PoolSafe™ Protects Valuables Poolside At Upscale Resorts

June 27, 2014
Poolside safe features waterproof electronic keypad lock, storage compartment, WiFi call button (to order food and drinks) and USB charging port

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The poolside  "safe" for hotel, resort and cruise line guests to stow their valuables is now available at Fort Lauderdale Florida's Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. The units are featured at the resort's reserved-seating VIP area for its concierge level guests.

"With new installations every week, PoolSafe™ is fast becoming the state-of-the-art," says BG Capital Group Chairman Bobby Genovese who announced his company's partnership with PoolSafe in April.

Conveniently located alongside pool lounge chairs, PoolSafe is a unique way of providing guests with a comforting sense of security for their belongings, ideal fo hotel, resort or cruise ship. Guests are reluctant bringing expensive belongings to the pool, and are reminded of how dangerous it can be to leave these items unattended. PoolSafe gives a strong sense of security to your guests. Strategically located near pools, PoolSafe offers a unique concept with targeted customization. Named after its best feature “PoolSafe” is an exclusive product that offers security, convenience and guest services all bundled into one unit.

The safe is accompanied with a waterproof electronic keypad that secures personal items of the guests. Featuring an innovative waterproof design, the PoolSafe console includes a built-in GPS system to monitor and secure its location, a storage compartment for securing personal valuables, a patented WiFi Call Button to direct-link to hotel/resort or cruise ship food and beverage staff, and a USB charging port (with built-in solar panels) for phone, camera, iPad or any other electronic devices. 

PoolSafe™ debuted in May at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach California and has since been adopted by the world's top international hotel chains - including the Hyatt Regencies, the Westins, and, most recently, the Marriotts.

"We are thrilled with the explosive growth that we've experienced since PoolSafe launched," says Genovese of the revolutionary security device, which was developed by Canadian entrepreneur and PoolSafe, Inc. CEO David Berger. "Orders are coming in everyday through our website and sales network from hotel general managers and food and beverage directors around the world who can't wait to bring this premium level of security to their guests," says Berger. "We knew the need was tremendous, and now we are seeing how right we were. With millions of room safes in hotels around the world, you can only imagine this market's potential."

For more information on this new product, visit http://www.poolsafeinc.com.