Master and Removal Keys for Desk Locks

Feb. 1, 2017
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A majority of desk locks use wafer tumbler construction.  Wafer lock masterkeying is accomplished by having a step in the wafer tumbler.   One side of the stepped tumbler is operated by the users key and the opposite side of the stepped tumbler is operated by the master key. As example, an Ilco 1502 key blank is often the user key blank and an Ilco 1502M blank is then the master key blank.  Masterkeyed wafer locks are easily identified since the keyway must have a wide keyway opening to accept both the user and master key blanks.

Furniture companies offer a wide variety of office furniture.  Lock companies devised plug removal systems so any grouping of furniture could be easily keyed alike by exchanging lock plugs instead of replacing the entire lock assembly.  'RMVL' on the following list denotes a removal key.  Some removal keys operate a retainer in the tip position.  In some cases key blank companies may not offer a key blank with an extended blade. The alternative is to cut the shoulder back on an available key blank to gain the extended length.    

Asian and European desk lock imports are regularly appearing on the market.  The best  source for customers is their local locksmith when keys are lost or duplicates are required. If you discover a new desk lock key system or cannot locate the proper blank for duplication then contact Locksmith Ledger. We will locate the information and share it in the pages of Locksmith Ledger.

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