2010 Locksmith Ledger Editorial Index

Jan. 5, 2011

This reference is issued as a continuation of the annual Locksmith Ledger Editorial Index. The listings cover the material that was published in the Locksmith Ledger during 2010. The purpose of this section, as well as previous supplements, is to provide the key to locating the material that has appeared in back issues of the Locksmith Ledger. When used with previous indices, references can be made to issues from December 2010 back to August 1946.
Our Index is divided into four major sections: Technical, Hardware, Products and General. Then each major section is further divided by topic. After each listing, the month and page number are included.


2011 Auto Update by Steve Young Aug 88
2011 Ford Using 80 Bit Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 58
2011 Polaris/Arctic Cat Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 58
Accureader: A New Reader Design by Edward Brooks Dec 34
Advanced Diagnostics Update by Tony Presidio Oct 58
Bianchi Integrates 884 & Cloning by Jerry Levine Aug 36
Cloning Keys With Bianchi 884 by Jerry Levine Dec 10
Cloning Keys with Ilco RW4 EZ-Clone by Jerry Levine Aug 22
Dealing With Ign Pin Retainers by Steve Young Jul 51
Ease Transponder Programming (Locksmithing etc.) Jul 60
Givi Saddlebag Lock Information (Locksmithing etc.) Jun 62
Opening ‘06+ Fusion/Milan by Jerry Levine Dec 55
Opening A 91+ BMW 3 Series by Jerry Levine Jul 60
Opening A ‘94+ Mercedes C Class by Jerry Levine Sep 65
Opening A Subaru Impreza by Jerry Levine Jun 65
Opening An ‘03+ Chevrolet SSR by Jerry Levine May 52
Opening An ‘03+ Honda Element (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 64
Opening An ‘05+ Dodge Dakota Mar 74
Opening An ‘06+ Missubishi Eclipse Feb 63
Opening An ‘07+ Toyota FJ Cruiser by Jerry Levine Aug 91
Opening An ‘09+ Corolla by Jerry Levine Oct 75
Opening Dodge Ram Pickups by Jerry Levine Nov 60
Servicing A 2008 Saturn Astra Jun 48
Servicing A 2010 Chev Camaro by Steve Young Sep 46
Servicing an ‘08+ Chrysler 300C by Steve Young Feb 46
Servicing GM/Saturn SUV Models by Steve Young Dec 36
Servicing Vintage Auto Locks by Gale Johnson Sep 30
Strattec EK3 Disassembly Tool (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 62

Mastering IC Pin Stack Math by Gale Johnson Jun 18
Thoughts on Master Keying by Tom Gillespie Oct 20
Vestibule Masterkey Systems (Locksmithing etc.) Feb 62

Bianchi 884 Aug 56
DoorJak Provides Extra Hand by Jerry Levine Mar 52
Essential Tools for Locksmiths by Steve Young Mar 34
Lock Pick Types Reviewed by Steve Young Jan 56
TKO Has Buyer Option Plan (Locksmithing etc.) Jun 64

Key Blanks
JMA Key Numbering System Explained by Jerry Levine Dec 14
Moped Substitute Key Blanks (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 62
New Motorcycle Keys for Spring by Gale Johnson Mar 64

Collecting Odd Information (Locksmithing etc.) Jun 64
Guide To Wiring and Wiring Tools by Tim O’Leary Dec 28
How to Clean Electronic Corrosion (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 64
How To Identify Remote Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 63
Installing a Smoke Detector by Jerry Levine Feb 26
Installing Detex 10 On Fire Door by Jerry Levine Jul 22
Norton X-in Operator Retrofit by Jerry Levine Dec 22
Poorly Cut Example of Key (Locksmithing etc.) Oct 74
Programming: Alarm Lock DL2700 by Jerry Levine Nov 47
Programming: Arrow Revolution by Jerry Levine Nov 48
Programming: Codelocks CL5000 by Jerry Levine Nov 50
Programming: Kaba E-Plex 4000 by Jerry Levine Nov 51
Programming: Marks I-Que Metro by Jerry Levine Nov 52
Programming: Sargent KP Lock by Jerry Levine Nov 54
Programming: Schlage Cobra Lock by Jerry Levine Nov 55
Programming: Securitron SABL by Jerry Levine Nov 56
Programming: Yale eBOSS Lock by Jerry Levine Nov 57
Reading Codes Stamped on Locks (Locksmithing etc.) Jun 62
Replacing Mechanical With Electronic by Tim O’Leary Jul 44
Servicing Schlage F Series by Jerry Levine Jun 12
Tension Wrench Used as Driver (Locksmithing etc.) Dec 55
Trick for Removing Door Panels (Locksmithing etc.) Jul 58
Use Approved Electrified Hinges (Locksmithing etc.) Jun 64
Uses For A Shop Rag (Locksmithing etc.) Feb 60
Von Duprin Electric QEL Conversion by Jerry Levine Jul 16


