ALOA New Product Spotlight

July 1, 2006
A roundup of many of the products that will be on display July 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

ALOA Booth 500
With the A1 Picking and Decoding System for GM double-sided locks, picking and decoding the traditional (75 groove keyway) ignitions is just about as quick as contacting GM for the code. Locksmiths can show off their technical expertise. Column mounted ignitions can be picked and decoded in three to five minutes while the in-dash ignitions take five to seven minutes. Circle 423

ALOA Booth 600
The newest addition to the A&B Safe Line is the WS-30-6 multi-door safe for the control of cash. This safe can be equipped with any of the following lock mechanisms or any combination of different locks: the standard dual key lock, mechanical combination lock, and all electronic locks including the LaGard SmartLinc which provides control of all three doors from one control module and audit capabilities. Two-door deposit safe (Model AB-6ML) is available as a separate unit and provides the convenience of a front drop to the bottom compartment of the safe. Circle 424

Advanced Diagnostics
ALOA Booth 1337
The new ADC 116 adapter from Advanced Diagnostics allows you to test the OBD2 port of a vehicle. The Pin 7 indicator light will let you know whether power is going to Pin 7 of the OBD2 port. There should not be any power on this pin as this is a communication pin for most Audis and Volkswagens. If Pin 7 lights up, something is mis-wired. Do not connect your T-Code. Power on the Pin 7 will damage your T-Code.

The OBD2 Power On indicator light will let you know right away whether there is a blown fuse on the OBD2 port and whether there is proper grounding through the port. Circle 429

American Auto Lock
ALOA Booth 1400
The BRM Prog Tool is a programming tool that allows the locksmith to originate or add new transponder keys to the BMW's, Range Rover's, and Mini Cooper's that use the EWS 2 and EWS 3 system without the need of computer or software. For a hands-on demonstration, check out American Auto Lock.Com booth 1400. Circle 428

Adams Rite
ALOA Booth 704
The Latch Pull pull handle for narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum doors offers enhanced flexibility and durability. Its smooth, one-handed operation is comfortable and easy, and heavy duty construction allows it to withstand high levels of traffic. The Latch Pull can be set to lock after each activation or to remain latched but unlocked, and an electrified version integrates easily with electronic access control systems. Circle 425

Alarm Lock
ALOA Booth 108
Alarm Lock Systems, Inc. announces the Narrow Stile line of Trilogy® Access Locks which feature aluminum door retrofit outside trim for Adams Rite® latch locks. The DL1200 Series contains an all-metal, vandal-resistant 12-button keypad which supports 100 PIN codes, is fingertip/keypad programmable and includes 2 lithium 3V batteries. These non-handed locks are fully field reversible, can operate in extreme temperatures, include a key override and are available in four standard finishes. Circle 426

ALOA Booth 1106
The StrikeIt Panic Device Power/Controller Product Series is designed to handle the high power surge required to drive one or two 24VDC panic devices that have large in-rush current requirements (up to a max of 16 amps for 300ms ea.). The supervised lock outputs incorporate a programmable timed release feature ranging from 300ms to 30 seconds. The unit features programmable fire alarm (FACP) disconnect. StrikeIt includes both 12VDC and 24VDC aux. outputs for powering access control accessories. Two form "C" follower relays and an additional two delayed form "C" relays which follow the lock outputs are provided for activation of automatic door operators. Onboard circuitry provides for standby battery charging. Circle 427

ALOA Booth 301
CLIQ Technology offers software to interface with your computer and the programmer to keep track of all functions of the cylinders and keys. The Lock Chart shows the basic screen with the serial numbers keys on the left and the Cylinders on the right. The intersecting squares show the status of the key and cylinder. The Cylinder Audit trail chart shows the date and time a CLIQ key was inserted into the cylinder and the action the cylinder took with that key. This chart holds 250 transactions and drops off the oldest transaction once cylinder reaches 1,100 transactions in its memory. The Key Audit chart shows the date and time for every CLIQ cylinder the key was inserted into and the action the cylinder took when it received this key. This chart holds 250 transactions and drops off the oldest transaction once cylinder reaches 1,100 transactions in its memory. Circle 431

