Mul-T-Lock's ENTR™ Makes An Entrance

July 4, 2016
Electrified deadbolt retrofit and European cylinder meet a wide variety of access control requirements for home and office

Mul-T-Lock has recently introduced its new ENTR™ line as a deadlocking solution for a wide variety of access control requirements. The electrified deadbolt retrofit and European Cylinder are available with several options, offering flexible access control options for many scenarios. Although the installation is straightforward, with all the available options, the deployment can be detailed.

The following is Mul-T-Lock’s new product description:

Transform your front door into a smart one with ENTR™. Eliminating the need for keys, ENTR™ allows you to control access right from your smartphone and a variety of other devices such as a fingerprint reader, touchpad or remote control. ENTR™ gives convenience, security and options.

Mul-T-Lock ENTR™ is the intelligent locking solution you have been waiting for. ENTR™ combines the protection of a mechanical cylinder together with the convenience of advanced technology − without compromising on performance.

Easy to install, maintain and use, ENTR™ can be retrofitted onto existing doors, giving you an upgraded solution in no time and with minimal effort. With ENTR’s™ App, you can activate your lock remotely from your smartphone, giving you control and management capabilities. Moreover, you are able to have a range of credentials to upgrade your ENTR™ solution.

• Ideal for most door types and sizes

• Easy to install  – no drilling or wiring

• Battery operated – not dependent on power or cables

• Secure, encrypted wireless communication between system elements

• Automatic locking – shut the door and it will automatically lock.

ENTR™ is an innovative smart lock solution that provides users with a variety of ways to open doors without the use of physical keys. A comprehensive solution, ENTR™ conveniently allows users to securely control access to their home or office using any connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, or with the use of a personal code, fingerprint reader or a remote control.
ENTR™combines the strength of a Mul-T-Lock®’s High Security mechanical cylinders together with advanced electromechanical and digital technology for the both home and office use. Leveraging today’s widespread use of smartphones and connected devices, users can unlock doors, program scheduled access authorizations and more. Users can also opt to operate ENTRTM with a coded touchpad, fingerprint reader or remote control. In addition to providing a range of options to gain access, ENTR™ is easy to install — installation takes minutes — as it is wire-free and can be fitted on any door type. 

No longer reliant on keys, ENTR™ is an ideal solution for a wide range of users. Families with children no longer have to worry about lost keys and the inability to access the home because of it. Individuals who want a digital solution can use their smartphone for home access control. It’s also a very smart solution for the elderly, as it provides secure access to caregivers or visitors without having to distribute keys. Future plans for ENTRTM include the ability to integrate with the smart home environment, giving consumers the control and convenience they want.


Q&A: Roy Miller

We interviewed Mul-T-Lock USA President Roy Miller about this new lock. Following are the Ledger's questions and Miller's answers.

What is your background in locksmithing and security?

Here is my official bio: Roy Miller, CPL, a second generation locksmith, shares a wealth of experience and knowledge with locksmiths and colleagues in both an academic and practical way. Since 1999 Roy has been a member of the Mul-T- Lock USA, Inc. team, starting out as a representative, and then progressing to the Midwestern US Senior Regional Sales Manager, Director of Access Control Product Management for Mul-T- Lock North America and now to his current role as President of Mul-T- Lock USA. Previously Roy held positions with Clark Security Products as part of their inside sales team and in addition, he served as both an Inside Sales Manager and Outside Sales Representative for American Lock and Supply. Roy’s 42 years of diverse experience in the security hardware field is evident in his unique, application-based, real world relationship with the locksmiths.

What sets Mul-T-Lock apart from other lock manufacturers?

Mul-T- Lock is unique because it was invented by and for the locksmith. You can see it in our relationships and our products.

Where can the device be purchased by locksmiths?

From Mul-T-Lock USA and most Locksmith Wholesale Distributors

Where can the device be purchased by end-users?

Locksmiths throughout the USA and various online retailers

What are its components?

  • Deadbolt Upgrade Kit (Upgrades both Mul-T-Lock and Medeco Grade 1 deadbolts)
  • Euro Kit
  • Remote control
  • Touchpad reader
  • Fingerprint Reader (keypad included)
  • Wire-free charger

All are purchased separately.

Is the product shipping now, or if not, when?

August 2016 (ALOA Launch)

Is this a replacement for a lever or used in conjunction with a lever?

There are two different versions, a Deadbolt Retrofit and a Euro Cylinder replacement.

What are the ENTR™ modes of operation?:

ENTR has four main accessories: FOB, Pin-Code reader, Fingerprint reader combined with a code and the free mobile App.

Is every ENTR™ supplied with these options?

No, there are a variety of product configurations and the user can actually upgrade his ENTR™ by purchasing an accessory afterward.

Will this fit in an existing deadbolt prep? What backset?

The Deadbolt Retrofit is a kit to retrofit the existing Mul-T-Lock or Medeco Grade 1 deadbolt currently on the door.   Mul-T-Lock Deadbolts come with an adjustable backset.   If there is a need to replace the deadbolt completely, then there is a special kit for this. It can be installed on both 2'' 3/8 (60mm) and 2'' 3/4 (70mm). We shall have a Grade 2 version compatible with most popular deadbolts in the near future.

Is the product suitable for residential and commercial?

Residential and light commercial application (Small to medium businesses)

Can the device be installed on a fire door?

ENTR™ mounts and operates the pre-existing bolt and or Euro lockset - so if this original lock is fire rated, it remains so.

Are there both a U.S. version and a European version?

ENTR™ has both Euro and Deadbolt versions.

Is a trained installer required? What kind of training is involved?

The best person to install this is a certified Mul-T-Lock dealer. We will be conducting training classes later this year nationwide after the launch at ALOA.

In the installation manual, a magnet is mentioned. What is the purpose of the magnet which is adhered on the door frame? What happens if the magnet falls off or is removed?

ENTR™ has an auto-locking feature, based on a smart magnetic sensor which reads the door position through the bolt when the door is shut. The magnet allows for the sensor inside the ENTR™ unit to know when the door is properly closed.

Without the magnet present, ENTR™ can still be operated in manual mode (i.e. locked unlocked by a command from either the remote, App, or reader).

This deadbolt is electronically controlled but manually unlocked and locked, correct?

ENTR™ is fully automated and is actually activating the bolt by a motor, meaning that the bolt is unlocked or locked by an electronic command.

Is there a key override in case of failure?

Yes, from outside using the existing mechanical key. From the inside, there is an override knob for operating the lock manually.

Is an app or mobile device required to program the lock?

No, but the mobile App can be used to change some of the lock characteristics.

Is the ENTR™ usually in the OFF mode then turned ON for access control?

ENTR™ is in low power standby mode waiting for an RF or Sliders command. This is why it is so efficient.

Can the device be powered from a permanent power source?

Can a mobile device or fob be used to unlock the ENTR?

Sure! Either of those can be used to unlock / lock the door.

What wireless technology is used and what is the level of security?

ENTR security is based on a multi- level encryption and authentication. ASSA ABLOY, as a high security company, is committed to the highest levels of security standards and products.

A lot of effort was done to ensure that the ENTR™ system comply with that standard. ENTR™ is using the advanced industry encryption mechanisms such as AES, ECDH as well as a secure element with in the ENTR electronics.  

Please explain where the touchpad reader is installed and how it works.

Both Touchpad or Fingerprint readers are wireless and battery operated. Both are installed outside the home on the door or the wall beside the door. They can be easily programmed by the home owner (using his Admin code or Fingerprint).

Once a user with authorized code or finger presents his or her credential to the reader, the reader sends an unlock command to the lock.

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