Trial Run With Yale nexTouch

Nov. 1, 2016
This lock comes with a package of electronic controls which meets the business requirements of today and can be quickly upgraded to meet your customers’ future needs.

"Yale Works for You" ™ is a statement used in an introductory paragraph for the Yale nexTouch locksets. After learning more about all of the Yale nexTouch features, it is easy to see how Yale can make such a statement.

Basically, Yale NexTouch locks are battery-operated standalone lever locks which contain a keypad to operate the lock.  A fully modular design allows users to operate the lock by keypad, or as customer requirements change or grow, Yale nexTouch locks can be easily upgraded to support a data-on-card system or to wireless Zigbee/Z-Wave communication systems by inserting an optional technology key.  Voice-guided prompts in either English, Spanish or French simplify the updating process.  A weather resistant seal allows operation in temperatures from - 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yale nexTouch locksets are available with a capacitive touchscreen, model NTB620, or a tactile pushbutton keypad, model NTB610, and are are ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified.

Keypad Operation

The keypad mode allows the Yale nexTouch to be operated as a single door, electronic access control system.  A voice-guided system simplifies programming and keypad setup.  Up to 500 users can be accommodated right out of the box without any additional modules. Keypad operation is ideal for situations where access is restricted but large groups of qualified personnel must still be able to operate the lock. Examples might be vestibule doors, office doors or restrooms.

Before setting up users, a four- to eight-digit master code must registered.  A speaker is located in the nexTouch lockset and provides instructions for setting up the master code.  The master code must be created prior to programming the lock. Once the master code is registered, each user code of four to eight digits can be registered.  The voice-guided speaker system assists with each programming procedure. 

If for any reason the master code is forgotten, a reset button is located behind the inner housing. The inner housing must be removed from the door to access the reset button. The reset procedure involves pressing the reset button while removing and reinstalling one of the four batteries. This procedure sets the unit back to the factory default and prepares the nexTouch for programming a new master code. This procedure also removes all existing user codes.

Additional features include an optional door position switch. If the door position switch is installed, a privacy button located on the interior side of the lockset can be depressed which will disable all keypad functions. The privacy function is controlled by settings on the keypad.  This prevents non-registered persons from indiscriminantly pressing the privacy button.  A 9 volt battery can be used as a temporary electricity source by pressing the battery contacts against two metal tabs located on the face of the keypad.

Yale nexTouch locksets are available either with or without a mechanical key bypass cylinder located in the outside lever handle.  A variety of lever handles are available to accept competitors lock cylinders and to accept LFIC and SFIC lock cylinders.  

Data-On-Card Operation 

Data on card capabilities of nexTouch are coupled with user-friendly Yale Accentra software.  This affordable software provides lock management for multi-family properties. A single credential provides convenient access to all areas of the property. Yale Accentra is a cloud-based program which minimizes investment costs and enables simple management of access rights from any internet-enabled device.  An unlimited event audit trail provides reports so management can monitor access history.  The Yale Accentra systen is ideal for either new construction or for renovation projects.  

Yale offers a credential updater which activates new credentials and transmits current access rights to resident's entry at time of entry. Users’ credentials are continuously updated through daily normal use.

Wireless Operation

Modular radio design allows flexible solutions using either ZigBee or Z-Wave tehnologies. Credentials and access right can be managed remotely and in real time, using any partner automation system.  Yale nexTouch locksets can be wirelessly integrated into new or existing commercial automation systems. Bring devices online with the simple installation of a plug and play network module. Yale nexTouch  integrates seamelessly with existing platforms such as, Control4, Honeywell and iControl to provide access control management without running wires.


A Yale nexTouch lockset was installed on a fresh, unmortised mount specifically to learn about any unusual installation requirements as opposed to the installation of a standard lever lock.  Parts included the optional door position switch.  We began by drilling the normal 2 1/8" crossbore and 1" edge bore for the latch unit.  The example latch bolt was designed for a 2 3/4" backset but a 2 3/8" backset latch is also available.

In addition to the standard cutouts, a 3/4" crossbore hole had to be drilled above the normal 2/3/8" crossbore. This hole was used to extend wires through the door and for a retainer stud. Two additional crossbore holes were required above and below the 2 1/8" crossbore hole for chassis retainer screws.  These additional holes should all be drilled at exact right angles to the door face.  If you are planning on regularly installing these locksets, an installation jig is recommended.

The next step was to fasten the inner handle chassis to the outer lever/keypad unit. Wires carrying electrical information from the outer keypad to the inner circuit board had to be extended through the proper openings and connected to micro connectors located on the inner chassis -- not an easy job for stubby fingers.  The two lock units were then secured in place with an extra long screw.  Another intermediate step was to install the inner escutcheon plate and lever handle. Lastly, the four included batteries plus a battery cover were installed. A swipe of my hand across the keypad brought the lockset to life as it cheerfully chirped.

Numbers on either the touchpad or the keypad model were easy to see and use. Yale nexTouch improves the looks of a commercial or residential door. Along with good looks is a package of electronic controls which meets the business requirements of today and can be quickly upgraded with an optional module to solve any access control changes your customer may require in the future.