Components of Door Security

Oct. 2, 2019
Keyways, deadbolts and standalones for added security

Ensuring the safe and secure access to buildings and spaces is of greater importance today than ever before. The safety of employees, customers, visitors, residents, or patients is directly related to the locks that are deployed in the building.

Products discussed include ABLOY deadbolts and the Abloy Protec system, Schlage deadbolts, Yale keypad exit trim, standalone locks from Codelocks, dormakaba and PDQ.


ABLOY USA deadbolts offer the highest security for critical infrastructure and other industries that need protection under the harshest conditions. Designed to meet and surpass the highest global standards, they feature the utmost in performance and reliability: case hardened steel cylinder housing with a 2” long bolt, 6 mm steel retaining screws, a rotating collar, reinforced steel strike box and a protective bolt shield.

Models with a standard or drive-in bolt include a double cylinder, single cylinder with thumbturn, and a single cylinder with a key lockable thumbturn, all with a key operated outside. The inside thumbturn can be locked with a proper key to ensure double cylinder security. UL listed (Burglary and a 20 min fire rating), these deadbolts fit 1-3/4” to 2-1/8” holes and are available in four standard finishes – Bright or Satin Chrome, Bright Brass PVD or Satin Brass.

The Abloy lockable thumbturn deadbolt is the best solution for many deadbolt installations.  It offers the security of a double deadbolt with the convenience of a normal single cylinder thumbturn deadbolt.  Most high security lock manufacturers try to accomplish this by selling 'captive key' deadbolts.  Captive key deadbolts generally are nothing more then a double sided deadbolt in which a key is left on the inside with a key head that looks like a thumbturn.  The major downside of this is the fact you have a working key sitting in the lock 24/7 which someone could possibly quickly borrow and make a copy of. 

The Abloy lockable thumbturn deadbolt is a far more elegant solution, being a true locking thumbturn.  It features a thumbturn on the inside like a single cylinder deadbolt and when it is in normal mode can be turned like a normal thumbturn deadbolt. 

You can then use the key to enable 'secure' mode in which it can no longer be turned by hand, completely disabling the inside thumbturn from effecting the deadbolt at all.  This allows it to function like a normal thumbturn when you are at home, but then at night or when you leave the house for an extended period of time, you can enable the secure mode to ensure it cannot be unlocked without the key.  

No matter if you have glass next to the door or a window nearby, the lockable thumbturn allows for peace of mind whenever you need it. 

The Abloy lockable thumbturn deadbolt has one other unique feature in the high security world in that it has no exposed inside screws.  The screws can only be accessed when the thumbturn is not in secure mode.  When the thumbturn is in secure mode it is impossible to remove the deadbolt from the door no matter where you have access.  

This feature along with the locking thumbturn also means that even if a burglar was able to get into your house he would not be able to open the door from the inside making it far harder for them to make off with your property as they would have to go back out the way the entered.

Abloy currently has two different systems of locks, the Abloy Protec2 and the Abloy Protec. 

The Emergency Key option allows us to specially key double deadbolts and lockable thumbturn deadbolts to make them better suited for residential or primary door environments.  An emergency key is a special key that will only open the lock from the inside, and not from the outside.   This way an emergency key can be kept near the door and in case of an emergency used to open the door to get out.  As the emergency key will only work from the inside, if it is lost you do not need to worry about someone being able to open your lock from the outside. 

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Designed for strength and durability, the Schlage B500 Series Grade 2 deadbolt  accepts every Schlage cylinder in the market, fits virtually every door application and enhances lock strength on the jamb side of the door.

Features and benefits:

  • ANSI A156.5, 2001 Grade 2
  • Available UL Listed for three-hour fire door
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Adjustable backset locks into place
  • Anti-pry shield protects latch from attacks
  • Metal dust box provides deep anchoring and added strength
  • Primary or auxiliary locking for commercial buildings; high-security locking for residential buildings
  • Accepts all three cylinder formats: Conventional, FSIC and SFIC
  • 11 finishes options to suite with most Schlage levers and knobs
  • Seven functions available, including keyless, single cylinder and double cylinder options

Schlage B600, B700 and B800 Series Grade 1 Deadbolts have long been the industry standard for tubular deadbolts. A wide variety of functions and choice of cylinders, including geographically exclusive Primus XP options, makes these deadbolts suitable for nearly any deadlock application.

