Pro-Lok Electronic Safes

June 15, 2003

Pro-Lok has introduced two models of electronic safes: the GLSF-08 and the GLSF-10. These safes are manufactured of steel and contain a removable shelf. They are equipped with electronic combination locks, and the electronics and the battery compartment are within the safe body. In case of power loss, these safes are equipped with hidden, override mechanical key locks. The Pro-Lok Electronic Safes are California-approved firearm safety devices that meet the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088, which sets basic standard for all firearm safety devices.

The Pro-Lok Electronic Safes are constructed with 1/4" thick doors and 1/8" thick welded steel bodies. The doors are recessed into the front of the safe body, enabling the hinged portion of the door to extend beyond the face of the front. This configuration limits the possibility of the door being pulled from the hinge side. The electronic combination lock operates two 3/4" diameter chrome-plated locking bolts that extend almost 3/4" when the safe is locked.

The 12-button keypad contains 0-9 and the letters "A" and "B". The electronic lock can be operated using a three- to eight-digit combination. For most application, a five- or six-digit combination will provide a sufficient level of security.

Note: Using a six-digit combination gives 1 million possible combinations. When setting a combination, always use an independent set of numbers. In this way, the combination cannot be predicted from a birthday, anniversary, address or telephone number.

For the purpose of this article, we will operate the electronic combination lock of a Model GLSF-08 safe and change the combination. The factory default combination for the sample safe was "1-5-9". According to the instructions, when unlocking the safe door after entering the combination, press the "A" key. When locking the safe door after entering the combination, press the "B" key. When the correct combination has been entered, the yellow LED will blink twice and sounder will beep twice. When an incorrect combination has been entered, the yellow LED will blink rapidly and sounder will beep rapidly to indicate the lock will not operate.

To change the combination, unlock the lock, retract the boltwork and open the door. There is a red button on the hinge side of the lock case. Press the red button and the yellow LED will blink twice and remain on. The sounder will beep twice.

With the door open, enter the new three- to eight-digit combination. Then press the "A" key. The new combination has been programmed, and the previous combination will no longer be operable. With the door open, test the new combination three times, unlocking and locking to be certain combination operates.

The next step is to be certain the key override unlocks the safe. Two double-sided keys are standard with the safe. The override lock is located beneath the cover plate, mounted onto the center of the lock mechanism between the keypad and the bolt knob. To remove this cover, press down on the top of the cover using your fingers, and pull out to remove the cover. Beneath the cover are the four-wafer tumbler lock and a tag with a code. The paper code is a manufacturing code and will not provide key cuts.

Using the key to rotate the mechanical locking mechanism approximately 40 degrees counterclockwise permits the boltwork to be retracted by turning the bolt knob. Note: The key cannot be removed in the disengaged position.

If the combination cannot be remembered, the safe can be opened using the key override. Once the safe has been unlocked and the door opened, a new combination can be set. To set a new combination, press the red button and enter a new three- to eight-digit combination. Press the "A" key to set the combination. Try the combination at least three times with the safe door open to be certain the electronic combination lock operates properly.

The four "AA" batteries in the Pro-Lok electronic safes should be replaced once a year. The combination to the safe stays in memory even if battery power is lost. Should battery power be lost, open the safe with the key override lock. Carefully remove the cover by pushing in the direction of the arrows and lifting the cover off.
The instructions recommend occasionally lubricating the area of the locking bolts using a spray lubricant.

The Pro-Lok GLSF-08 safe weighs approximately 38 pounds.

NOTE: For security, recommend to your customers that the safe be secured into its environment. Two mounting holes and two anchor bolts are included with the Model GLSF-08. Alternative holes can be drilled into the back or top of the safe, depending upon the mounting application.

The Pro-Lok Electronic Safes GLSF-08 and GLSF-10 have approximately .6 and 1 cubic feet of interior space. The interior dimensions are:
Dimensions GLSF-08 GLSF-10
Width 13-1/2" 14-3/4"
Height 9-1/2" 11-1/2"
Depth 8-3/4" 10-3/4"

Both electronic safe models come with a key-operated, steel lock box, approximately 8" long by 6-1/2" wide by 3-3/4" tall. A removable plastic tray and two keys come with the lock box.

For more information contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Pro-Lok, 655 North Hariton Street, Orange, CA 92868. Telephone: 714-633-0681. Fax: 714-633-0470. Website:


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