ASSA's High Security Innovations

Jan. 1, 2018
Affordable, flexible key control with high security from ASSA

ASSA Inc. became part of the ASSA ABLOY Group in 1994 but the original ASSA company was founded in 1881 by August Stenman. The ASSA name was developed by using initials of the the founder forwards and backwards, August Stenman / Stenman August. The company originally made hinges, later added screw manufacturing and finally started manufacturing locks in the 1940's. Some time through the years the August Stenman AB company became ASSA and their first lock system was delivered in 1946.

Although ASSA, Inc. is now part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, ASSA has continued their individuality by introducing new security products on a regular basis. ASSA is well known for their Maximum+ key system. Keys for these cylinders contain two sets of key cuts and operate two independent shearlines within the lock cylinder. An innovative key design is protected by U.S. and international utility patents.

Maximum+ Restricted Cylinders

In some cases areas within a building such as closets or storage areas may not require the security level provided by ASSA Maximum+. ASSA has now developed Maximum+ Restricted lock cylinders which fill the need for key control but at a lower cost. Maximum+ Restricted keyways are identical to Maximum+ keyways while using a conventional pin system. Mixing Maximum+ and Maximum+ Restricted lock cylinders in a common key system provides the convenience of a complete key system at a more economical cost.

Maximum+ Restricted Cylinder Benefits:

• Cylinder housing and plug are made of high quality brass

• Stainless steel top pins

• Bottom pins and master pins are nickel silver

• Counter mill in each chamber position to enhance pick resistance

• ASSA’s generous keying capabilities allow over 160,000 change keys under a single master key

Maximum+ Keys Benefits:

• Two sets of key cuts designed to operate independent locking mechanisms for High Security cylinders

• Innovative key design protected by U.S. and international utility patents

• Patented key control offers the ultimate protection from unauthorized duplicate keys

• Top cuts can be generated on standard, quality code cutting equipment

• Special key stamping and custom coining available


• ASSA’s patented key systems are legally protected against unauthorized key duplication through rights

granted by the utility patent

• Maximum+ key listed under U.S. Patent number 8,205,473

Technical Information:

• High quality nickel silver material

• Key combination is read from tip to bow

• No. 1 cut is deepest, No. 9 is shallowest

7000 Series Deadbolt

ASSA 7000 series deadbolts add the final step in securing an opening. A door is only as secure as the lock which secures it. A security guard surrounds the deadbolt unit to prevent physical attack. A free spinning collar surrounds the lock cylinder to prevent wrenching. 1/4" aircraft strength steel mounting bolts are included. The hardened fire rated bolt has a full 1" throw. All 7000 series deadbolts are UL 437 listed and fire listed R38765. Single cylinder and double cylinder models are available.


  • Security Guard to prevent physical attack
  • Free spinning guard collars to prevent wrenching
  • Hardened bolt with full 1" throw
  • Non-handed


  • All ASSA 7000 Deadbolts are U.L. 437 Listed 
  • All ASSA 7000 Series Deadbolts are Fire Listed R38765

Technical Information:

  • Cylinder shell and plug made of high quality brass
  • Stainless steel top pins
  • Bottom pins and master pins are nickel silver


  • Bright chrome
  • Satin chrome
  • Bright brass
  • Satin brass
  • Satin bronze
  • Dark oxidized bronze
  • Antique brass

Dial Puck Lock

A new shackleless, resettable combination padlock has just been announced. Four dials provide 10,000 possible combinations. A rotating dust cover protects the dials against weather and dirt contamination. The combination can be reset to your combination number at any time. This puck padlock can be combined with popular types of hasps used on sliding or swinging doors used on commercial vehicles. ASSA Dial Puck locks have a hardened steel lock body with a US26D plated finish.

Watch for other new exciting security products from ASSA in the near future.

For more information contact your local locksmith distributor or: Assa Inc. 800-892-3256 or