Arrow Lock
ALOA Booth 301
Arrow Lock and Door Hardware introduces the JL Series Interconnected Lock. Offering safety and style, the JL Series is specifically engineered for multiple dwelling applications. It is designed to meet Grade 2 requirements, UL Listed, and ADA compliant and easy to install–no mortising. The deadbolt and lever lock provide independent function outside – while the inside lever is always free and retracts deadbolt and dead latch for panic-free egress. Circle 430

Auto Tech
ALOA Booth 237
Auto Tech Security Systems introduces the Code Wizard, a device that stores digital fixed codes without the use of a computer or telephone connection. When used with the AT-888 cloning tool, it will generate fixed codes for hundreds of remotes. A simple three-step procedure takes less than five minutes to complete. The dealer retrieves the code from the Code Wizard, programs a new AT-555 clonable remote and then programs the remote to the customer's vehicle. Circle 432

Corbin Russwin
ALOA Booth 301
The same photoluminescent technology that helped guide World Trade Center survivors to safety is now available in a touchbar cover option for Corbin Russwin's ED4000 and ED5000 exit devices. Illuminated by exposure to ambient light, PathLite requires no wiring and provides a sustained visible glow. PathLite meets NYC building codes for exit path markings in buildings over 75 feet. Fire and vandal-resistant, PathLite offers a cost-effective life safety solution that is ideal for existing buildings. For information, visit Circle 437

ALOA Booth 725
Developed at the request of institutional and industrial users of four-dial combination padlocks, the Super Sesamee™ is a 4-dial all brass body Sesamee® padlock which has been super-sized for the industrial world. The Super Sesamee features a 7/16" Chrome Plated Molybdenum shackle available with 1" and 2" inside vertical shackle clearances, and with the body completely encased in a hardened steel full metal jacket which has been E-Coated for complete weather resistance. These two locks are the K636 and K637 respectively.

In addition, the new Super Sesamee series features the K646 model, a Super Sesamee with a full Shrouded Shackle for additional protection against bolt-cutters, saws and grinders. The highly protected K646 model has a 1" inside vertical shackle clearance. Circle 434

ALOA Booth 221
The CompX eLock® refrigerator kit is a keyless, standalone electronic access control system for cold storage. Each CompX eLock® comes with 250 user codes and a rolling audit trail of the last 1500 access attempts.

The eLock is available in five models with three access modes – PIN, magstripe track 2, and HID proximity. Circle 436

ALOA Booth 1231
The new CL460 narrow stile lockset is a mechanical lockset designed to work on narrow stile doors. Initially available for the Adams Rite latchbolts, a deadbolt version is planned for the near future. The CL460 is available with compliant levers or knobs with through-bolt trim, in PVD stainless steel finish only. The CL460 includes a standard mortise cylinder for key access and keypad lockout functions. Circle 435

ALOA Booth 833
The new VERSA key machine is a computerized code cutting key machine that cuts high security and dimple keys as well as engraves on the head of the key. A heavy duty locksmith's utility machine, the VERSA is equipped with four standard jaws that are designed to accurately position keys for automatic set-up and identification by decoding the original key and converting it back to manufacturer specifications.

Using specific tools, the VERSA customizes metal head keys with a variety of graphic and text styles according to a large selection of customer requests.

The VERSA achieves high quality cutting and fast duplication due to the industrial-type spindle that operates at 28,000 RPM. For dimple keys, VERSA produces a 3D cut through 3-axis interpolation. The machine includes two carbide cutters; a 2.5mm for car keys and the second with a cutting tip of 90 degrees for cylinder keys. Circle 433

D&D Technologies
ALOA Booth 1213
Featuring dual 6-pin security cylinders, the stylish new Z-Lokk Magnetic Gate Lock is made from tough engineering polymers and 316-grade stainless steel components, making it rust-free. Installation of this magnetically triggered latch is simple, without milling, hole-drilling or welding. The Z-Lokk can be adjusted ½" vertically and horizontally at any time. Two models fit picket-style gate frames 1"-1 5/8" and 1 ¾" – 2 ½". Limited Lifetime Warranty. Circle 438

