Going Electronic With AMSEC Safe Locks

July 1, 2014
All ESL electronic safe lock models are designed to replace mechanical combination locks

In addition to its extensive lineup of gun safes, burglary, fire resistant, burglary/fire resistant and specialty application safes, AMSEC (American Security) also designs, develops and manufactures electronic safe locks including the new ESL5LP High Security Electronic Safe Lock (ESL). Models include the ESL5, ESL10XL, ESL15, ESL20XL and the ESLAudit Lock, all designed to replace a mechanical combination lock.

The ESL5LP lock features  a unique keypad/handle housing designed specifically for three AMSEC FS Series safe models and the WFS149E5LP wall safe. The FS Series is a line of imported 1-hour fire protection residential fire resistant safes. FS models equipped with the ELS5LP electronic locks range in size from 660 to 1258 cubic inches. The WFS149E5LP Wall Safe is 1258 cubic inches, designed for installation between 16" o/c wall studs. The built-in flange eliminates re-plastering.

The WFS149E5LP and the FS Series safes’ electronic locks have an ESL5LP safe lock with a black ABS housing and built-in backlit alphanumeric keypad and handle. The ESL5LP safe lock is a conventional swing bolt lock design containing the electronics. The ESL5LP is a single-user safe lock having a six-digit combination. The ESL5LP is pending U. L. Type 1 Listing.

ESL5, ESL10XL, ESL15, and ESL20XL Series safe locks have standard safe lock and round keypad housing dimensions. Depending upon the model, the housing is either molded ABS or die-cast with an alphanumeric keypad in different finishes including black, black nickel, chrome or brass. They can be retrofit onto just about any safe equipped with a ½” spindle hole without having to cut and re-crimp the connector. The electronics are encapsulated within the lock and are sealed to prevent moisture-related failures. At the time of writing this article, most of the ESL Series locks are equipped with two 9VDC batteries.

AMSEC Electronic Safe Locks have a number of features common to all of the current models including Wrong Try Lock Out, Auto Lock, Factory Reset Combination, Beep and Flash, and Spring Bolt or Slam Bolt. With Wrong Try Lock Out, after four incorrect entry attempts, the lock is disabled for 15 minutes. The Auto Lock function automatically locks the safe when the door is closed. The Factory Reset Combination resolved a lost combination situation without requiring a service call. Every keystroke has a beep and flash to maximize feedback to the user. Depending upon the configuration and desired operation of the safe boltwork, the customer has a choice of spring bolt for boltwork-blocking applications or slam bolt for direct locking on locker doors.

The ESL5 base model is a single user electronic backlit alphanumeric keypad safe lock with a six- digit combination and one 9V battery developed for residential applications. In addition to the above listed features of the AMSEC Electronic Safe Locks, the ESL5 is equipped with a swing bolt reversible lock for left or right hand installations. The ESL5 lock can be programmed to run in stealth mode, where the beeper is silenced under normal opening conditions. The ESL5 Lock is pending U.L. Type 1 Listing.

The ESL15 offers the same above features of the ESL5 with the added features of Time Delay Module, Armored Car Override, Multiple User Mode, Dual Control Mode and two 9V batteries. The Time Delay Module allows a delay to be set from 1 to 99 minutes. The Armored Car Override permits authorized armored car service to bypass the time delay. Up to eight user codes, an Armored Car Code, along with the master code can be used for supervisory control and code management. The Dual Control Mode programs the lock to require two combinations to open. The ESL15 Lock is pending U.L. Type 1 Listing.

ESLXL Series office and commercial application safe locks offer additional features. In addition to the common features, the ESL10XL has a metal die-cast keypad housing with alphanumeric slanted keypad with two 9V batteries. The bolt lock is standard. A slam bolt version is available for locker and similar applications. An optional internal battery pack extends operation between battery changes.

The ESL20XL has added features of Time Delay Module, Armored Car Override, Multiple User Mode and Dual Control Mode. In addition, the ESL20XL is equipped with optional external AC power, switching battery power to backup. A control port turns the ESL20XL on and off with an alarm system or other device. Optional expansion modules for the ESL20XL include Duress (Silent Signal) Alarm Output. There are ESL10XL modules for External power. An optional 2-lock expansion module for the ESL20XL is a connection for one or two ESL20XL locks.

The AMSEC ESLAudit Electronic Lock provides a safe access control system for up to 40 users; each can be programmed with unique security privileges and a 2,000-event audit trail. Windows-based administration setup and lock management software includes the audit utility that contains a PC-based audit storage management, data filter and sorting. The audit lock is equipped with a USB interface for software upgrades, audit downloads and lock administration setup.

The ESLAudit Electronic Safe Lock has of the standard features of the Electronic Safe Locks including the ESL20XL. In addition, the ESLAudit Lock has specific features including:

Controlling one or two safe doors configured in any inner/outer arrangement.

  • Time lock any door, 1-4 windows per day.
  • Authentication options: PIN code and/or Dallas Key access control.
  • Holiday schedule with up to 8 programmable events per year.
  • Automatic daylight savings adjustment, selectable and configurable.
  • Dual control mode on any individual door, selectable by user.
  • Built-in system diagnostics.
  • MakePIN: a proprietary application that allows for factory supported administration.

The ESLAudit Electronic Safe Lock has a rectangular keypad housing equipped with a high contrast (4 lines by 21 character) graphics display, 16-button keypad and a Dallas Chip port. Three safe locks can be used with the ESLAudit: the ESLAUDIT Latch Lock, the ESLAUDIT Toggle Lock and the ESLAUDIT Swing Bolt Lock.

The ESLAudit Lock retrofits most safes equipped with conventional mechanical or electronic safe locks. The ESLAudit Lock is pending U.L. Type 1 Listing.

For more information, visit www.amsecusa.com