Specialty Safes for Special Applications

Sept. 1, 2015
Residential specialty safes include safes designed for jewelry storage, laptop and media storage and specific types of firearms. Commercial specialty safes protect cash deposits and merchandise.

No longer are residential safes limited to standard-sized floor or wall-mounted boxes. Specialty safes are available for a wide variety of specialized functions, ranging from shotgun and pistol safes designed for specific types of firearms to jewelry safes, media safes, laptop safes and even safes designed for college dorm rooms or recreational vehicles. New in the commercial market are electronic depository safes to keep cash safe on the premises or in vehicles during transport

Locksmith Ledger asked a group of safe manufacturers for details on their specialty products. Below are reports from the various manufacturers. For extensive listings of safe manufacturers and products, please check our online Buyers Guide at www.locksmithledger.com/directory.

Hollon Safe

Hollon Safe’s EMP-6333 Series Gun Vault is the only UL Listed TL-15 Rated Gun Vault on the market. An EMP – sometimes referred to as a transient electromagnetic disturbance – is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. It can occur naturally – as with lightning strikes – or can be created artificially. An example of the latter is the devastating pulse common in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

Sargent and Greenleaf just introduced EMP resistant Spartan electronic lock and 6120.  This series will feature an electronic lock that won’t fail in the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. Or a Group II-M dial.

The new EMP 6333 is also rated for 2 hours of fire protection.  The interior is made with furniture grade birch wood and finished off in soft black furniture upholstery trim to cushion the gun holders. Included is a full length PDO attached to the door.  Available in high gloss black, white metallic, burnt cherry metallic, and forest green.  Custom colors are also available for an upgrade fee.

More Information: (888) 455-2337, www.HollonSafe.com.


PRO-LOK’s GLSF-08S electronic depository safe is constructed from solid steel for immediate and secure storage of cash and miscellaneous valuables on the premise.  This safe is designed for businesses or vehicles which need to store cash or receipts until a bank deposit can be made. 

The depository safe is equipped with an easy-to-program three- to eight-digit changeable code.  When the door is locked, deposits can be made via a deposit slot in the front of the safe.

The GLSF-08S includes four bolts to anchor the safe, two) chrome bolts of ¾” diameter for extra security, a manual override key, and four AA batteries to operate the keypad. 

External size: W=13 - 3/4”D=10” H=10”

Internal size: W=13 1/2” D = 9 1/2” H = 8 3/4”

More Info: PRO-LOK.com,

Hayman Safe

HAYMAN MagnaVault EX (MVEX) Series Burglar & Fire Safes provide leading security, in addition to convenient and inventive features such as electronic lock, tempered glass re-lockers, mechanical re-locking, and hard plates.  The safes are also UL Burglary RSC rated and will withstand 105 minutes of exposure to fires as high as 1200 degrees.  

HAYMAN MVEX Series Burglar & Fire Safes also feature a number of unique conveniences, including a battery-powered LED lighting system; tempered glass shelves that support up to 200 lbs. while ensuring easy visibility of all valuables; a granite exterior color that is locked in through a proprietary seven-step paint process and a convenient accessory panel located on the back panel of the safe.

More Info: www.HaymanSafe.com.


Gardall Safe introduces its new jewelry safe, Model JS1718-W-C.  This safe is designed for the customer who wants a more secure and organized location for their jewelry. 

Standard features include:

  • Group II Combination lock
  • Group I Electronic Lock (available at additional charge)
  • Three active 1" locking bolts
  • 5/16" solid steel plate door
  • Four anchoring holes (two in back, two in bottom)
  • Independent re-locker

The JS1718 has a beautiful white paint finish with gold trim.  The inner cabinet has 10 wooden drawers for necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and watches.  The safe comes standard with a Group II combination lock and can be upgraded to an S & G Group I electronic lock.  The safe also features an LED light that turns on when the safe door is opened.  The safe has two holes in the back and two holes in the bottom to securely bolt it down, hardware included.  The Gardall JS1718 weighs 124lbs.

In addition to the new jewelry safes, Gardall offers fire safes, gun and pistol safes, media safes, high security safes, wall-mounted concealed  safes, concealed in-floor safes, commercial safes, depository safes and in-room hotel safes. More Info: www.gardall.com

Stealth Safe

The new Stealth Safe RV Safe is designed for recreational vehicles or dorm rooms where space is tight. Its state-of-the-art electronic lock opens with credit card or PIN, and key backup is available.

  • External Dimensions: 20"h x 7"w x 14"d (Overall depth with door open: 20.5")
  • Internal Dimensions: 18.5" overall Height x Width: 6.5 x Depth: 12"
  • Height to first shelf 5.5", height to second shelf 9.5", Height to third shelf 5.5"
  • Three lined shelves with rubber lining; usable shelf space 3.25"wide
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

The safe lock uses standard 9v battery (replaceable from outside the safe). The safe includes floor mounting plate easy to bolt down if desired. A security cable is included to secure safe when bolt down is not possible. Access holes in the back of the safe permit charging electronics.

More Info: www.deansafe.com


American Security Products’ line includes the HAS410 Handgun Safe and the PS1210HD quick-access pistol safe.

This heavy-duty safe utilizes a massive 3/16-inch solid steel door as well as two powerful solid steel dead bars. The PS1210HD is built in the U.S.A. and provides unparalleled security and protection for your handguns and other valuables.

The Model PS1210HD handgun safe has the following dimensions:. 10.25 x 12.5 x 4.25 and weight is 24 pounds. Features include:

  • Door constructed of 7GA solid steel plate with a strong pry resistant locking bolt
  • Body constructed of 10GA solid steel plate with mounting holes for top or bottom installation
  • Reliable fast access Simplex push button mechanical locking device
  • Locking mechanism protected by steel housing, impervious to punch attacks
  • Heavy Duty 75lb rated slides (55lb rated when fully extended)
  • Charcoal gray textured finish with chrome hardware
  • Fabric-lined drawer with protective high density pluck foam-lined interior
  • Packaged for UPS/FedEx shipments

Another interesting specialty product from AMSEC is the Safe Cloak, used to disguise residential safes as wood cabinets. The safe Cloak comes in five sizes to fit a wide variety of safes and easily attaches to safes with strong magnets and PVC board sewn into the top pocket. The thermal transfer four- color wood cabinet printing is so good it will fool not only pedestrians but guests walking by the safe. It is available in five different sizes for 6024, 6030, 6636, 7240 & 7250.

More Info: www.amsecusa.com

SoCal Safe

An interesting commercial specialty safe is the IP32 Pawn Safe from SoCal Safe, with 32 individual drawers.  Designed to thwart robbery attempts and stop burglars, its rapid-use penalty triggers the safe to shut down when someone attempts to rapidly open multiple drawers. The Time Barrier prohibits more than one drawer to open at a time and can be set from 0 seconds to 166 minutes.

Dimensions are:

  • Exterior: 57½ x 34½ x 36½ inches
  • Weight (lbs):4,850 pouns
  • Drawer Dimensions: 31 @ 6 x 4 x 24; 1 @ 6 x 8 x 24
  • Drawers Capacity: 60 Envelopes Average
  • Safe Capacity: 2,000 Envelopes Max
  • Electronic Access: 16 Users, 2 Admins

More Info: www.socalsafe.com


INKAS® Safe Manufacturing specializes in design, production and distribution high security luxury safes, providing full range of security solutions for private and corporate sectors. The company focuses on custom VIP safes development and production, offering an online build-your-own safe tool at www.inkassafe.com/build-safe/. Pictured is the Oberon B-rated safe. More Info: www.inkassafes.com