Four Innovative New Product Introductions

Oct. 2, 2018
A first look at an Interchangeable shackle padlocks, Bluetooth-enabled safelocks, a laser manipulation tool and a field tester for electrified hardware

At the recent ALOA Security Expo, the Locksmith Ledger staff scoured the show floor, looking for new and innovative products available to our readers. Then we followed up with the manufacturers to get more details. Here is what we found:

Capitol’s Interchangeable Shackle System

Capitol Industries Inc. launched itself into the padlock market last year with the ALOA award-winning "Defiant" magnetic padlock, using patented magnetic technology and featuring the absence of a keyway, a magnetic fob that cannot be copied or duplicated, and highly secure with over a quarter million combinations. Now a new upgrade makes the product both more versatile and flexible.

The key feature of this new iteration, unveiled at ALOA 2018, is the interchangeable shackle. Available in several different sizes and materials to accommodate various applications, the interchangeable shackle ultimately reduces the locksmith's need to carry different size padlocks, streamlining their inventory requirements and therefore reducing their carrying costs whilst giving them more options. Instead of stocking padlock inventory, they can now stock components to meet the various needs of their markets. With its multiple shackles, the same padlock can now be used for a variety of different applications.

While the concept of an interchangeable shackle is already available in the marketplace, what makes Capitol's product both unique and innovative is that the shackle itself is the change tool, and there is no need for a separate special tool. The only tools required are the magnetic key/fob that corresponds to the padlock and the "new" shackle to be inserted into the padlock. The system works simply and the shackles can be swapped out behind the counter or in the field in a matter of seconds. With the magnetic key/fob placed on the lock, and with the shackle in an open position and rotated to the outside of the lock body, the heel of the "new" shackle is then inserted into open shackle hole. A quick and simple series of movements on the "old" shackle releases it, allowing the new shackle to be easily inserted into the heel side of the padlock. Shackle materials range from marine grade stainless steel - ideal for corrosion prone applications such as Maritime, Outdoor facilities, or Transportation - to Boron Alloy, typically used in heavy-duty industrial applications due to its extreme strength and cut resistance.

As well as offering different base materials, the current variants in clearance available in the 5/16 thickness shackle are 1-¼” and 2-¾”and each can be changed out in a matter of seconds to cover the widest range of applications.

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AxisBlu™ from Sargent & Greenleaf

Called AxisBlu™, Sargent and Greenleaf’s newest locking solution provides safe security with access gained through a mobile app, eliminating the need for a keypad. The lock combines the latest Bluetooth® technology with S&G’s proven lock components for a truly secure safe lock option.

Just launched, AxisBlu uses an easy-to-install, unobtrusive medallion that connects via Bluetooth to an app on the user’s mobile device to remotely gain access to the designated safe anywhere within a 30-foot radius. With multiple layers of authentication, and the ability to pair up to five mobile devices, AxisBlu provides a convenient and secure solution for safe operation. Also, AxisBlu is available with the time-tested keypad, allowing for access manually or via the app.

“With AxisBlu, our customers have the best of both convenience and security,” stated Keith Deaton, COO of Sargent and Greenleaf. “We’ve combined the latest Bluetooth technology with our proven lock body to create a new option for safe security – void of a keypad – by accessing your safe via your mobile app.”

          AxisBlu’s main features include:

  • The latest Bluetooth upgrades that bring the technology up to S&G’s stringent security standards. New functionality and multiple levels of authentication in mobile devices make the Bluetooth connectivity a reliable, fully secure method of access.
  • Proven security of S&G’s Titan motorized locking device with firmware enhancements for even greater protection.
  • Unparallel convenience with the ability to pair up to five mobile devices along with 10 users, allowing immediate Bluetooth access via the AxisBlu app.

AxisBlu Kits are available in three complete packages to accommodate all that is needed to install or retrofit AxisBlu to the safe. The options for purchase include a Medallion Kit and two Keypad Kits. Installation is easy, leveraging multiple components for added security and matching standard safe lock footprints and machining.

With the Medallion Kit, the sleek, modern design positions the lock keypad on the user’s mobile device instead of the safe front, providing immediate access. The Bluetooth module has been engineered to provide access through the safe door by using the existing spindle hole for wide-range antenna placement and operates at a range of up to 30 feet. Firmware enhancements allow S&G’s Titan Lock to function securely with a mobile device using Bluetooth technology.

Two Keypad Kits are available with varied components. The first is a one-battery keypad with a black platinum finish accessed via the AxisBlu app or manually, allowing controlled access for a wider range of operators. The QuickMount keypad, which is also Bluetooth compatible, allows for easier and quicker retrofit or installation.

AxisBlu is designed for safe manufacturers, businesses, distributors and consumers.  “We hope AxisBlu will help the end user, for example, safely secure their firearms with ease from their mobile device,” said Deaton.

The free AxisBlu app is compatible with iPhone and Android phones that must support Bluetooth 4.2 versions.

Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G) is a division of STANLEY Security. More Info: or call (800) 826-7652.

Laser Manipulation Aid from Keedex

One of the most difficult parts of safe manipulation is determining 1/10 of a number difference between numbers. Keedex has found a solution. By using a miniature line laser that attaches to the safe dial and using precision targets that are 6 inches, 12 inches or 18 inches away from the dial, it is easy to determine 1/10 of a number variations.

There are three sets of targets provided with the laser manipulation aid. One set to be used at 6 inches for close quarters application like a floor safe, one set is to be used at 12 inches this one is for most application. One is for 18 inches away for more stubborn locks and also if you have the room to use it like on a gunsafe.

The LSA kit comes with the laser unit, six targets, magnetic single brackets to hold the target, lever attachment device and a target expander board.

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CAT Field Tester from Command Access

The CAT FT is a lightweight portable power source for field testing mortise and cylindrical locks, motorized and solenoid driven exit devices, electric strikes, etc. that require 12-24VDC voltage. It is an ideal tool installers who are working on electrified hardware and want to test the product after installation. It is also a great way of troubleshooting you’re your hardware is not working properly to quickly diagnose the issue.

  • Lightweight field tester for all electrfied locking hardware
  • Great for testing new installations or troubleshooting
  • Enough power to fire off electrified exit devices w/ PM300
  • Cordless - No need to find an outlet or carry your extension cord
  • Adjustable Voltage range – 12 to 24 VDC
  • LED Voltage Display
  • Continuity Terminal with LED & Beeper for testing signal switches & hinges
  • Works with cordless drill battery: Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee batteries.
  • Toggle push button
  • One set of aligator clips included

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