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June 4, 2012


Mark Bates presented a guest commentary concerning what locksmiths should do as security products changed towards electronics. His analysis was exactly right. Charles Cole tested the Ilco electric lockpick.  Safety suggestions were presented for the use of cordless drills.  What do you carry in your toolbox? An article in Ledger made some suggestions. Another article reviewed three new tools for locksmiths - the Wedge-It, the Snook light and the Ford 10-cut equalizer. A-Able explained how to use their glove box removal tool. Pam Anderson published eight different Kennedy tool box code series. T.C. Mickley tested the A-1 tool for removing GM trunk lock plugs.  Jerry Levine explained what cutter blades to use depending on the key blank metal being cut.  The TU-1000 Handy Cut key punch was reviewed. Locksmith Ledger reported on the history of the Baxter System for car codes and tryout keys.  Where are they now?  Jerry Levine showed tip stop dimensioning for Framon and HPC code machines.  Larry O'Toole supplied information on the rich history of the Corbin and Russwin companies.  Milt Wolferseder helped us open an Amsec wall safe.  Another safe article provided some ideas for trying some dialing tests to open a safe before resorting to drilling.  Gayle Pasternak reported on the dedication of the Gerald J. Connelly Jr. library.


Key machines was the topic of the June, 2002 Locksmith Ledger. Jerry Levine reported on the 950C code machine by ITL.  Jeff Trepanier tested an HPC 1200CM code machine.  The dependable Framon #2 was also reviewed.  Tom Gillespie suggested stocking key accessories and novelties as impulse items for added sales.  Dick Zunkel recommended servicing concealed door closers as a good new vertical market to enter. A regular Ledger writer, Tim O’Leary, recommended surface mounted closers as another profit center.  Jerry Levine installed an access control system using Securitron and Sargent products. Jeff Trepanier showed how to fit keys by using code numbers. Jerry Levine introduced the Kaba Ilco SDD diagnostic programmer. Gale Johnson looked at masterkeying "without putting a pencil to the paper". Tim O’Leary warned of the possible shock hazards when working with voltage.  Kaba Ilco displayed their Millenium Entry system.  Jeff Trepanier explained how to fit keys to various locks found on boats.


  1. Property insurance policies and agent contact information
  2. Passports and original birth certificates 
  3. Lists of family doctors, medications and pharmacies used
  4. CDs containing copies of all family photos
  5. Safe Deposit box keys
  6. Important papers related to investments, retirement plans and bank accounts
  7. Information on outstanding debts, due dates and contact information
  8. Original social security cards
  9. Copies of important legal documents, such as living wills and health care proxies
  10. Copies of wills and wills for which you are the designated executor
  11. Valuables (Jewelry, coins, cash, etc.)
  12. Spare keys and titles to all vehicles

 **From a brochure by Gardall Safe:  800-722-7233**