Gate Hardware By D&D Technologies

April 3, 2017
The MagnaLatch© ALERT Gate Latch-Alarm combines the best attributes of the MagnaLatch with a dual-alarm system (sight and sound alerts) that significantly raises the bar for pool gate safety.

D&D Technologies began business in Sydney, Australia, evolving from a family-owned fencing company in the late 1980s to become a worldwide market leader in gate hardware. The owners of D&D Aluminum Fencing Company had been frustrated by the lack of durable gate latches and hinges to complement their custom made aluminum/glass pool fencing designs.

In 1988 one of the owners, David Doyle, saw a science program featuring rare earth magnets that never lose their magnetic force. Devising a latching mechanism around this idea, using engineering polymers and stainless steel to eliminate rust as well as jamming, the MagnaLatch© was born. Soon other local fencing contractors and fabricators wanted to use it as well, and D&D Technologies was established to manufacture the latches.

Magnetic Gate Latches

In the early 1990s D&D invented the MagnaLatch© Child Safety Gate Latch. These reliable, magnetically triggered devices revolutionized child safety around swimming pools, child care centers, homes and businesses.  For over 25 years, millions of D&D MagnaLatches have been installed on gates around the world, assisting in saving countless children's lives and making generations of families safer.

Polymer Gate Hardware

The success of MagnaLatch inspired D&D to find a solution to the fencing industry's problem of latches and hinges that would rust, bind and sag. D&D engineers invented the world's first polymer gate hardware, including the TruClose© range of safety gate hinges and a host of other gate latches. Constructed of engineered polymer and rust-free stainless components, TruClose hinges are well accepted due to their strength, reliability and ease of adjustment.

Hinge & Closer All-In-One

The introduction of the SureClose© range of hydraulic gate hinges and closers proved a boon to heavy and high traffic gates. With these sturdy and compact aluminum devices, the fencing industry finally had the dependable gate hinge-closers they were looking for. The result is a stylish range of quality hinge-closers to fit all types of residential and commercial-style gates.

Combined Latch & Alarm

D&D's latest innovation is the MagnaLatch© ALERT Gate Latch-Alarm.  Billed as the world's first and only combined safety gate latch and alarm. D&D combined all of the best attributes of their MagnaLatch, including the world's first product safety traceability, with a dual-alarm system (sight and sound alerts) that significantly raises the bar for gate safety.  The range offers the highest level of safety and peace of mind around pools, homes, child care centers, schools and businesses.

Installing A Magnalatch Alert

  1. Get your tools together. Required are an electric drill, ruler, pencil, Philips head screwdriver and 5/32" drill bit.
  2. Determine height dimension for MagnaLatch. Use brackets as template to mark side and edge retainer holes. Use a 5/32" drill bit and drill holes bracket holes.
  3. Use drill or Philips head screwdriver to install brackets.
  4. Slide MagnaLatch unit onto brackets.
  5. Align strike unit in MagnaLatch. Close gate, hold strike unit in position and drill holes for retainer screws using a 5/32" drill bit. Install strike unit in place.
  6. Adjust strike plate unit according to gap between gate and frame.
  7. Finished Top Pull model MagnaGate Alert.

MagnaLatch Alert Gate Latch features:

  • Visual unlatched alarm (uses AA battery)
  • Audible unlatched alarm
  • At-a-glance lock indicator
  • Rekeyable pin tumbler lock for extra security
  • Magnetic latching always engages, can't jam
  • Easy installation on both metal and wood gates
  • Meets pool barrier codes       

For more information, visit or call 800-716-0888 or 714-677-1300.