Builders Hardware
D&D Technologies Q-Bolt Oct 88
New Kwikset Key Control DeadBolt by Gale Johnson Feb 42
Sargent Has Push/Pull Trim Aug 53
Sargent Introduces Grammercy Series Mar 80
Security Strikes & Latch Protectors by Jerry Levine Feb 20
Select Tipit Antiligiture Part Oct 48
Select Tipit Antiligiture Parts Jun 72
Showcase: A-R Dual Force Lock Mar 60
Showcase: GE Security Trac-Vaul tFeb 19
Showcase: Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt Mar 63
Showcase: Marks Mortise Locksets Mar 62
Showcase: Marks S Series Locks Feb 18
Showcase: Townsteel Locksets Feb 18
Think National Guard Thresholds by Gale Johnson Feb 38
Three Styles of Thumb Turns (Locksmithing etc.) Jul 60

Door Controls
ADA EZ Low Energy Door Closers by Tim O’Leary Jan 26
Door Operators Add New Revenue by Tim O’Leary Apr 10
Dorma Has 9600/9800 Exit Devices Apr 84
EffEff Shows 8037 Electric Strike (Locksmithing etc.) Jul 60
Fix Worn Doors With Select Hinges Aug 66
HES Has New 9400 Electric Strike (Locksmithing etc.) Jun 62
HES Integrated Electric Strike Oct 49
Installing Gate Operators by Tim O’Leary Aug 18
LCN 4040X Door Closer Installation by Jerry Levine Jan 32
LEO Door Operator by Norton Jan 67
Norton SafeZone Controls (Locksmithing etc.) Dec 50
Norton SafeZone Door Controls Nov 72
Positive Forec Gate Closing System Jan 42
Rixson 27 Has 180 degree Swing Jan 67
SDC UniFLEX 55 Electric Strikes Jul 70
Securitron GL-1 Gate Lock System by Tim O’Leary Feb 34
Select Hinges Solves Problems Aug 58
Showcase: Detex Exit Devices Feb 19
Showcase: Potter Power Supplies Feb 18
Showcase: Rixson ducation in 2009 by Emily Pike Jan ‘09, P. 19
Showcase: Securitron Touch Sense Feb 18
Showcase: Securitron Touch Sense Mar 63
Showcase: Select Continuous Hinges Feb 19
Spotlight: Select Hinges Deliver Sep 42
Spotlight: The Detex EasyKit Sep 42
Surface Mount Electric Strikes by Jerry Levine Aug 38
Surface-Mounted Door Closers by Jerry Levine Oct 28
Trine 4850 Increases Profit Aug 52

Adams Rite Dual Force 2190 Aug 57
Arrow Lock Adds 9 SFIC Keyways (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 64
BiLock Removable Core Retrofitting Jan 14
CCL Has Combination Cam Locks Jul 70
Codelocks CL1200 Cabinet Lock Jun 73
Combination Cam Locks by CCL (Locksmithing etc.) Jul 58
CX-5 Adds KIK Lock Cylinder by Gale Johnson May 42
CX-5 Has 9165 KIK Cylinder Aug 54
Cyberlock Provides Key Control May 57
Decorative Hardware By Emtek by Jerry Levine Nov 28
Digitlocks DL1230 Cam Lock Aug 55
Falcon Shows MA Series Locks Jun 72
FJM Has Combi-Cam Cam Locks Aug 53
FJM Has Combi-Cam Ultra Lock Jul 71
Galaxy High Security Lock Aug 52
Intruder Locks: Extra Security by Jerry Levine Oct 24
Kaba Ilco Adds Brass Cylinders (Locksmithing etc.) Jul 58
Kaba Ilco Lunches SFIC Cylinder May 56
Kaba Ilco Upgrades Deadbolt May 56
Lockey M210 Digital Deadbolt Aug 57
Marks Push/Pull Hospital Lock May 57
Marks USA Expands Lock Lines Oct 50
Marks USA Expands Lock Lineup by Gale Johnson Oct 42
Marks USA PD Series Mortise Lock Aug 55
Master/Kwikset & Schlage Rekeyables by Gale Johnson Jun 10
Medeco SFIC Solutions Sep 42
New Features On Falcon MA Lock (Locksmithing etc.) Jun 64
New Olympus 829R Ratchet Lock (Locksmithing etc.) May 50
Olympus 829R Showcase Locks Apr 84
Olympus B7 Series Cam Lock Aug 56
Olympus Has B7 Cam Locks Jun 72
Olympus Patented 820S Cam Lock Jul 72
Olympus Rekeyable Cabinet Locks Sep 10, P. 24
Sargent Push/Pull Lock Install by Jerry Levine Sep 10
Schlage Has Convertible Cyl (Locksmithing etc.) Oct 72
Schlage SecureKey Introduced by Gale Johnson Mar 44
Schlage Unveils Two-Piece Cylinder by Gale Johnson Sep 44
Showcase: Medeco Hybrid With HID Mar 63
Spotlight: C-R Museo Collection Nov 34
Spotlight: Illinois Push-In Lock Sep 28
Spotlight: KSP SPL Shocase Lock Sep 28
Spotlight: Kwikset Inspired Lccks Nov 35
Spotlight: Marks Brompton Lever Nov 35
Spotlight: Marks Custom Locks Nov 34
Spotlight: Omnia Multipoint Lock Nov 35
Spotlight: Sargent Gramercy Locks Nov 34
Spotlight: Sargent Simpli Trim Nov 35
Spotlight: Schlage Fusion Locks Nov 34
Spotlight: Valli&Valli DH Locks Nov 34
Stanley Has Ultrashield Sep 74
Strattec Bolt Lock Products (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 62
TownSteel Indicator Mortise Lock Aug 54
Yale 8800 Locks Have Many Options (Locksmithing etc.) Mar 74

