Medeco SFIC Security Continuum – The Future of SFIC

Jan. 2, 2018
With the flexibility of the Medeco SFIC Security Continuum, end users can improve their security and save money in the long run, simply by choosing the right SFIC product

Long a security hardware staple for large institutions such as universities, hospitals and retail chains, Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) are an integral part of the security landscape.  SFIC are common in many markets due to the ease and quickness of removing and replacing cylinders; in effect, instantly rekeying a door.  SFIC are the go-to product wherever security protocol requires quick response to events such as personnel or tenant changes, lost or stolen keys, or compromise to key systems. The popularity of SFIC was built on reducing, or eliminating altogether, rekey time and expense.  

The universal format of Small Format Interchangeable Core has spawned a plethora of options from various manufacturers worldwide. Many SFIC products on the market fill the basic need of a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to rekeying.  What has been missing from the market is a range of products to custom-fit an operation’s unique function, security protocol and layout.  Medeco Security Locks, an ASSA ABLOY N.A. Group company based in Salem, VA, has developed a range of SFIC solutions, a suite of products that address end user’s needs, rather than simply offer a one-size-fit-all solution: the Medeco SFIC Security Continuum.  

Medeco has built its name on providing high security cylinders with patented key control for nearly 50 years. Drawing from these years of experience, history of innovation, and expertise in cylinder production, Medeco has focused on a better SFIC solution for its customers and developed the Medeco SFIC Security Continuum.  The Continuum is a range of unique products that focus on the specific security solution the customer requires.  Few companies offer the flexibility of a SFIC security continuum; however, Medeco’s unique grouping of three main product sets strives to meet the challenge. SFIC options offered by Medeco range from an unpatented solution for value and convenience, to a patented key control SFIC with expanded master keying capabilities, to a digital SFIC offering for high accountability and real-time access control.  

Included in the range are:  MedecoB SFIC for value and convenience; Medeco X4, a patent protected key control solution with one of the largest master key capabilities on the market; Medeco XT, which brings scheduling and audit capabilities along with digital master keying into the SFIC realm. 

Any facility management team must consider a number of factors when choosing the correct SFIC solution for their needs.  A challenge for many SFIC system owners is to simply get their key management system under control.  With the flexibility of the Medeco SFIC Security Continuum, end users can greatly improve their security, as well as save money in the long run, simply by choosing the right SFIC product.  

An examination of the Medeco SFIC Security Continuum in detail can help determine the right SFIC option for the customer.   


MedecoB is the ideal entry group to Medeco’s SFIC Continuum, offering an affordable alternative for end-users seeking industry standard unpatented SFIC keyways. MedecoB integrates with existing legacy systems, allowing for seamless incorporation and ultimately cost savings. Available in standard 6-and 7-pin formats, MedecoB’s solid brass construction and reinforced sleeve design provide added strength and durability. The cores are plain-faced and available in 14 architectural finishes. With a highly competitive price point, MedecoB saves organizations money while offering U.S. made quality in the following 27 industry standard keyways: 1C, 1D, AB, BB, CB, DB, EB, FB, GB, HB, JB, KB, LB, MB, QB, RB, TA, TB, TC, TD, TE, WA, WB, WC, WG, WH, and WY.

Medeco X4

The next step in the continuum, Medeco X4 SFIC is the ideal security upgrade for facilities seeking patented key control to effectively manage their security.  Medeco X4 provides security managers peace of mind, with patent protected key control until 2030, to prevent unauthorized key duplication and restrict the production of aftermarket key blanks.  Medeco X4 key blanks are only distributed to authorized dealers or distributors and are uniquely marked for identification for each dealer or end user, ensuring integrity of the system. 

Medeco X4 has one of the largest master keying capabilities for SFIC on the market, offering even the largest operations room to grow.  Available in SFIC, LFIC and most conventional cylinder formats, X4 easily retrofits into existing door hardware, reducing installation time and overall costs.  Medeco X4 is the ideal choice for facility managers seeking to tie multiple lock types from varied manufacturers into a one key system, providing convenience and efficiency.     

Medeco XT

Medeco XT is access control disguised as a Small Format Interchangeable Core. Simply by installing XT SFIC into existing hardware, the door to a vulnerable area gains controlled access, complete with scheduling and audit, physical security, and effective system management.  No hard wiring or changes to the door or hardware are needed to incorporate XT SFIC.  Managers can provide access control on as many or few doors as necessary, saving significant costs over a blanket traditional electronic access control system. 

The Medeco XT SFIC fits all standard hardware prepped for SFIC.  It is built for indoor and outdoor use with stainless steel shell construction.  Medeco XT is also available in a variety of other retrofit cylinder formats, including cam locks and padlocks, to allow audit and scheduling on virtually any opening.

All power to operate the Medeco SFIC is stored in the unique and aesthetically pleasing XT Slim Line Key.  The small, robust electronic key with stainless steel housing holds all the access and schedule data. It operates with a rechargeable battery which carries up to 1,800 openings per charge. 

 Medeco XT keys are electronically programmed to open specific locks on a designated schedule. Expirations can be set to completely disable keys and reprogram them for future users.  Medeco XT provides the ability to disable a lost or stolen key automatically with expiration or via programming with a black listing feature.

The XT line provides the most robust audit accountability of any SFIC solution. Medeco XT software provides efficient security management. Flexible programming, scheduled access, and full audit reports are offered with the convenience of cloud-based software.  An optional feature of Medeco XT Web Manager software provides visual audit of activity through an easy to read dashboard.  Simple graphics highlight abnormal or excessive activity for individual keys, making it easier for managers to spot irregularities before they become problems.

Choosing the Right SFIC Solution

Medeco’s smart SFIC Security Continuum was developed to offer the customer relevant choices when it comes to properly securing their facility.  From mechanical keys to intelligent openings, the array of solutions along the continuum pairs the appropriate locking technology to the specific requirements and risks of each facility. Careful consideration of each opening based on usage requirements allows proper selection of control, enhancing the security of a facility and keeping costs in line.

The Medeco SFIC Security Continuum provides clear choices for end users who are looking for value, key control, accountability or a combination of the three. Many SFIC-based facilities have been a victim of inconsistent security, lack of key control, loss of revenue, and general security system neglect or mismanagement.  At Medeco, providing a cohesive, integrated and intelligent SFIC key system in the format and cost that is right for the customer, is the future of SFIC. 

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