ALOA Booth 1013
Detex Corporation, through an OEM agreement with MAXxess Systems, Inc., will offer its customers a new high-level of electronic access control and integrated door security systems. This partnership will allow Detex to provide DTX 3000 Series components with AXxess Express and AXxess Lite software for the 1 – 30 door access control and integrated door security systems market. Circle 439

ALOA Booth 231
The S-DS and S-IS Spring Assist Arm Systems from DORMA Architectural Hardware prevent the doors from slamming into an adjacent wall, which could damage the wall, door closer or other hardware on or around the opening. By minimizing the collateral effects of high volume or abusive pedestrian traffic through doors, the system can reduce operation and maintenance costs. Circle 440

ALOA Booth 1321
Do you want low cost keys, fewer SKU's, and less inventory? ESP is bringing innovation and low costs back to the locksmith market. ESP introduces the Value Pack, targeted to reduce the costs for locksmiths and distributors. The Value Pack is a mix of high volume keys, and frequently used locks put together in a single box and available for direct shipment. Circle 441

Adesco / FireKing
ALOA Booth 911
Now a member brand of the FireKing Security Group, Adesco Safe's product line has been expanding dramatically, and now includes: TL15 and TL 30 composite safes, fireproof file cabinets, cash handling safes, and gun safes. Circle 442

Folger Adam
ALOA Booth 301
Introducing the 742-75, an industrial grade electric strike that works with all of today's most popular mortise locks, including the Yale 8800. Fire rated for both single (3 hour) and double (90 minute) openings, with Grade 1 strength and UL 1034 burglary resistance, the 742-75 delivers the quality and durability you've come to expect from Folger Adam EDC. Circle 443

ALOA Booth 733
Genericode Me is packed with more features, codes, and technical information than ever before. More than just a code retrieval system, Genericode allows you to view car opening information, has a "fill" program which generates progressions for vehicles, and contains a complete key blank cross reference, all in one program! If you aren't happy with your current code program, inquire about our trade-in program. Circle 444

Herald Datanetics
The HFD113S is a stand-alone, battery operated, fingerprint (FP) door lock designed for small offices. Unlike conventional locks, it uses the touch of a registered fingerprint to unlock the door instead of keys or cards, which can be stolen or copied.

Features include:

  • Uses HFP113 programming kit for lock setting & FP management
  • UL listed, Grade 2, cylindrical latch with deadlatching and adjustable BS
  • 7 pin tumbler cam lock for emergency key mechanical over-ride
  • Solid zinc alloy die cast design, easy retrofit installation in most doors
  • Each user can select to enroll one or two fingerprints templates
  • 20 programmable time-zones for user restriction or free ingress mode
  • Built-in real time clock with battery back-up
  • FP template transfer function for transfer of FP's to multiple locks
  • Access events log can be printed out directly to printer (no PC required)
  • Optional PC connection kit to export audit trail events to (.xls) format
  • Available in US3, US4, US10A, US15, and UD26D finishes

Circle 446

Gardall Safe
ALOA Booth 1031
Gardall Safe Corporation introduces insulated wall safe Model WMS912-G-E, which has a U.L. 1 hour fire rating with the added mounting flange for easy installation into a wall. Great for closets, or hidden walls in the house, the safe comes in two sizes with electronic locks or mechanical lock with key. Circle 445

ALOA Booth 301
Designed with the installer in mind, the HES 5200 Series raises the standard in adaptability for electric strikes. Offering features such as an all new innovative approach to in-frame horizontal adjustability; the electric strike is the perfect fit for multiple applications. The field selectable fail secure/fail safe unit is easy to install and accommodates 3/4" latchbolts. Circle 447

Jet Keys
ALOA Booth 112
World of FAITH blanks featuring Pope John Paul II are now available as a set consisting of a brass key tag and Cross Key Blank. The key blank has the Cross punched through it. The keys are available in KW1, SC1 and WR5-PJP. The key tags are also available as a secondary item.

Also new are World of Entertainment blanks with the "Simpsons" ® in our "Big Bow" flip series, large enough to really see the characters. Jet now offers our industry "Spoo-Keys" - keys for the world of fantasy. Blanks are available in KW1/KW11 and SC1-756 through 760. Circle 448

Kaba Access Control
ALOA Booth 101
Kaba Access Control introduces the E-Plex 2000 series to its E-Plex brand of electronic access control. The E-Plex 2000 is an economical solution for access control combining the strength, simplicity and reliability of our industry leading Simplex locks with the enhanced security and convenience of electronic access control.

The E-Plex 2000 has 100 access codes. It is programmed at the lock keypad without using any software. Installation is quick and easy as there are no wires to, or through the door, eliminating the risk of damage from pinched wires. Circle 449

King Cobra by Schlage
ALOA Booth 201
Schlage King Cobra 2 and SNAP programmer takes access control management to a whole new level - a simpler one. Schlage KC2 Locks deliver enhanced mechanical and electronic lock performance. They are battery powered delivering 80,000 cycles and can be programmed directly at the lock keypad or by using the new, intuitive Schlage SNAP programmer. Capacity is up to 1000 users and audits.

iButton credential reader allows for increased security by taking access beyond a simple pin number. Vandal resistant lever resists abuse. Full mortise cylinder allows for re-keying into any existing master key system. Circle 450

Lucky Line
ALOA Booth 104
The best way to organize multiple keys for people who prefer to carry the keys with them—apartment managers, property managers—is by using the Lucky Line File-A-Key system. The binder includes three File-A-Keys, labels and tags. Circle 455

Kustom Key
ALOA Booth 1011
At ALOA 2006, Kustom Key is featuring Prograde, a new line of entry locks. Affordably priced for the Locksmith Professional, these locks have been receiving excellent reviews for dependable quality and easy to rekey cylinders. Currently, Prograde offers traditional style Grade 2 Locksets, including a lever set, as well as Grade 3 Residential Locksets. All are available in a variety of popular finishes and keyways. Circle 451

Lab Security
ALOA Booth 724
LAB's new Smart Wedge is 40 percent smaller in width (13 ¼ x 10 ½) than all of LAB's current Universal MOBILE series pin kits and features a side slide out tool drawer designed to keep the pinning work area open. Available in .003 and .005 universal pin increments, the kit features an "injection molded" insert tray with deeper pin pockets that can hold over 200 pins of a size and extra large spring pockets which can hold over 250 springs. A large tool pocket is located next to the pins on top of the tray for easy work access. Bolder and extra large pin identification is printed below the pin pockets. This kit holds the most commonly used sizes for all the major domestic lock manufacturers including three common sizes of spool pins, (J160, J165 and J180) and the new Schlage "F" series cylinder "T" pins and springs. The kit will also feature LAB's new "tangle resistant" .115 long and .115 short universal springs. The Smart Wedge Passport Pin Chart® contains updated pinning information and features larger print for easy use. Circle 452

ALOA Booth 1110
LA GARD introduces its Biometric safe lock, SMARTPOINT. Utilizing Light Emitting Sensor Reader technology, the Biometric feature will be incorporated into our SMARTLINC™ product line.

By matching the Biometric feature with the SMARTLINC product line, LA GARD offers up to 10 Users (including Master and Manager) in a five (5) lock system, audit trail, lock bolt status monitoring, dual code, and dual fingerprint access. By removing the need for the additional key as a way of recognition, multiple drivers from the armored services will be able to enroll in the system for ease of cash pick-up. Circle 453

ALOA Booth 701
Lockmasters Inc. introduces the first pick set with a lifetime warranty. These pick blades are made of stainless steal and are held between blue anodized aluminum handles. This new style handle has a great grip with no rough edges. Set includes case, 3 hooks, 4 rakes, 1 diamond, 1 double ball and 3 tension wrenches. Circle 454

ALOA Booth 1506
At ALOA, WiLife will debut its new weatherproof Outdoor Camera for the LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance System. This camera allows users to mount surveillance cameras outdoors, while utilizing the same easy set up as the indoor cameras.

