Cannon Patriot Safes

Sept. 1, 2005
Patriot models P14 and P22 designed to provide burglary and fire protection.

People have more possessions today than ever before. We need safe ways to protect our valuables. In addition to valuables, for a variety of reasons we seem to be required to keep more paperwork. To protect these possessions, safe manufacturers are producing larger safes that provide protection against theft as well as fire.

The Cannon P14 has 14 cubic feet of storage space, and the P22 has 23 feet of storage space. These two Patriot model safes are designed to provide burglary and fire protection for your customer’s possessions. They are U.L. listed burglary safes with ETL Certified Fire Protection for 40 minutes at 1200 degrees. The Patriot safes are UL Burglary Rated to the residential security container standard. Intertek, ETL SEMKO division, is an independent testing facility with laboratories in 14 countries.

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The Patriot Series safes are equipped with one-inch steel composite doors, one-inch titanium nitrate-plated locking bolts, triple layer hard plate, and multiple relockers. The three layers of 60+ RC rated chrome-moly aircraft alloy hard plate provide protection for the locking mechanism. The door is hinged onto the body using truelock internal hinges that eliminate the need for exposed hinges. This configuration provides additional protection by using the rear portion of the door to resist forced removal.

The two Patriot models are the P14 and P22. The larger Cannon Patriot P22 safe is equipped with a lock and three-spoke handle to operate the boltwork. The P14 is equipped with a lock and a drop down handle. Lock choices for the Patriot Series safes include a Group 2 mechanical lock with key locking dial and spy-proof ring or a Type 1 electronic lock. The electronic lock options include Kaba and LaGard.

The container is 12-gauge unibody construction using multiple layers of type X Gypsum flat boards to provide fire protection. There are two type X Gypsum layers in the walls, and three layers in the ceiling. This non-combustible Gypsum material contains approximately 21 percent chemically combined water by weight that provides the fire protection.

To protect against smoke and heat damage, a triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal surrounds the door edge. This seal expands many times its size when exposed to heat, preventing internal damage by sealing the opening between the container and the door.

The interior walls of the safe are fully upholstered with adjustable upholstered shelving that can be converted from the basic configuration to accommodate the end user’s specific needs. The base configuration known as office is two full-width shelves and two half-width shelves. As an option, the base configuration can be converted to accommodate six or 14 long guns with a top full-width shelf and three half-width shelves. Long gun-specific shelving in the P22 safe can be converted to accommodate 28 long guns with a top full-width shelf. The P14 can accommodate 12 long guns.

The Cannon Patriot P14 comes in a matte green finish and is 22” wide by 59” high by 20” deep, weighing 470 pounds. The matte black finish Cannon P22 is 32” wide by 59” high by 22” deep, weighing 637 pounds. These safes come with predrilled holes for mounting the safe to the floor. In addition, there is a pre-drilled hole for an optional electrical dehumidifier.

NOTE: Both of the Patriot safes exceed the California Department of Justice approved “Gun Safe Standards” as per Title 11, Division 1, Chapter 12.6, § 977.50.

An important selling point is the free lifetime safe container warranty. In addition to defects in workmanship and materials, the Cannon Patriot safes are warranted against damage caused by fire, attempted break-in or actual break-in. Contact Cannon Safe Inc. for specifics.

For more information, contact Cannon Safe Inc., 216 S. 2nd Avenue, Building 932, San Bernardino, CA 924408. Telephone: 909-382-0303. Fax: 909-382-0606. Web site: