VersaSafe Packed With Value-Added Features

May 2, 2012
Safes can be monitored from a computer or smart phone, and software provides detailed reports.

Customer 1st Safes & Service has teamed up with Triton, a leading ATM manufacturer, to offer the new VersaSafe and VersaLink Software.

Triton has taken much of what they know from ATMs and have wrapped it into a UL listed vault with easy-to-use software. This safe is certified to the UL291 Level 1 vault attack test. Then there is the flexibility of the validator options from a 1000-note stacker, a 1200-note stacker, a 2200-note stacker and also a Bulk Note Feed option.

You can monitor your safe from a computer or smart phone. Yes you can send text messages to the people you choose with the specific alerts you choose.

This unit is set-up to be offered in a sort of “a la carte” philosophy. By that we mean the customer has the choice of what options and what (if any) armored service they choose. As a locksmith and dealer, you maintain your relationship with your customer.

Below is a list of the features and options involved with the product:

  • Customers can own this unit for as little as $1 at the end of a lease. (Leases start as low as $159 per Month)
  • Software customization is available
  • Your customer can purchase this safe out right and skip the leasing option.
  • We will work with your customer’s financial institution to develop the provisional deposit option. We do not require your customer to use their specific bank.
  • By owning the safe outright and dealing directly with their bank, your customer can eliminate fees from the other companies that may or may not be seen, such as counting and verifying the money and also the guaranteeing of the funds in the safe.
  • Triton guarantees the funds in the safe at no charge to your customer.
  • Safes can be monitored live via a computer or Smart-Phone by using VersaLink Software.
  • In the administration menu, owners can edit users and set programming groups. An upcoming feature will allow owners to edit users from across the country via phone. Owners can name their terminal so that in the case of multiple safes, they can be identified. They can also set up terminal groups.
  • Owners can also delegate full monitoring capabilities of any safe.
  • Safes are easy to service with no tools rwequired to remove the control head.
  • A 5.7" LCD screen makes wording easy to read..
  • Extra-large buttons on the keypad for ease of use.
  • The safe also provides mounting provisions for security equipment for such things as duress, thermal and seismic sensors, which can all be tied into existing building security.
  • The system is a Windows CE based operating system.
  • It supports 10,000 users.
  • It stores up to 32,000 transactions on the board and virtually an unlimited amount of transactions on the main server through the VersaLink software option. With the optional monitoring software you have an off-site back-up system that even if there is a catastrophic failure, like flood or fire we can recover virtually all of your activity.
  • We are now able to export files from the safe to many accounting programs, this is what accountants look for to make their lives easier.

Listed here are some of the items you can see live 24/7

  • Contents of the safe broken down to individual cassettes
  • The drops of every user by time, deposits, manual drops, reports, percent of contents in cassettes, even detail notes by denomination
  • Reports based on Validator Close, Day Close, Drop Close, Pick-up Close, Shift Close and Journal Report
  • Trigger reports to any computer of your choosing via email or Smart-Phone via Text Message for the following Items:
  • Percent of capacity of the cassettes to notify when pick-ups are needed,
  • Pre-set cash amount trigger for capacity of the cassettes,
  • Deposit alert to notify specified persons of a gap in time of deposits,
  • Activity alert to notify persons of a lack of activity on the safe set to a specific time frame 
  • Ability to restrict the times in which alerts are sent
  • Alert triggered by a door opening.
  • Versasafe Day Close Record, Cash Deposit Transaction Record, Drop Deposit Transaction Record, Bill Acceptor Close Report, Drop Close Record, Pickup Close Record and User Close Record.

In many case, we can loan our locksmith customers a unit to test at a customer’s site and free monitoring software during the test. We can also offer you on-site training for you and your customer too.

Customer 1st Safes & Service was started in 2007 to fulfill a need for true customer service, not the type that comes with a charge just to talk to someone. How long would you as a locksmith last if a regular customer of yours called to ask a question and you said, “I need a credit card first to answer your questions?”

We started the company because of a call from Burger King requesting the same customer service that they received from my team at McGunn Safe with true personal care.

To this day we believe that our customers should not have to pay for tech support (during regular hours) on a safe they bought from us. They paid for the safe and the support that comes with it and they should not have to keep paying over and over again. We even still provide tech support for McGunn products and other brands to regular customers of ours in many cases at no charge. Charging to talk to someone on the phone started in the computer and software field and some of the big safe companies said, “If they can do it why can’t we?”

We are considered a leading expert in the McGunn safe products and also stock all the electronics for them with newer upgraded software that has several new features that we developed. We are also proud to say we have developed a new keypad for all the McGunn Smart products that is rated at 1 million cycles per button. We offer codes for all the Smart McGunn products at far less than can be purchased elsewhere. We also offer a wide range of standard “B” rated safes and our own electronic safe used in the restaurant and convenience industry to choose from, at competitive prices.

For more information, call 1-877-768-9970 or e-mail [email protected]. Or visit the company in Booth 247 at ALOA.