Real Estate Recovery Brings Opportunities for Home Security Upgrades

April 22, 2013
A new homeowner should always have their locks rekeyed once they move in and take ownership of the house. A locksmith can recommend upgrades such as high security locks or decorative locking hardware. Wall safes, alarms and home automation/surveillance systems are more options.

The home building industry is starting to revive as home sales increase and individuals start to make home purchases once again. Last week in an US News and World Report article, the chief economist Jed Kolko, for the real estate information site Trulia, states "This is the first spring season when the housing market is clearly in recovery."

Home ownership has always been a goal for most Americans. Whether building or purchasing new home, or buying an existing home a person should consider the security for the home. Security is many times overlooked or taken for granted. But, The Security Product Depot finds that a little time and consideration given to securing the home will pay huge dividends both when it comes to protection and resale value.

One of first items that come to mind is the home's alarm system. Although alarm systems are great, they only send an alarm when someonehas already broken into the house. The goal should be to prevent someone from ever breaking into the home. The best way to do this is to install high security locks on all the external doors. High security locks are designed to be pick and drill resistant. They are usually made of high quality steel and metal to provide a longer useful life and to be more reliable over time.

As it relates to locks and keys, the new home owner should always have their locks rekeyed once they move in and take ownership of the house. Moving into an existing house no one knows who has all the keys or if keys were given out to a maid, old boyfriend/girlfriend and never retrieved, or even if someone in the family made key that no one knows about. It is equally if not more important when moving into a new house to have the house's locks changed or rekeyed. The main reason being is that during the house's construction, many individuals have access to the house keys and no one knows who has what keys or if a construction work has kept or made keys.

When purchasing a new home consider the type of locks on the doors. External doors should have some type of deadbolt lock on the door in addition to the lever or knob locks. Deadbolt locks provide an extra layer of security making it more difficult for someone to break-in. Today there are many companies that make very nice decorative locks, deadbolts and door hardware that can really give the house a distinctive and unique look adding value to the house while still providing a high level of security.

Every home should have fire alarms throughout the house. Today most states and city municipalities requires a houses to have fire alarms. When purchasing a home the owners should check with their local fire department to find out the fire alarm requirements based on the house's size and design. Many times fire departments will even send someone out to the house to check and test the fire alarms. Just as important home owners should invest in at least one fire extinguisher. Like fire alarms, extinguishers should be test or expected annually.

Another home security feature that can really add value to the home as well make it more attractive from a resell value is wall safes and security cameras. Contractors and individuals building a new home should make these two items a must. They are inexpensive, but will provide the home owner a great deal of value both from a security and resell prospective. Besides adding value, wall safes add a certain mystique to the house. Plus, a wall safe can be easily installed just about anywhere in a house, a closet, a bedroom, or even in a main room behind a picture. Likewise security camera technology has become very economical, and provides a lay security that was not practical five or ten years ago. Today's security camera technology is very affordable and most offer advanced networking capability that allows the homeowner to view the house remotely with a smart phone.

As the housing market continues to recover the home buyer should consider the home's security to ensure a safe environment while protecting their investment. These recommendations will not only pay dividends when it comes to protecting the home, its owners, and the property within, but will pay dividends when selling the house.

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