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Feb. 2, 2012


I have a customer with approx 50 Midland Garage doors used for two apartment buildings. Each of these doors has a small wafer lock located in the top panel of the doors. These locks are made by a company in Tiawan for Vee Industries. I called Vee Industries for information pertaining to the number codes on each lock, as the building owners have either lost or misplaced all keys. I have in the past just impressioned some of these locks but would like to cut all of these by code if possible since winter has now set in up here in Minnesota.

Vee Industries tells me that they have no knowledge of a code series that I can use to generate these keys. They also tell me that they will duplicate keys for me from one of each of the series that they have kept at a cost of $15 for two keys. Does anyone have knowledge of these locks utilizing another code series that may be located, maybe in the Reed Code books or elsewhere? The little bit of info that I have found states that the newer locks use a J 1-80 series and that the past have used others like the GH or 500 or even the PK, DF series. Any help would be much appreciated.


I've seen the nice (free) video at on how to put the tumblers into the new GM 2-track locks. I've got depth keys in order to originate a key on my Framon sidewinder. I've got a pack of 5 key blades in order to practice. I've got a 2-track flip key, ready to cut. I've even got a STRATTEC Camaro ignition (#7012918). I've got the programming procedure for the key and the remote. Now, how hard is it to remove the ignition or door lock so that I can disassemble a cylinder and get the numbers off the disc tumblers? I've seen an "Ask Chevy" website, which wants $30 up front in order to answer any questions.

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