Access Control
13 Uses For A Zodiac-Lite Reader by Tim O’Leary Sep 58
Access Control: Securitron & Essex by Tim O’Leary Mar 20
Add Video to Access Control by Tim O’Leary Aug 44
Adventures In Wireless Video by Tim O’Leary Nov 22
Aiphone AX Master Station Oct 50
Altronix NetwayM Series Oct 50
Approved Electromagnetic Locks by Tim O’Leary Oct 36
Biometric Control: Zodiac 250 by Jerry Levine Nov 14
Choosing The Right Power Supply by Tim O’Leary Jul 30
Codelocks CL1200 Cabinet Lock Aug 53
Codelocks CL1200 Electronic Lock Jul 72
Corbin Russwin Has Access 700 With Personna by Tim O’Leary May 24
CyberLock Electronic Padlocks Jul 71
Delayed Egress Solution for Security by Tim O’Leary Jan 22
Digit Shows ADEL Biometrics Apr 84
Dynalock 6170 Push Buttons Oct 50
Electrifying Exit Trim Install by Gale Johnson Sep 14
Electronic Cabinet Lock Overview by Jerry Levine May 28
Essex Electronics RoxProx Nov 72
GE Keysafe P500 Gives Key Control by Jerry Levine Mar 48
Helix 100 Biometrics by General Lock by Jerry Levine Apr 60
Honeywell Keypad Helps Users May 57
Honeywell Lynx Residential Alarm Mar 80
Kaba E-Plex 5800 Is FIPS Solution by Tim O’Leary Aug 10
Kaba E-Plex 5800 Series Has FIPS Aug 58
Kaba Introduces E-Plex 5800 by Tim O’Leary May 22
Keri Systems Mercury Controller Nov 73
Lockey E-Digital Deadbolt Lock Dec 58
Master Electronic Deadbolt Oct 89
Master Electronic Keypad Lock Aug 56
Medeco M3 Logic Security Locks Dec 58
Medeco Nexgen XT Lock Cylinder Oct 48
Medeco Nexgen XT Retrofit Cyl Aug 54
Motion Detector Applications by Tim O’Leary Apr 68
Napco Has iSee Video System Mar 81
New Napco Commercial Fire Panel Mar 81
New Camden Door Entry System (Locksmithing etc.) Oct 74
Optex Annunciator Is Problem Solver by Gale Johnson Apr 14
Paxton Custom LCD Prox Readers Aug 52
Potter P2 Series HSS Sensors Jun 73
Potter PIR-TECT Motion Detector Apr 86
RCI 3800 Electrified Lever Set Aug 56
RCI EM Early Warning Install by Jerry Levine Sep 18
Salto AElement Hotel Locks Apr 84
Salto XS4 Locker Locks Sep 74
Sargent Has Power Over Ethernet by Tim O’Leary May 20
Schlage Adds CO-Series Lockset by Gale Johnson Aug 30
Schlage AD-Series Lock Explained/CC May 16
Schlage GT400 Hand Verification Jul 72
Schlage Keypad/Proximity Reader Oct 89
Schlage Shows New AD Series Oct 48
SDC Has Uniflex Electric Strikes (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 78
SDC LR100VDK Latch Retractor Oct 49
SDC Quiet Duo ELR Latch Kit (Locksmithing etc.) Dec 50
Seco-Larm CCTV Power Supply Jul 70
Seco-Larm Enforcer Recorder Jul 72
Seco-Larm Power Supplies Nov 73
Seco-Larm VGA Audio-Video Line Sep 74
Secopage 35EV Solves Problems by Tim O’Leary Sep 34
Secura Key 4.0 Software Jul 71
SecuraKey RK65K Card Reader Oct 48
SecuraKey RK65K Reader Unit Aug 55
SecuraKey UltraMagic Printer Oct 89
Secure Key Wireless Module Jan 67
Securitron CEPT Power Tranfer (Locksmithing etc.) Oct 72
Securitron CEPT Power Transfer Aug 56
Securitron Has Dual Sense Bar (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 76
Securitron iMXDa MagLock Oct 48
Showcase: Aiphone Network Intercom Mar 60
Showcase: CompX Keyless Stealthlock Mar 61
Showcase: Creative Vision Electronics Mar 62
Showcase: Dynalock Digital Keypad Mar 60
Showcase: HES 9400 Series Strike Mar 63
Showcase: Kaba E-Plex With LearnLok Mar 63
Showcase: Linear eMerge Network Mar 62
Showcase: New Arrow Revolution Mar 61
Showcase: Paxton Metal Keypad Mar 60
Showcase: RCI Delayed Egress Lock Mar 62
Showcase: Sargent vS.1 Profile Lock Mar 61
Showcase: SDC Has UniFlex Strike Mar 60
Showcase: SecureKey Card Reader Mar 61
Showcase: SimonVoss Access Control Mar 62
Simons-Voss Replacement Locks Oct 49
Solving Low Current Problems (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 62
Spotlight: Axis High Zoom Model Jun 26
Spotlight: CompX Stealthlock Sep 28
Spotlight: Corbin Russwin Access 700R Sep 42
Spotlight: Honeywell MiniDom Jun 26
Spotlight: Pelco IS90 Camclosure Jun 26
Spotlight: RCI 3800 Lever Lock Sep 42
Spotlight: Samsung GVI Security Jun 26
Spotlight: Seco-Larm Enforcer Jun 26
Spotlight: Securitron MCL Lock Sep 28
Spotlight: Vicon MPD Dome Camera Jun 26
Trilogy Networx For Every Building by Tim O’Leary May 20
Trilogy Networx for Exit Doors Aug 53
Trilogy Networx Keyless Access Oct 49
Trilogy Wireless Revolution by Tim O’Leary Mar 10
Types of Time & Attendance Systems by Tim O’Leary Nov 10
Using A Pelco DX8100 Recorder by Tim O’Leary Jun 60
Vincard Installs Signature System by Tim O’Leary May 24
Visonic PowerLink 2 Solution Jul 71
Visonic Powermax Wireless System Jan 67
What Terms IP and Networks Mean by Tim O’Leary May 18
Why Not Go Wireless? by Tim O’Leary Oct 44
Wikk Industries 2010 Catalog (Locksmithing etc.) Dec 55
Wireless Communicating Locks by Jerry Levine Mar 14
Yale Real Living Locks Dec 58

