When You Think Safes, Think Hollon

April 5, 2010
Hollon Safe offers an extensive line of home safes, two-hour fire and burglary safes, two-hour fireproof office safes, data safes, depository safes, floor safes and wall safes, all sold through wholesale channels only.

One of the newer companies in our industry is Hollon Safe. They have built their reputation by providing good quality safes. Before the Hollon name is attached to each safe, the safe must undergo a rigid list of inspections. Their safe cabinets contain more locking bolts than most other safes to assure solid, secure locking. Extra large hinges are designed to provide years of trouble-free service.

Hollon Safes are designed with durability in mind. Each Hollon safe is required to meet the highest industry standards. The Hollon Safe website (www.hollonsafe.com) displays safe cabinet fire safety certifications from Korea, Russia, Norway, Sweden and UL in the USA. The protection of a customer’s assets is not taken lightly. All Hollon fireproof safes carry a lifetime warranty against fire. Quoting from the Hollon website, “We will gladly replace a Hollon safe that has been damaged by fire with the same or comparable model ....... Contact Hollon Safes for additional information or restrictions.”

Hollon Safe has recently opened a warehouse in Texas. This centrally located facility allows Hollon Safe to quickly ship product to both coasts. Most orders will be shipped within two days. Safes weighing less than 150 pounds are shipped via FedEx. Safes weighing over 150 pounds are shipped via various freight trucking companies.

The following is a breakdown of the safe models available, along with specifications. All weights are approximate.


Model HS-320E: Height 9”, width 13”, depth 8”, weight 79 lb

Model HS-340E: Height 9”, width 13”, depth 9”, weight 88 lb

Model HS-370E: Height 8”, width 14”, depth 11”, weight 121 lb

Model HS-510E: Height 14”, width 8”, depth 11”, weight 121 lb

These are the most favored safes by customers looking for a fire resistant safe for home or personal use. All home safes contain digital electronic locks & 1 hour fire rating.


Model FB-450E: Height 11”, width 14”, depth 13”, weight 242 lb

Model FB-685E: Height 21”, width 15”, depth 13”, weight 354 lb

Model FB-845E: Height 27”, width 15”, depth 15”, weight 440 lb

Model FB-845WE: Height 27”, width 22”, depth 27”, weight, 644 lb

Model FB-1054E: Height 35”, width 22”, depth 27”, weight 748 lb

Model FB-1505E: Height 53”, width 22”, depth 21”, weight 1012 lb

All 2 hour fire & burglary safes contain digital electronic locks.


Model HS-610E: Height 16”, width 12”, depth 12”, weight 176 lb

Model HS-750E: Height 21”, width 15”, depth 13”, weight 297 lb

Model HS-880E: Height 26”, width 17”, depth 13”, weight 374 lb

Model HS-1000E: Height 30”, width 17”, depth 14”, weight 440 lb

Model HS-1200E: Height 37”, width 20”, depth 18”, weight 572 lb

Model HS-1400E: Height 45”, width 20”, depth 18”, weight 704 lb

Model HS-1600E: Height 53”, width 24”, depth 18”, weight 902 lb

Model HS-1650E: Height 56”, width 38”, depth 18”, weight 1650 lb (double door)


Model HDS-750E: Height 16” , width 11”, depth 9”, weight 354 lb

These provide 1 hour fire protection for media products.


Model HDS-2014E: Height 10”, width 13”, depth 11”, weight 90 lb (front loading)

Model HDS-2014K: Height 10”, width 13”, depth 12”, weight 95 lb (key operated)

Model HDS-01K: Height 12”, width 6”, depth 8”, weight 42 lb (key operated)

Model HDS-01D: Height 12”, width 8”, depth 10”, weight 47 lb (dial lock)

Model FDD-3020EE (top compartment) : Height 19”, width 6”, depth 17”, weight 180 lb

(bot compartment) : Height 19”, width 11”, depth 17”

Model FD-3020E: Height 19” , width 18”, depth 17”, weight 175 lb

No drop safe or depository safe in the industry is fireproof due to the drop slot opening for the cash deposits. When the drop system is used correctly, a drop safe helps your customer protect both money and employees.


Model FS-B2: Height 16”, width 10”, depth 10”, weight 115 lb (Group II dial lock)

Model FS-B4: Height 18”, width 24”, depth 14”, weight 159 lb (Group II dial lock)

A floor safe gets its burglar proof from the door (drill resistant hard plate) and the rest is surrounded by concrete. The drill resistant hard plate is a plate of hardened steel such that no drill bit from the local hardware store can penetrate it. As a matter of fact, you can’t even scratch the surface with a normal drill bit.


Model WS-ADJ: Height 18”, width 10”

Model WS-D1: Height 19”, width 12”

Wall safe depths are adjustable.

It is important to remember that wall safes get most of their security from being hidden. Most wall safes are attached to wall studs. If your customers wants added protection, it is worth considering having it concreted in place.

The Hollon Safe website clearly states that they sell to wholesale customers only. For further information, contact Hollon Safe Company, e-mail [email protected], phone 888-455-2337, Web Site: www.hollonsafe.com