is very simple with the short instructions that are included in the box.