Product Spotlight: Safes & Safe Locks

Feb. 1, 2006
Safes and safe locks.


Adesco Safe Co., now part of the FKI Security Group, offers a wide range of residential, commercial and custom safes. The residential line includes the US Series one-Hour fire Safes, Composite Burglar and Fire Safes, Floor Safes and Utility Cabinets. Business safes include several models of deposit safes, composite burglar and fire safes, floor safes, bank-quality tool resistant safes and utility cabinets.

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A&B Safe

The newest product from A & B Safe Manufacturers, the Model WS-30-9, is a multi door safe for the control of currency in the retail store, food service market and many other cash-handling environments. This safe can be equipped with the traditional locking mechanisms, dual key locks and mechanical or electronic combination locks.

Also the safe can be equipped with the LaGard SmartLinc lock which can control all three doors and provide many levels of security and audit capabilities.

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The American Security Products (AMSEC) SafeWizard® Access Control System is a state-of-the-art electronic product for use in controlling and auditing access to safes. The SafeWizard continues to evolve with a fingerprint recognition reader, a card swipe reader, English or Spanish language options, IR port for easy audit downloads to a pocket PC and remote connectivity. Audits and administration can be managed remotely via network and / or modem connection.

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Fort Knox Security

New from Fort Knox Security Products is the Guardian Series with standard reinforced fire door. This addition nearly doubles the fire protection of the Guardian, moving it to 1680 degrees in 90 minutes. In addition to the reinforced fire door, features include patented star corner bolts, a 5 to 1 reduction rack and pinion multi-gear drive locking system and four-stage, and high luster baked acrylic urethane metallic finish. The precise production practices allow Fort Knox to offer a true lifetime warranty; which includes the Sargent and Greenleaf locks. Try our new Platinum Finish!

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Gardall Safe Corporation announces U.L. labels on Gardall model MS912 and larger microwaves safes. Gardall’s microwave safes feature center boltdown, U.L. labels and pull-out trays.

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INKAS Super Tuff

Inkas’ “Super Tuff” original composite burglary and fire resistive safe is designed for business and residential use, for those who need the right kind of protection without the intimidating size and cost of most high security safes.

Features include:

  • Similar construction to a TL-15
  • E-Rate body design
  • 1.5 inch steel bolt work
  • Sophisticated independent re-locking devices
  • Heavy duty adjustable hinges
  • U.L. Group 2 locks
  • Large “Drill Beater” hard plate to protect the lock and mechanism.
  • Full composite construction
  • Manufacturer rated 1 hour fire label

The “Super Tuff” represents 60 percent of INKAS high security safe sales. This product is used by the financial sector, government agencies, and jewelry stores.

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Perma-Vault’s laptop security safe features several locks including a Medeco locking system. Keys can only be removed in the locked position and keys cannot be copied. It is available with a removable core. A digital lock is an option.

Each unit measures 8 inches high by 14 inches wide by 16 inches deep. Features include:

  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Attractive powder coat finish
  • Pre-drilled holes permit bolting to any structurally sound surface
  • Recessed door for increased security
  • Foam padded insert for added protection of contents.
  • Can be stacked in any quantity or configuration

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S&G Biometric Keypad

Sargent and Greenleaf’s new biometric keypad is designed for a quick and easy retrofit upgrade to S&G electronic locks. It features top-mounted fingerprint technology for easy accessibility. Backlit LCD display makes set up and operation simple, even in low light environments. Set for Fingerprint or PIN code or fingerprint and PIN code access. External two-battery compartment makes battery changes a snap.

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Many years ago, the Mosler 302 lock was discontinued. This lock has two unique designs. First, the lock bolt retracts flush with the lock case and is often drilled and tapped to accept bolt work. The second is the drive cam has a ¼”x 28 thread, which is smaller than S&G, Kaba and LaGard. In many situations it would be much easier to replace this lock with a direct match, rather than trying to adapt another brand.

Because of this need, Lockmasters has developed the MOS302PKG. This lock package contains a Kaba Ilco three-wheel combination lock, which has a modified cam to allow the bolt to retract flush and is also drilled to accept bolt work. The package also contains the dial ring and dial with ¼”x 20 thread. As a bonus, if needed, a key locking cylinder and insert have also been included.

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The growing and competitive safe industry demands a safe that offers both burglary and fire protection, and a safe that is attractive and easy to deliver. The Gladiator fits this demand without sacrificing security.

The GLADIATOR features:

  • UL RSC rating
  • 1 ½ hour fire rating at 2192 F (1200 C)
  • 2 Hardplates
  • UL Group 2 combination lock
  • Spring loaded Relocker
  • 1 year warranty
  • Internal hinge and distinctive design

Three new models of Gladiator BF safes are available from Wilson Safe.

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There is a new addition to the PRO-LOK affordable electronic safe line. The GLSF-15 Laptop safe is ideal for dorms. as well as anyone who needs a wider safe door to fit most laptop computers inside.

The safe has two chrome bolts and an electronic push button combination that can easily be programmed and re-programmed in seconds by the consumer. The keypad comes with 4 AA batteries and for back-up, the safe is equipped with a key override lock. Another added feature is that 4-lockdown bolts are provided to aid in anchoring the safe to a stationary place. The outside dimensions are 17 ¼” x 17 ¼” x 10”.

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Kaba Mas

The Auditcon® family of electronic safe locks was developed to address the security requirements of a broad range of retail, commercial and industrial markets. Utilizing the award-winning PowerStar™ technology, the Auditcon’s security cannot be compromised by outside manipulation and provides unprecedented audit capability, making it an effective deterrent to internal theft.

The newly released Auditcon 2 Series locks offer improved serviceability, faster power-up, and uploadable programming. The Auditcon 2 Series locks will make securing your valuables easier than ever.

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