Abloy Protec2: The Ultimate Locking Solution

Jan. 2, 2019
Advantages include almost 2 billion theoretical combinations per keyway, strength and durability, plus patent protection though 2031

The ABLOY Protec2 is not exactly new technology. Mechanical keys and locks are after all not new. The ABLOY PROTECH2 technology is, however, unique. Because the PROTEC 2 key profile stands apart from all the other keys on your ring, it makes the conversation where you attempt to differentiate this product easier and far more convincing.

Although not new technology, it is mature technology which ABLOY has continuously supported and improved since they first introduced their rotating disk lock mechanism in 1907. It is regarded by many as the premium high security locking system.

Perhaps one of the most convincing testimonials is that locksmiths who inventory, sell and service major high security lock brands use ABLOY on their own homes and warehouses. That’s because they know how skillful at lockpicking expert locksmiths and criminals are, and they specify ABLOY as their defense against them because even among the lockpicking elite the ABLOY lock poses a formidable challenge.

ABLOY Protec2 is the latest milestone in the development of the unique ABLOY rotating disc cylinder keying systems. Rotating disks are also used in safes.

In an ABLOY Protec2 locking system, different products can be keyed into the same master key system and thus all products can be operated with just a single key. This simplifies your locking system and key management. The range is wide;there are 1.97 billion different key combinations providing the possibility to create extensive master key systems that fulfil your exact specifications.

The unique and patented rotating disc technology provides smooth and reliable functionality also in extreme environments. New patented features in keys and cylinders have worldwide patents which are valid until 2031.

ABLOY Protec2 meets and exceeds requirements of several international, national and customer specific standards and requirements. With an extensive product range, ABLOY Protec2 provides a global solution.

While the core of the cylinder remains the same, the outer covering can be changed to meet the requirements of the specific application.

With almost 2 billion theoretical combinations per keyway and the flexibility and expansion needed to create even the most complicated of great grand master key systems, the cylinder is virtually pick proof, bump proof and cannot be impressioned. It resists physical attack, and provides maximum protection against unauthorized key duplication and harsh environmental conditions.

ABLOY Protec2 can be integrated with electromechanical CLIQ technology. This electromechanical system is intelligent and highly customizable. It enables flexible and secure access management, including time functions, into your daily operations. And in case of a lost or stolen key, it can easily be electronically removed. Both the cylinders and keys collect audit trail of use.

Protec2 Q&A

We contacted Corbin Anderson, National Sales Manager Abloy Security, for details on PROTEC 2. Following are the Ledger’s questions and Anderson’s answers.

What are the significant recent improvements to ABLOY PROTEC 2 the differentiates it from previous versions?

Interactive disc controller, anti-wear lower disc, floating element in the key – resistant to 3D

What features should compel locksmiths to sell ABLOY PROTEC 2?

Due to rotating disc design that utilizes 11 discs, Abloy Protec2 has the most extensive master keying capabilities available in the industry. Protec2 is highly secure and has a UL 437 rating.

What features should compel end-users to use ABLOY PROTEC 2?

In addition to the features above, Protec2 is specifically designed for operation in harsh environments due to the rotating disc technology as compared to typical spring and pin designs. Also, Protec2 is available in all lock types including padlocks, cam locks, cabinet locks, and door cylinders, resulting in one key being able to operate all cylinder types. Protec2 can

Which markets does ABLOY PROTEC 2 target?

Protec2 is focused on the Professional End User markets such as utilities, telecommunications, petrochemical, transportation, and many more. Virtually all markets can be serviced by the extensive line of Protec2 cylinders.

Where can ABLOY PROTEC 2 be purchased?

Most major locksmith wholesalers. You can also call our customer service @ 800-367 4598

Does the locksmith require training or certification to sell/service ABLOY PROTEC 2?

Yes, due to our unique rotating disc design. Also, Protec2 requires a dedicated key machine. Training is typically no charge and available at major locksmith trade shows, and can be arranged for individual locksmiths authorized to sell Protec2.

If a locksmith sells ABLOY PROTEC 2, can the customer obtain additional keys or locks from another locksmith?

No. Our Protec2 Elite program requires that end users obtain additional keys and cylinders from the original locksmith supplier.

What locking hardware models is ABLOY PROTEC 2 available in?

Protec2 is available in many locking hardware configurations including Mortise/Rim, Key in Lever/Knob, Tubular Deadbolts, Removable Core, Cam Locks, Cabinet Locks, Padlocks, Switchlocks.

Certification & Patents

ABLOY PROTEC 2 cylinders are listed in accordance with UL 437 standard for high security pick and drill resistance.

Patent pending number 2652582 in Canada and 12/305631 in USA protects all key blanks against unauthorized manufacture and distribution until 2031. Protected also by worldwide patents.


Materials: Mortise cylinder housings are made of completely case hardened steel. Cylinder plugs are made of brass, discs and spacers are made of tin bronze material.

Tolerances: Key cut are cut on two radii with combination set as precise angles.

Angles vary for 0 to 6. with 15 degrees apart and tolerance of +/- 1 degree.

A very smooth and reliable operation without broken or worn keys

Virtually Pick Proof : The rotating disc cylinder incorporates false gates in the discs and along with a patented disc blocking mechanism which create a cylinder that is virtually Impossible to pick.

Bump proof: It is impossible to bump this cylinder mechanism, there are no springs or pins.

Protec2 key blanks protected are with worldwide patents. Code card required for key duplication. Keys cut only on dedicated ABLOY® key cutting machines.

With Protec2 CLIQ,  the micro-electronics within the key cannot be illegally copied, even if key is “loaned out”. Keys blanks are protected by strong patents and the electronic code is protected by strong encryption giving both mechanical as well as electronic security.

More Info: www.abloyusa.com