Installing A Schlage CO Series Lock by Jerry Levine Oct 10
Installing a Stealth Lock by CompX by Tim O’Leary May 36
Installing Single-Door Access Control by Jerry Levine May 10
Integrating Electronic Products by Tim O’Leary Feb 12
Interior Analog Camera Review by Tim O’Leary Jun 22
IR Helps Small Acess Control Users by Tim O’Leary May 22

Ford/International Connection (Locksmithing etc.) May 50
2010 Ford Taurus Has Peps Fob (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 83
2011 Kia Sportage Has New Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Aug 88
AD Now Uisng SmartCard Security (Locksmithing etc.) Mar 74
Changes at Ford & Mazda (Locksmithing etc.) Feb 60
Cloning Transponder Keys by Gale Johnson Jan 52
Identifying Lexus Keys & Locks (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 80
Ilco 2010 RW4 Clone Update Ready (Locksmithing etc.) Jul 58
Keyless Ride Hotwire Update Aug 57
Mercury Cars Are Discontinued (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 58
Miniature Trucks are Coming (Locksmithing etc.) Feb 60
Nissan Supercode Dongle by AD USA (Locksmithing etc.) Feb 60
Spotlight: AD900 by Advanced Diagnostics Jan 54
Spotlight: Bianchi Has New Dec ryptorJan 54
Spotlight: Jet Smart Clone Jan 54
Spotlight: JMA Transponder Chip System Jan 54
Spotlight: Kaba-Ilco RW4 Cloner Jan 54
The 2010 Sidewinder Revolution by Gale Johnson Jul 48

Fire-Rated Door Hardware
Fire Door vs Fire Rated (Locksmithing etc.) Feb 60
Options for Schlage ND Series (Locksmithing etc.) Feb 60
Pro-Lok Entry Armor Shown May 56
Special-Lite Fire-Rated Doors Jul 70
Special-Lite Has New Flush Doors Apr 86

Key Blanks
Ilco Has Major League Logo Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 64
Ilco Has Transponder MC Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Aug 88
Jet Has 14 New Motorcycle Blanks (Locksmithing etc.) Mar 72
Jet Has Many New Key Blanks (Locksmithing etc.) May 50
Jma Announces New Quickblanks (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 76
Kaba Ilco Includes Philips Keys Jul 72
Kaba-Ilco Has Baseball Logo Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Mar 72
Philips Crypto Key Blank Guide by Jerry Levine Aug 60
Sources for Custom Key Blanks (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 62
Strattec Has GM Sidewinder Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 63

Key Machines
Framon Sidewinder 2 Key Machine (Locksmithing etc.) Aug 88
Framon Sidewinder 2: The Right Machine by Gale Johnson May 38
HPC Super Jaw Kit Announced (Locksmithing etc.) Feb 62
Ilco 009B Tubular Key Machine (Locksmithing etc.) Dec 50
Ilco Replacement Shells Shown Feb 60
ITL Has New MMX Code Machine (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 64
Jet Has New Motorcycle Keys Feb 72
Jets Adds 9010/9020 Key Machines Aug 55
Klinky Key Has Handy Keys Feb 86
Spotlight: Bianchi Has Laser 994 May 46
Spotlight: Ilco O44 Machine May 46
Spotlight: ITL MMX`Improved May 46
Spotlight: New Framon Sidewinder May 46
Spotlight: New Jet 7070 Automatic May 46
Strattec H.S. GM Flip Keys Jan 67

Honeywell Has Solution Guide Jun 73
Ilco 2010 Auto Truck Manual Ready (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 76
Ilco Hase Motorcycle Reference Jun 72
Ilco Key Blank Book Ready (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 59
Jet Has MC and Vehicle Guides (Locksmithing etc.) Aug 90
Lockmasters Safe Lock Catalog Aug 58
Lyon Products Has 2010 Catalog Apr 86
Videx Announces New Catalog Feb 72

Caddy Mounting Rod by Erico Dec 58
Curries StormPro Shutter Feb 72
Door Angel by Lok-A-Bolt Aug 52
FJM Has Keyguard Pro Wall Mount Jun 73
Foster Industrial Transformers Oct 88
Key Systems New Key Cabinets (Locksmithing etc.) Aug 91
Keyless Ride Offers Battery Display Mar 102
KSP Has Line of Screw-On Cams Aug 54
Machine Screws By Major Mfg (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 60
Major Has Cylinder Extender (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 62
Meet The Mail Boss Mailboxes by Gale Johnson Nov 36
New Screwpop Keychain Tool May 56
Poor Door Closer Installation (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 60
Shackle-Equipped Ground Anchors (Locksmithing etc.) Mar 74
Sovilok Security Hinge Pins Nov 73
Sycamore Master Lockers Nov 72
TELC Shows Several Truck Locks Mar 81
TurnPro Magnetic Finger Glove Mar 80
Videx Cyberkey Vault 20 Oct 88