Features and benefits:

  • ANSI/BHMA A156.5 Grade 1 certified with conventional cylinder
  • Ideal for high-traffic commercial applications
  • Solid sintered steel bolt with hardened steel anti-saw pin is thicker than most grade 1 deadbolt offerings
  • Anti-pry shield protects latch from attacks
  • Metal dust box provides deep anchoring and added strength
  • Open and restricted keyway options
  • Primus XP program geographic exclusivity (B700 and B800)
  • UL 437 listed option resists drilling and physical attack on the cylinder (B800 only)
  • Factory master keying available
  • ADA compliant thumbturn design

Schlage Everest 29™ keyways are restricted keyways with patent protection until 2029. Everest 29 key systems protect against unauthorized duplication two ways. First, key blanks are tightly controlled by Schlage to ensure access for only authorized dealers. Secondly, patent protection deters duplication of the design. They are available as both open and restricted keyways to give your customers the right level of security for every application.

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To think, it all started with the Simplex! With a streamlined design, the cost-effective, heavy duty dormakaba E-Plex 7900 is built for performance. The most versatile E-Plex model to date, it functions in standalone or wireless modes for cylindrical, mortise, and exit trim applications.

·        Proximity (125kHz)

·        MiFare

·        iCLASS Legacy

Integrated wireless access control features

  • Functions with Keyscan Aurora V or higher software.
  • Can be utilized in conjunction with E-Plex 3600/3700 and E-Plex 5600/5700 wireless locks.
  • New integrated RFID reader.
  • Less projection from door.
  • Integrated wireless antenna.
  • Batteries and wireless antenna on the secure side of the door.
  • Offers door monitoring capabilities.
  • Top mounted LED indicators.

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Codelocks has a full range of standalone access controls to suite many different applications and price points. They have great technical support, and installation tools such as drilling fixtures and jigs as well as door reinforcers (wrap-a-rounds) are readily available to make installing them a breeze even on worn doors by inexperienced installers.

Programming is also user friendly.

  • The Codelocks CL4000 range includes medium-duty locks with multiple functions and full size lever handles.
  • Fully programmable on the door via the keypad with a multiple range of functions making them particularly suitable for lighter use in office, health, educational, commercial and residential environments.
  • Up to 80 User Codes 4, 5 or 6 digits long
  • On door programming
  • Two options available
  • Allows up to ten one-time User Codes to be entered
  • Locked and unlocked LED indicator option
  • PVD low maintenance finish
  • Over 200,000 operations from 4 x AA cells (supplied)
  • Passage Function available
  • Connections for remote release by reception desk button
  •  Alarm release included
  • Lever or knob handle available
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Two year limited warranty

The CL4500 range of locks offers the Codelocks smart lock features but in a smaller, sleeker lock model.

The CL4500 lock range combines smart technology with traditional keypad and card access options suitable for a wide range of applications, from building managers to home rental owners. Utilizing Codelocks NetCode technology, the locks offer flexibility and convenience that enable businesses to recognize new levels of convenient access control without compromising on security.

Operate and manage locks directly via the keypad or via any Bluetooth compatible smartphone by downloading the K3 Connect App. Program locks via your smartphone, generate and send codes for easy access, issue smart cards for alternative entry, track and control via audit trail. The App is available on Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google PlayTM for AndroidTM devices by searching for K3 Connect.

The lock does not require Wi-Fi connection for operation. This significantly increases its potential for use in areas where Wi-Fi is unavailable or intermittent, adding to the benefits of this innovative product line.

The CL4500 range of locks provides flexibility and convenience by providing a range of access methods allowing you to choose the most suitable entry method for your application. Allow clients access via a simple code, allocate and register a MIFARE ® compatible card or send an invitation to their phone.

NetCode: Generate and send time-sensitive codes to end users using the K3 Connect App or NetCode portal. Set codes for a specific start date and time and that automatically expire after a set duration. Additional features include blocking NetCodes and setting Flexi NetCodes.

Controlled Code Free: Set the lock into Code Free mode (Passage Function) at fixed times of the day, reducing administration time and allowing users open access.

Audit Trail: Keep track on who, when and where the lock was accessed. Download and view the lock audit trail data.

The CL5000 range heavy-duty locks are designed for use in high traffic applications and  tested to Grade 2 ANSI A156.2/A156.25 standards.

The stylish design incorporates all the features of CL2000 and CL4000, in a larger, more robust assembly.

Unlike the other electronic locks, the CL5000 has a conventional 3x4 button keypad layout for instant familiarity, providing quick programming with a multiple range of functions, particularly suitable for use in health, educational, commercial and residential environments.