LukWerks is a digital video surveillance system that can be installed in 30 minutes or less and does not require coaxial cable runs, wireless networks or static IP addresses. It extends revenue opportunities for locksmiths by offering affordable video surveillance hardware, software and hosted services for homes and small businesses. The system includes smart cameras, powerful software for monitoring, recording and sending e-mail alerts with attached pictures or video files, and free remote viewing of cameras via the Internet and mobile devices. Circle 456

Major Manufacturing
ALOA Booth 1212
Don't have three hands? Then use our CCT-100 cylinder capping tool when keying Corbin and Russwin interchangeable cores. Once the cylinder is loaded, place the brass cover strip on top. The spring loaded top plate will hold everything in place while all keys are checked. If everything is correct, just tap the plate with a mallet to secure it in place. Adjustable for 6 and 7 pin cylinders. Circle 458

Maxcess Card Systems
ALOA Booth 1206
Never again re-pin cylinders and cut new keys. Just walk to each lock, insert and remove the XTRONIC Re-Mastering Card and you instantly lock out the lost Master. That's the ONLY card you replace. MAXCESS CARD SYSTEMS will introduce the patented XTRONIC and their stainless steel cards here at ALOA. Circle 460

MAG Manufacturing
ALOA Booth 610
MAG Manufacturing has added three finishes to its line-up of door reinforcers: Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antique Pewter. In addition, MAG is offering an alternative to the current industry standard brass material. With the aggressive rise in brass prices, product costs are drastically increasing. In an effort to provide competitive pricing and a quality product, MAG has implemented numerous strength tests on aluminum vs. the brass. This testing has revealed that aluminum is just as strong as brass, holds the finish better, is lighter weight, easier to install and costs less. Circle 457

Marks USA
ALOA Booth 927
Marks USA introduces the IQ_KK Series Double Sided Keypad, programmable by keypad or with the i-Dat and your PC. The double sided keypad access control system has a 16 digit tactile metal keypad, heavy duty cast housing and is backed by our lifetime mechanical and electronic warranties. The IQ_KK Series features 320 users and 1600 event audit trail and can be upgraded in the field to 3000 users. Circle 459

ALOA Booth 301
Medeco High Security Locks introduces a proximity head for keys with upgradeable heads. The MP (Medeco Proximity) key head contains 125 kHz proximity technology from HID® and will work with all new and installed 125 kHz proximity readers made by HID.

The MP dual function key bridges the gap between an electronic system and standard mechanical locking systems. A high security or key control cylinder in an electronic system ensures protection against unauthorized bypass of the system through the use of a key. The validity of an electronic audit trail is enhanced by controlling the threat of unauthorized mechanical access.

No programming changes are necessary to an installed system other than adding credentials since the MP key is simply an addition to the fobs or cards currently in use. This credential may be used with Medeco high security and key control keys including Original, Biaxial, Medeco3 and KeyMark keyways. Circle 461

Olympus® Lock
ALOA Booth 424
Olympus Lock, Inc. announces the new 729R Series small format IC core ratchet lock for glass or wood doors. The 729R ships standard with strap for 3/16" to 1/4" material. An optional strap for 3/8" material is available. This lock provides true ratcheting function and will accept standard small format IC cores such as BEST, ARROW, FALCON, KSP, etc. Circle 463

ALOA Booth 301
The SARGENT Profile Series v.N1 lock is the latest addition to the SARGENT Profile Series line of access control products.

The lockset integrates into existing open architecture Wiegand access control systems, giving end users the ability to easily expand their system with a simple panel interface board and no additional software. The deadbolt, latchbolt, request to exit and door position switches are internally mounted, a design that conceals and protects the switches. The internally mounted switches require less wiring and less hardware to specify and install, creating an opening that is more secure. The v.N1 is available on SARGENT's 8200 Series mortise lock, 10 Line cylindrical lock and 80 Series exit device. Circle 468

ALOA Booth 301
Introducing three innovative improvements to Mul-T-Lock's popular G-Series padlock line: a weather-resistant jacket to protect the G47 and G55 padlocks from harsh weather elements, #2 shackles that offer larger clearance measures for both, and an entirely new addition to the G-Series line; the new Marine G-Series padlock is equipped with a stainless steel shackle to resist corrosion in marine environments. Circle 462

