The Suite Spot: Hager’s 3300 Series Locks

March 2, 2018
New Grade 3 tubular leversets complement Grade 1 and 2 locksets and the HS4 access control system already on the market

Hager Companies, a leading U.S. manufacturer of commercial and residential door hardware products, has recently released their new Grade 3 Lock, the 3300 Series. These new tubular leversets have been designed to complement current Grade 1 and Grade 2 locksets already available.

Eric Rose, Vice President of US Sales at Hager Companies, says “The 3300 Series further supports Hager’s value proposition to the market of one purchase order, one shipment, and one invoice for stocking or project type work. The 3300 Series lock product rounds out Hager’s lock portfolio by allowing architects, owners, operators, and channel partners to utilize the proper Hager product for form, fit and function –from the access control on perimeter of building to unit entries to interior doors within the unit.”

As industry professionals already know, specifying one type of lockset for an entire project may work for projects with only a few doors, but the more openings a building has, the more complex the hardware sets become. Architects and building managers must address the challenges of building security, individual room security, and life safety issues that come with multiple openings on a large project.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 locksets, both mortise and cylindrical, come in a variety of functions that can answer many of the security and safety issues of modern buildings. But there are also areas in buildings that need much simpler solutions. For example, a closet door simply needs to latch and shut – a Grade 1 mortise lockset would be overkill on security as well as cost.

“The new 3300 tubular series is the perfect solution for bathroom, closets or passage settings,” said Rose. “The 3300 Series allow Hager to provide aesthetically pleasing lever designs, from heavy duty, high frequency entrances on the exterior of the building to the units of lower frequency.” The goal of this new product offering is to make specifying door hardware easier, and to make Hager the “one stop shop” for all door hardware needs.

These tubular locksets are available in four functions:

  • Passage (10) – Latchbolt operated by lever from either side at all times. This function does not lock and is usually found in passageways.
  • Single Dummy (17) – pull one side, no mechanical operation. This function is usually found on closet or storage room doors.
  • Privacy (40) – Latchbolt operated by lever from either side. Outside lever is locked and unlocked by a turn button inside and can also be unlocked by emergency coin turn release outside. Closing door does not release turn button. This is the basic “bathroom” locking function.
  • Entry/Office (53) – Deadlocking latchbolt operated by lever from either side except when outside lever is locked by turn button on inside. When outside lever is locked, operating key in outside lever unlocks locking device. Closing door does not release turn button. This function is for rooms requiring a little more privacy, such as offices, storage rooms, or the “man door” entry from a garage into a residence.

The 3300 meets BHMA Certified ANSI A156.2, Grade 3 test standards, and is ADA compliant ANSI A117.1. The levers are solid cast zinc with a 2-9/15” (65 mm) brass rose. The cylinders are brass 5-pin keyed, for the Schlage C keyway. Two cut keys will be provided for each entry lockset.

Available finishes are:

  • US3 – Bright brass
  • US10B – Oil rubbed bronze
  • US15 – Satin nickel plated
  • US26 – Bright chromium plated
  • US26D – Satin chromium plated

The 3300 is offered with a 4-way latch, adjustable 2-3/8” x 2-3/4” backset and square and round corner faceplates, and is field reversible providing versatility for most retrofit applications. Leversets will accept door thicknesses of 1-3/8” to 1-3/4” (35-45 mm).

Four lever styles are available: Archer, August, Johnston, and Withnell. These styles were chosen as the most commonly specified styles by most projects. The leversets are non-handed, except for the Single Dummy with a Johnston lever. An entire building can have perfectly matched leversets, which adds to the appeal and design aspects of a building – one that the general public will only subconsciously notice, but that hardware experts will pick up on immediately.

Keen eyes will notice that these tubular locksets (and most others on the market) do have fewer functions and features than a Grade 1 lockset, for example. This is not only more cost effective for manufacturers, who pass the savings on to consumers, but for other practical reasons as well. Tubular locksets are meant to be used in fewer applications – they are, after all, for latching and securing a door, not for high security use.

Rose added, “The 3300 series offers a wider selection of residential products for Hager’s residential division. This offering allows for use in heavy residential and light commercial applications as well to meet code, design, and functionality on those types of property as well.”

Tubular locksets are perfect for modern construction concerns, such as the rise in assisted living facility and high density apartment buildings. The fact that they perfectly match the Grade 1 sets on the exterior of the building is an added design perk.

Having a full selection of every type of hardware a project could conceivably require can also make suppliers and end users more competitive. Being able to supply a full suite of hardware from one source – reducing times and cost – could be the difference between winning and losing a bid.

Matt James, Product Manager, Hager Companies, said, “We filled a large gap in our multi-family offering and I am confident that this new durable line of locksets will be well received by our customer base.”

Hager Companies,, also introduced the HS4 access control system in 2017. This wireless security system matches all Hager products, including the new 3300 series. This wide range of products is meant to seamlessly tie together all forms of mechanical and digital locking systems for door security in the modern world. While the HS4 system is technologically exciting, Hager is also proud of the new tubular offerings. This product also focuses on customer-driven products that are easy to use, easy to install, and visually pleasing.