  • Allows up to 50 User Codes 4,5 or 6 digits long
  • On door programming
  • Allows up to ten one-time User Codes to be entered
  • Locked and unlocked LED indicator option
  • PVD low maintenance finish
  • Over 200,000 operations from 4 x AA cells (supplied)
  • Tamper time out and low battery warning
  • Passage Function available
  • Audit Trail Kit available
  • Connections for remote release by reception desk button
  • Alarm release included
  • Front change cylinder
  • IC Core Hub available
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Two year limited warranty*
  • UL/ULC Fire Rating 3 hours (when fitted with US fire kit)

The CL5500 range of locks provides flexibility and convenience by providing a range of access methods allowing you to choose the most suitable entry method for your application. Allow clients (users) access via a simple code, allocate and register a MIFARE® compatible card or send an invitation to their phone.

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An ideal upgrade to mechanical exit device trim in a variety of applications, the new Yale nexTouch Keypad Exit Trim offers key-free convenience to any commercial facility. Thanks to its patented adjustable mounting posts, the Yale nexTouch Keypad Exit Trim can be installed onto many existing exit devices, including competitor models, without any additional mounting hardware.

Just like the other nexTouch product platforms, customers are able to select from a touchscreen or pushbutton model, and upgrade to data-on-card or wireless technologies in multi-family or small business environments. Other standard features include:

  •  Voice-guided programming
  • Privacy mode with Door Position Switch
  • 9V battery backup
  • Support of up to 500 unique user codes

NexTouch exit trim is compatible with the following exit devices:

Arrow: 880

Corbin Russwin: ED5200, ED5200S

Dorma:  9300

Falcon®: 24, 25


Von Duprin®: 98, 99

Yale:  1800, 2100, 6000, 7000

Available finishes are satin chrome, dark bronze powder coat and black suede powder.


  • Easy Traffic Control: Engineered to provide an easy-to-use access control solution to protect your facility and personnel
  • Retrofit-friendly: Able to be installed in place of mechanical exit trim on many pushpad exit devices, including competitor models
  • Key-free Convenience: Reduces investment and maintenance costs associated with managing keys
  • ANSI/BHMA: Grade 1 certification ensures long life and reliability


  • Capacitive touchscreen or pushbutton keypad available, for tactile environments and ADA compliance
  • Patented adjustable mounting posts enable retrofit onto many exit device models without any additional hardware
  • Up to 500 user codes in keypad only operation
  • 9V battery power backup prevents lockout even if the batteries fail
  • Modular technology allows users to upgrade to data-on-card or wireless technologies as system requirements change and grow
  • Available in four finishes and three lever designs

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The pdqSMART-STP  Mobile Managed Stand-Alone Smart Lock provides simple and easy to deploy access control, powered by four AA batteries and managed through an app. Gone are the days of programing at the lock by pressing an absurd number sequence. This outdated and inefficient way of managing locks has been replaced by a simple and intuitive mobile app and secure encrypted Bluetooth communications. Everything is backed up in the cloud which provides the most comprehensive audit trail available on the market today, 365 days’ worth of events that includes filters and printed report features.

The locks fit standard prep, are easy to install, and don’t require any wiring. They are available in cylindrical, mortise, deadbolt, and exit device trim solutions. Multiple lever styles and colors allow you to find a solution that fits your application. Multiple keying platforms are supported ensuring you will be able maintain your existing keying. The mobile app makes it easy to share access with your users. You can turn any mobile smart phone or smart watch into a key, or you can opt to use the built-in keypad to use PIN access codes. All this functionality is delivered through a simple-to- use and easy-to-follow free mobile application that works on both iPhones and Android devices.

By adding an internet bridge, you can unlock doors remotely and receive notifications of the locks use. You can schedule access per user and define when users can gain access to your home or business. If you want to see what is happening at your door you can also add a NEST Camera or other 3 rd party video solutions. pdqSMART-STP also works with the leading Home Voice Automation systems like Alexa and Google Home.

Simple - Easy to deploy, easy to manage and administer – you just use an app. Simple software interfaces can be accessed through your mobile device or computer. Remotely add and delete users quickly.

Secure – PDQ Bluetooth solutions lead the industry when it comes to security. The full end-to-end system encryptions give users the peace of mind that their data is not seen by anyone. PDQ handles all ongoing security improvements for any and all emerging cyber threats.

Flexible – More than just a deadbolt. PDQ manufactures locking solutions to fit virtually every application. STP is upgradeable to a full access control system with no equipment change!

Smart – PDQ devices are smart like your mobile phone. They use advanced technology to deliver solutions to your fingertips. With over-the-air updates you don’t have to worry about them being obsolete.

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