Abus 141/200 Discus Hasp by Jerry Levine Oct 64
American Lock Helps You Sell by Gale Johnson Mar 56
Master Has New Speed Dial Lock (Locksmithing etc.) Oct 74
Master Resettable Padlocks Nov 72
Padlock Hasps Reviewed by Jerry Levine Mar 26
Spotlight: CCL SesameeMar ine Lock Sep 28
Spotlight: Strattec Bolt Lock Sep 28
Strattec Bolt Cable Locks Aug 54

Amsec EST Residential Safes Aug 57
Browning Safe Storage System (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 80
Burg Wachter Combi Safe Line Aug 57
Choose Amsec Safes Via Internet by Jerry Levine Aug 32
Identifying Overseas Safes (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 78
LpLocks Simple To Install Aug 58
S&G Shows 2740 H.S. Safe Lock Sep 74
Safe Moving With A Safe Chariot by Jerry Levine Jun 56
Safe Showcase: A&B Dbl Door Safes Apr 66
Safe Showcase: Amsec 2010 Safe Line Apr 67
Safe Showcase: Browining Gun Safes Apr 67
Safe Showcase: Hollon Fire Safes Apr 67
Safe Showcase: Kaba Mas Software Apr 66
Safe Showcase: LpLocks safe locks Apr 66
Safe Showcase: M3T Securifort Safes Apr 66
Safe Showcase: Permavault Drop Safes Apr 67
Safe Showcase: S&G Z02D Drive Apr 66
Safe Showcase: SoCal Deposit Safes Apr 67
Safe Showcase: Stealth RV Safes Apr 66
Showcase: Amsec Safe Door Organizer Mar 61
Stealth Has Floor Safes (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 62
Stealth Safes Have Many Uses Mar 80
Think Hollon When Thinking Safes by Gale Johnson Apr 56

Tools & Equipment
A1 Has New Pinning Tray (Locksmithing etc.) Oct 74
A-1 BUL-3 Jig For Lever Locks Aug 58
A-1 Lock Installation Tools by Jerry Levine Jun 28
A1 TB5 Fixture for C-R IC Work Feb 72
Belden Compression Connectors Oct 89
Bondhus Folding Tool Sets Feb 72
Bondhus Have 14K Gold Finish Mar 80
Bondhus High Performance Tips Jul 71
Bondhus Improves T-Handles Jun 73
Bondhus Multi-Bit Screwdrivers Oct 88
Cordless Battery Rebuilders (Locksmithing etc.) Mar 72
Felo Adjustable Screwriver Nov 73
Felo Precision Screwdrivers Sep 74
FireHawk Picquic Screw Driver Aug 55
Hardknox DoorJak Door Holder (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 62
Kaba Ilco Combines RW4/EZ-Clone Jul 70
Kaba Ilco TKO Buyer Option May 57
Kaba-Ilco RW4 Adds Capability Aug 52
Major Has Installation Kit (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 63
Major Mfg Shows Hit-30 Holder (Locksmithing etc.) Aug 88
Master Has Python Parts Kit Apr 84
McLean Has Installation Kit (Locksmithing etc.) Jun 64
Megapro dbl-ended Screwdriver (Locksmithing etc.) Dec 50
ProLok Has Jigs & Entry Armor by Jerry Levine Jun 36
Safe Moving Equipment by Jerry Levine Apr 18
Showcase: JLG Liftpod Platforms Feb 19
Specialty Tools Simplify Jobs by Steve Young Nov 38
Strattec Has FlipKey Servicing Tool (Locksmithing etc.) Mar 72
Tamper-Resistant Screw Summary by Jerry Levine Mar 66
WedgeCo Has Key Extractors Aug 52


Association News
2010 ALOA Is 54th Convention by Gale Johnson Oct 56
ALOA Shows 2010 Class Schedule Jul 74
Why SHDA Is Important to Locksmiths/AG Apr 26

