Installation Tools

June 1, 2006
Our Product Spotlight showcases tools that will make those complicated installation jobs a little easier.

Lockmasters Pick Set
Lockmasters Inc.’s new pick set comes with a lifetime warranty. These pick blades are made of stainless steel and are held between blue anodized aluminum handles. This new style handle has a great grip with no rough edges. Picks and tension tools are neatly housed in a quality snap-over case. Set includes case, three hooks, four rakes, one diamond, one double ball and three tension wrenches. This set will be introduced at ALOA in Las Vegas.

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LAB Decoder
The LAB Decoder and Key Gauge for the Medeco Biaxial System is designed to perform several functions. First, its main function is enabling the Security Professional to distinguish the length, angle and skew of Medeco Biaxial Bottom Pins. Additionally, the LAB Pin Decoder enables the locksmith to identify Medeco master and driver pins lengths, fore and aft, key cut positions and determine key cut depths.

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A1 Bullseye
A1’s Bullseye Jig for cylindrical locksets offers a user-friendly method for the installation of cylindrical locks. No dedicated bits are required; just use standard hole saws right out of the box. The jig readily interchanges from 1 1/8 to 2 1/8” crossbore and includes a handy toggle for alternating between 2 ¾ and 2 3/8” backsets.

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Triplett “Chek-A-Cell”
TRIPLETT CORPORATION introduces the “Chek-A-Cell”, Sealed Lead Acid Battery Tester; Part Number 3276. The “Chek-A-Cell” Load Tests 6 and 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries with a 1-10 Amp Hour draw and displays measurements within 0.01 volts. The “Chek-A-Cell” is powered by the battery being tested and has a list of features including Polarity Reversal Indication and Protection, a large and bright LED display, an included padded Cordura Carrying Case, and a One Year Limited Warranty. The “Chek-A-Cell” is now shipping through authorized Triplett Distributors.

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Pro-Lok Killer Jig
PRO-LOK introduces the Killer Jig, a cylindrical/tubular lock installation tool – part number INJIG-KJ. The jig is made of aluminum with hardened bushings and a durable powder coating finish. Features include: easy-to-change backsets, versatility and ease of boring different size holes; soft rubber pads to protect the door, large comfortable knobs; quick change adapter which saves time when changing bits, heavy duty latch and strike plate markers; strike locator and spur bits all combined in a heavy duty custom carrying case. The 15-piece kit includes four strike-marking tools, a strike locator, a quick-change adapter, two multi-spur bits, an auger bit, four bushing plates and the jig body.

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Key Extractors
Lockmasters Inc. now offers four high-end key extractors. The thin and flexible designs allow you to lift pins and bite into the key bitting or side milling. These extractors feature the new “Blue easy grip no slip” handle. The extractor blades are constructed of spring steel and can be bent if necessary to help you enter the keyway. The New Blue Extractors will be introduced at ALOA in Las Vegas.

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SDC Door Core Drill Fixture
Tested by ITS/Warnock Hersey for field drilling, the SDC 7000-DF Door Core Drill Fixture provides the best method of wire preparation for fire-rated or non-fire-rated particle filled or solid wood doors to accommodate the installation of electrified mortise and cylindrical locksets, exit devices and power transfer hinges, while maintaining door integrity and rating. The 7000-DF Drill Fixture allows for drilling from the hinge side without removing the door from the frame. Installers may call for inspection of doors to be re-certified after drilling.

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HIT Speed Mortiser
Installing a mortise lock into a new natural wood finished door is time consuming and requires accurate measurements and exacting implementation. Using a mortiser tool simplifies the mortising procedure by controlling the cutting required for the mortise pocket. The Major Manufacturing HIT-38 Speed Mortiser can cut a 3/4”, 7/8” or 1” wide mortise, up to 4-1/2” deep, by approximately 6-3/4” tall. The HIT-38 Speed Mortiser is designed to create the mortise in 1-3/8” or 1-3/4” thick doors.

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HIT Drill Guides
To simplify the door preparation, improve the level of accuracy and save time, Major Manufacturing has developed a line of installation tools, jigs, and guides for installation of mechanical and/or electromechanical locks, as well as electric strikes in wood, aluminum and hollow metal doors and frames.

Some examples of locks that have an increased number of cross bore openings are the Schlage King Cobra KC5100 Series (use HIT-119 Drill Guide), Kaba Ilco 7000 Series (use HIT-107 Drill Guide), CODELOCKS 5000 (use HIT-134 Drill Guide), Securitron SABL (use HIT-133 Drill Guide), Kaba 660/760 Cylindrical Lock (use HIT -131 Drill Guide), and the Yale E5400LN eBOSS (use HIT -132 Drill Guide).

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Head Specs
If you can’t see it, you can’t impression it! Pro-Lok’s Multi-Purpose Head-Wearing Magnification Glasses with Dual Light Sources (Part# LT1240) provide four different magnifying choices and two lights, built all in one HEADSPEC. Just flip the lens of your choice in any combination to achieve the magnification level necessary for the task at hand. Magnifications available are: 1.8x, 2.3x, 3.7x & 4.8x.

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