Top Sellers in The Hollon Safe Line

May 2, 2012
Products include gun safes, wall safes, data/media safes, depository safes, fire or burglary resistant safes, floor safes, home safes and safes for the hotel market.

Safes are designed in many different ways depending on their purpose. From keeping young hands away from dangerous weapons to protecting extremely valuable property, Hollon Safe has the right safe to meet each requirement.  Hollon safes are designed to meet top industry standards and each Hollon safe must meet their rigid list of inspections before the Hollon name is attached.

The Hollon Safe Company’s goal is to develop strong working relationships with the locksmith community. In support of this effort, Lauren Hollon, national sales manager, has developed a class for increasing business called "Rethinking Retail."  This class will be presented at the 2012 ALOA convention in Las Vegas.

During the last three years, Hollon Safe has shipped safes to locksmiths in 46 states and five countries outside the U.S.  They offer free shipping when six or more safes are ordered which have a combined weight total of over 1000 pounds.    

Types of Hollon safes include gun safes, wall safes, data/media safes, depository safes, fire or burglary resistant safes, floor safes, home safes and safes for the hotel market.  While Hollon Safe has several different safe models in most categories, they have assembled a list for locksmiths of the fastest movers.   The following is a description of the most popular Hollon Safe models for locksmiths.


The Hollon FB-685E is their top-selling model. The safe cabinet is approximately 27" high X 21" wide X 20" deep. Heavy duty hinges, glass relockers and three sturdy horizontal bolts plus a vertical bolt in the door help secure the FB-685E. A tri-spoke handle provides smooth operation of the bolt works. This 354 lb safe has a two hour fire rating.       

For larger requirements, the Hollon FB-845E is recommended. This safe includes the same features as the FB-685E model, but the exterior dimensions are larger at: approximately 33" high X 21" wide X 22" deep.  This 440 lb. safe also has a two hour fire rating.


The Republic RG-22 gun safe contains 16 cubic feet of interior space. The outside dimensions are 59" high X 30" wide X 24" deep. The safe weighs 650 lbs. A UL listed LaGard Group II dial lock provides locking security.  The RG-22 gun safe is fire-rated for one hour protection at 1250 degrees.   

Another popular gun safe is the Hollon Republic RSV-5924 which contains 9 cubic feet of interior space. Exterior dimensions of this safe are 59" high X 24" wide X 22" deep.  Depending on their size, approximately 22 guns can be stored in the RSV-5924 safe cabinet. This fire-resistant safe has a door thickness of 5 inches and body thicknesses of 1.25 inches and offers a fire rating of one hour at 1250 degrees.  Pre-drilled anchor holes are provided to anchor the 575 lb. safe.     


Hollon recommends their HS-880E safe for office usage. The exterior dimensions are 32" high X 23" wide X 20" deep. Three sturdy locking bolts and an electronic keypad lock provide security. Adjustable shelving and an interior drawer are provided. The HS-880E has a two hour fire rating and is virtually airtight to resist against water damage. Anchor bolts are included to further secure the 374 lb. safe cabinet.

HS-750E and HS-610E office safes are other highly recommended Hollon models. The HS750E has an approximate exterior size of 27" high X 20" wide X 20" deep.  The HS-510E model has an approximate exterior size of 27" high X 15" wide X 13" deep. Both safes feature an electronic keypad lock and a sturdy locking bolt system. As with the HS-880E model, adjustable shelving and an interior drawer are featured. The HS-750E weighs 297 lbs while the HS-610E weighs approximately 176 lbs.


Hollon recommends the HDS-2014E safe for depository usage. Exterior dimensions are 20" high X 14" wide X 14" deep. The hopper is equipped with an anti-fish baffle to prevent theft. The electronic safe lock can accept multiple user codes.  This B-rated safe also includes a removable inner shelf and pre-drilled anchor holes.

For larger needs Hollon offers the RH-3020E depository safe. Exterior dimensions are 30" high X 20" wide X 20" deep. This larger unit also offers electronic locking, a multi-user keypad and a removable inner shelf.


Hollon recommends their B-2015C safe.  These safes are offered with either an S&G Group II dial lock (B-2015C) or an electronic keypad lock (B-2015E).   Outer dimensions are 20" high X 15" wide X 15" deep. Four pre-drilled anchor holes are provided to further secure this 80 lb. safe. The half inch silid steel door material contains drill resistant hard plate.  An adjustable, removable shelp is also included.    


The Hollon B-1500 floor safe is thier fast seller. These top loading models contain an exterior cover for protection. The hinged safe door is equipped with an air-spring bar assist to simplify the opening and closing procedure. Drill resistant hardplate surrounds the Group II safe dial and relocker system..              

Wall safes and hotel safes fill out the Hollon safe lineup. According to Hollon, this type of safe is not on their best seller list, but individual locksmiths may have a good market for these items in their specific area. For further information on Hollon Safe products, contact Hollon Safe at 888-455-2337 or

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