ALOA Booth 1209
Perma-Vault Safe Co. is the largest manufacturer of cash management drop boxes. Product line includes Drop Box, Depository, In Ground, In Wall and "B" rate configurations to fill all requirements, as well as a complete line of Hotel safes, Lap Top Security, Through Wall Safes. Custom requirements have been our specialty since 1978. All products made in the USA. Available through your authorized Perma-Vault distributor. Circle 465

ALOA Booth 924
ROFU International Corp. introduces its innovative mushroom Push Button product line. The ROFU 9450 Series Push Button comes in red with "Exit" silk-screened while the ROFU 9470 Series Push Button comes in blue with the "Handicapped Logo" silk-screened. Both products come with 1-5/8" diameter button and are available standard with a heavy-duty single gang faceplate with both normally open and normally closed momentary switches which are UL Listed. Circle 467

Schlage Kryptonite
ALOA Booth 201
Responding to requests from our customers, Kryptonite by Schlage announces that four new 2' and 4' length locking cables are now in stock and ready to ship.

Commercial Grade Locking Cable Features:

  • Vinyl coating protects steel from weather exposure and protects locked property from nicks and scratches
  • Braided steel is stronger and has more steel per square inch than twisted steel cables for greater cut resistance
  • Die cast zinc locking head increases security against physical attack
  • Dust cover protects keyway from external contaminants
  • Available in conventional key-in-knob or SFIC cylinder formats
  • 5/8" diameter cables available in three cable lengths – 2', 4', 6'
  • ¾" diameter cables available in 6' length only

Circle 469

Schlage Vandlgard
ALOA Booth 201
Schlage's Vandlgard option is available on the L-Series Mortise locks-the first clutching mechanism available on a mortise lock. Available in 22 different trim options, the Vandlgard feature is ideal for any door that is subject to vandalism or abuse. The unique features of Vandlgard prevent damage to internal lock components caused by excessive force from persons kicking, hitting or standing on the lever to gain access. Vandlgard functions maintain total key system. Circle 470

Pacific Lock
ALOA Booth 513
Coming to the ALOA show in July? Be sure to stop by Pacific Lock's booth to pick up your free ALOA 50th Anniversary PACLOCK. Circle 464

ALOA Booth 427
The battery powered SDC E72 EntryCheck™ retrofits existing lock preps in minutes. Keypad or PC managed, SDC E72 EntryCheck™ features include keypad or HID compatible Prox card credentials, 32 to 3000 user codes, 99 user groups, 1800 scheduled events and holidays, and event audit trail capability. Programming and event history for 200 locksets are transferred via hand held data transmitter. Models include exit device interface and cylindrical or mortise locksets with standard cylinder and I-Core capability. Circle 471

Steck Mfg.
Steck Manufacturing's BigEasy "Glo" #32955 and Public Safety #32911 kits are quick and easy to use, in most cases within 60 seconds the door is open.

The BigEasy and its Easy Wedge open doors from inside the window and reduce liability issues with traditional lockout tools, which have the potential to disable wiring systems inside the door panel and/or causing side airbags to deploy. Kits are available at most supply dealers. Circle 474

Form and function combine in this new e*Tag® ET8-WTD contactless smart card reader. Designed to mount into a standard electrical box and use a Decora-style faceplate, this e*Tag reader is discreet and stylish. Available in white and ivory. This reader works with DES-encrypted cards and key tags from Secura Key, but can also read any ISO 15693 RFID tag. The industry-standard Wiegand output makes this reader compatible with most access control systems. For information:, (800) 891-0020. Circle 472

ALOA Booth 301
The surface mount GL1 electro-mechanical gate lock is designed to secure a wide variety of electrically or manually operated vehicle and pedestrian gate applications. GL1 features a tamper-proof cast aluminum housing, hardened steel latch, automatic dual voltage, 2000 lbs. of holding force and operates with up to 100 lbs. of preload. The self-aligning receiver adjusts one-half inch vertically and horizontally to compensate for gate misalignment and sag. GL1 is available in fail safe or fail locked versions. Circle 473

ALOA Booth 121
Strattec Security Corporation has released the new series of transponder keys for 2006 and 2007 General Motors vehicles. These new keys, with a circle plus on the blade, are designed to transmit a stronger RFID signal for better overall performance. The offset position of the transponder in the head of the keys maximizes the RFID signal strength by placing it closer to the ignition signal.

