Selling Gardall Safes

July 1, 2006
Gardall's wall safes are designed to be inconspicuously concealed in the wall behind a hanging picture or mirror.

Studying the history of a corporation often makes interesting reading. At "," you can follow the fortunes of Gardall Safe Corporation from its beginning in approximately 1949 to the company we know today. Ed Baroody became president of Gardall in 1986. From a background as an accountant, he decided that he could help the locksmith community make money by selling Gardall safes. Today Gardall Safe Corporation sells safes through distribution in all 50 states and around the world.

During a recent meeting I asked Mr. Baroody for his suggestions on how a locksmith might get started in safe sales. He suggested that locksmiths could begin by stocking a line of economical Gardall wall safes. Almost every job call at a residence or small office can be a potential customer for a wall safe. Gardall wall safes are designed to be inconspicuously concealed in the wall behind a hanging picture or mirror. Wall safes are also easy to access because the safe is at eye level.

Outside dimensions of the economical line of Gardall model 1314 wall safes are 13 3/4" high, by 14 1/2" wide by 4" deep. The 1317 model wall safe (Photos 1 and 2) has the same height and width measurements, but the outer cabinet measurement is 5 1/2" deep. Both 1314 and 1317 wall safe models are available with a key-operated lock or with a combination of key operation plus a six-digit electronic lock. A solid set of three active bolts provides positive locking for all series 1314 and 1317 wall safe models. One inch flanges (Photo 3) surround the front surface of the wall safes to allow easier installation.

Gardall also sells two models of premium quality concealed wall safes. Outside dimensions of the SL-4000/F model (Photo 4) are 12 1/2" high, 14 3/8" wide and 4" deep. The SL-6000/F model (Photo 5) has the same outer dimensions but is 6" deep. The 4000 model is equipped with a mechanical combination lock while the 6000 model has an electronic keypad lock. Both models can also be ordered as an option with key-operated locks or without a flange.

Gardall also has a line of microwave style safes. These safes include anchoring hardware for securing to a floor or wall. Gardall microwave safes are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Horizontal model MS911 and vertical model MS119 models have a 12 1/2" outer depth dimension. Horizontal model 912 (Photo 6) and vertical model 129 (Photo 7) have a 15 1/4" outer dimension. All Gardall microwave safes carry a UL 1 hour label for fire and impact resistance. Other options include a dual security key and combination lock or a programmable electronic locking system.


Most wall safes are designed to be installed into one face of a wall structure without projecting outside the back surface of the same wall. This limits the depth of wall safes and can restrict the size of objects which can be secured inside.

The new Gardall flange system (Photo 3) can be quickly fastened onto the Gardall line of microwave safes. Flanges allow a microwave floor safe to be installed into a wall surface. Depending on the model, the 8 1/2" to 10 1/4" depth dimension inside a Gardall microwave safe allows larger objects to be secured in the safe and helps protect valuable papers in case of fire. All mounting hardware is included with the flange to simplify the installation. Usually the microwave safe can be installed in a closet or basement wall where the adjoining surface is unfinished and the depth of the safe cabinet is not an issue.


Gardall suggests that locksmiths ask their customers the following simple questions about their safe needs:

  • What will be the primary purpose for your safe? (Burglary, fire or both)
  • What size do you need? (Leave enough for growth)
  • Where will the safe be located? (Must be accessible if used regularly)
  • What type of locking mechanism do you need? (mechanical or electrical, time delay or multiple users)
  • Do you need a custom size or special interior? (Gardall can custom build a safe to your specific needs)

For more information contact your Gardall distributor, call Gardall at telephone 800-722-7233 or visit the web site