Business News
Alvord Schools Improve Security Oct 52
Banner Thunderbird Uses Sargent Oct 78
C.R.Laurence Buys Jackson Corp (Locksmithing etc.) Jul 58
CIC Uses Salto Wireless Locks Oct 81
Isonas School Locking System Oct 80
Oregon Starts Locksmith Licensing May 48
Profiles: Allstate Insurance Aug 72
Profiles: FJM Security Products Aug 74
Profiles: Kaba Access Control Aug 76
Profiles: Kileen Security Products Aug 78
Profiles: Lockmasters Incorporated Aug 80
Profiles: LpLocks Safe Locks Aug 79
Profiles: Marks USA Products Aug 82
Profiles: Rutherford Controls Aug 83
Profiles: Strattec Security Aug 84
Profiles: U.S. Lock Distribution Aug 86
Requests for Toobox Keys (Locksmithing etc.) Oct 72
Scott Baker: Locks of the Future by Jerry Levine Aug 14
Stanley Buys Black &Decker (Locksmithing etc.) Jan 64
Stanley Purchases Black & Dec ker (Locksmithing etc.) May 50

Business Guidance
ANSI/BHMI Residential Standards by Jerry Levine Jun 40
Avoid Overusing Battery (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 60
Cell Phone Numbers Go Public (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 60
Cell Phone Tips & Tricks (Locksmithing etc.) Oct 74
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Jul 76
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Apr 92
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Aug 94
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Feb 74
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Jan 72
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Jun 76
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Mar 82
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike May 60
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Nov 74
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Oct 90
Continuing Your Education by Emily Pike Sep 75
Door Alarms & Building Codes by Tim O’Leary Dec 18
Editorial Index-Locksmith Ledger 20 Jan 78
Five New Business Mar keting Ideas Jun 67
Illinois Locksmith Law Update (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 59
Inventors: New Products Wanted Apr 72
Keri System Releases Doors.Net Jan 68
Kia Prints Wrong Code On Invoices (Locksmithing etc.) Mar 74
Libraries Have Free Internet (Locksmithing etc.) May 51
Lithium Battery Life Explained (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 58
Locksmith Codes Laws & Regulations by Tom Demont Jan 48
Lucky Line: Displays That Sell Jul 40
Medeco Key Wizard Management Solution Jan 10
Monitronics Pays for Leads Aug 53
More Business With Impulse Items by Jerry Levine Jul 34
National Average Price List 20 Dec 46
NFPA 80 Fire Door Regulations (Locksmithing etc.) Nov 58
Notes On Califonia Bldg Codes (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 83
Profiles: Locksmith Ledger & ALOA Aug 71
ReBoot PC For Problem Solving (Locksmithing etc.) May 51
Schlage Screw Fixes Problem (Locksmithing etc.) May 51
Service Tip For Floor Closers (Locksmithing etc.) May 51
Solving Kia Invoice Questions (Locksmithing etc.) May 51
Special Section: Web Directory Dec 61
Special-Lite Catalog Introduced Jan 70
Strattec Has Codeable Display (Locksmithing etc.) Apr 82
Testing An AD-900 Cloning Tool by Jerry Levine Aug ‘09, P. 18
Tips on Taking Photos (Locksmithing etc.) Sep 62
Tips to Avoid Traffic Tickets (Locksmithing etc.) May 51
Use Your Truck to Advertise by Gale Johnson Jun 44
VW Opens Factory in India (Locksmithing etc.) May 51

ADI Leads The Way in IP Training by Tim O’Leary May 18
Clark Stages 2010 Management Expo Dec 48
Distributor Profile:Access Hardware Apr 28
Distributor Profile:Clark Security Apr 28
Distributor Profile:Tri-Ed Apr 28
Intermountain Stages LA Expo Jun 54
Know Your Distributor Listings Apr 31
US Lock Shows New 2010 Catalog Jun 72

Death By Door Closer by Richard Zunkel Oct 35

Personal Stories
30 Under 30: Hecht Brothers by Emily Pike Sep 57
30 Under 30: Jared Urman by Emily Pike Feb 56
ILA Pres. Peter Dinschel Interview Jul 10
Working As A College Locksmith by Jerry Levine Oct 18
Working as a Museum Locksmith by Jerry Levine Feb 10