To order the Chevrolet (Part No. 692931), GMC (Part No. 692932), Cadillac (Part No. 692933), Pontiac (Part No. 693121) or Buick (Part No. 693126) keys, contact your authorized Strattec distributor. Circle 475

ALOA Booth 301
The 4801 surface mount strike was designed for the Yale Squarebolt and Corbin Russwin Securebolt. Features include built-in electronics that automatically allow 12 through 24 AC/DC with kick-back and surge protection, 3000+ lbs. holding force, 1,500,000+ lifecycles, field selectable fail safe/fail secure, one solenoid mechanism, unique four-point anchoring system. Spacer plate included. Circle 476

Von Duprin
ALOA Booth 201
Von Duprin introduces the XP98/99 Rim Exit device. This revolutionary advancement, with its patented "smart latch bolt" design, raises both the security and safety capabilities for exit device openings. This unique design delivers the highest level of static load force resistance, an industry measurement for protection from abusive attack. These design advancements provide lower operational forces on both loaded and unloaded door conditions. This device can is most valuable where door security has been compromised by pull-force attack or where door latching is weakened by deterioration frame conditions. Circle 477

ALOA Booth 301
The new Yale 4800LN Interconnected Lockset offers an excellent choice for assisted living facilities, high-rise apartment buildings, offices and other medium-duty commercial applications where a cost-effective, easy-to-install lock is desired. The 4800LN allows for quick and easy egress, as the latchbolt and deadbolt retract simultaneously with a simple, single motion of the lever handle. Circle 478

ALOA Booth 500
A1's Bullseye Jig for Cylindrical Locksets offers a user-friendly method for the installation of cylindrical locks. No dedicated bits are required; just use standard hole saws right out of the box. The jig readily interchanges from 1 1/8 to 2 1/8" crossbore and includes a handy toggle for alternating between 2 ¾ and 2 3/8" backsets. Circle 479

ALOA Booth 833
The Bianchi Laser 994 is a code-cutting machine designed for fast and reliable cutting of high security automotive keys. The 50 lb. 994 features a compact one-piece cast iron body with an attached console and works as a stand alone unit with a complete database built-in, eliminating the need for an external computer. The large touch-screen display is user-friendly with on screen step-by-step instructions, images of keys and cuts and a password protection feature. Circle 480

ALOA Booth 725
The newly patented SearchAlert® Combination Lock with the Green-Red security window is now available with a heavy duty shackle from Illinois Lock/CCL Security Products. The new SearchAlert Case Lock features the patented Security Window which distinguishes the SearchAlert family of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recognized and accepted locks from other TSA products. Circle 481

LAB Pins
ALOA Booth 724

LAB's patent pending Pin Decoder is designed to easily identify and sort Medeco® Biaxial® bottom pins according to length, angle and skew. Medeco Biaxial bottom pins are designed to configure into 36 different positions making them extremely difficult to identify once they have been removed from factory packaging or a pinning kit. Circle 482

Medeco Gator
ALOA Booth 301

Medeco's Gator is a strong, weather resistant padlock that can be used with mechanical or electronic cylinders. The Gator's body is constructed of solid stainless steel, and can be specified with either stainless or hardened steel shackles. Users can select either a high security mechanical cylinder, or an electronic cylinder that adds access control and audit features.

The patented Medeco3 mechanical cylinder helps ensure that keys are only cut by authorized service centers, and only given to approved individuals. The NEXGEN® electronic cylinder stores an electronic record of every opening, and only grants access to specific keys based on time and date. The electronic cylinder does not require any wiring or batteries, making it suitable for remote locations such as gates and storage containers. Security Managers can program a NEXGEN key with a daily activation schedule and expiration date. The daily schedule prevents a key from being used outside of normal working hours, while the expiration date reduces the threat posed by lost or stolen keys. Circle 483

ALOA Booth 701

Lockmasters Inc. now offers four high end Key Extractors. The thin and flexible designs allow you to lift pins and bite into the key bitting or side milling. These extractors feature the new "Blue easy grip no slip" handle. The extractor blades are constructed of spring steel and can be bent if necessary to help you enter the keyway. Circle 484

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