D&D: Latches, Hinges And Gate Hardware For Every Application

Feb. 1, 2016
New products include the SureClose EASY hydraulic gate closer, with hidden hydraulics and easy installation and adjustment without removal of existing hinges

Owners of D&D fence company in Australia realized 30 years ago that there was a lack of durable gate latches and hinges for fences. David Doyle, one of the owners, saw an advertisement for rare earth magnets which never lose their magnetic force. A magnetic gate latching system for picket-style gates was then invented which used polymers and stainless steel parts to resist jamming and the D&D MagnaLatch gate lock was born.

D&D Technologies grew out of the demand of other fence contractors who also wanted to use the MagnaLatch hardware. During the next few years D&D Technologies introduced a full line of polymer-based latches and hinges including TruClose self-closing hinges, the LokkLatch and the LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock. Their North American division, D&D Technologies (USA), was established in 1996.

The original D&D Technologies magnetic gate lock has several advantages for locksmiths. No milling or welding is required. Ease of installation saves time. No jigs or special tools are required. Pin tumbler lock cylinders are rekeyable. Locks are fully adjustable vertically and horizontally. Locks contain proven, reliable D&D magnetic technology and strong, engineered polymers and stainless steel parts.

In addition to the D&D lock product line, they also have a line of gate closers called SureClose. Original SureClose ReadyFit hinges can function as both a hinge and a closer. For lighter aluminum or steel gates a SM non-self closing hinge can be installed as a load bearing hinge near the bottom of a gate and 108 self-closing SureClose Ready Fit hinge can be installed near the top of the gate. SureClose Ready Fit 108 hinge/closers allow for a spring closing force adjustment and for hydraulic adjustment of the closing speed.  

A combination of a SM load bearing hinge and a 108 hinge/closer can control gates up to 180 lbs. An installation of two 108 hinge/closers can control gate up to 260 lbs.

SureClose Ready Fit hinges have an offset pivot point. A new SureClose EASY hydraulic gate closer has just been introduced. SureClose EASY gate closers have a center hung pivot point and are designed to be installed at the top of a gate having a flat top surface and to operate with existing center-mounted hinges. Aluminum screws are used to fasten the SureClose EASY in place. A horizontal adjustment allows for simple alignment with the existing center-mounted hinge pivot point. SureClose EASY closers require 2" to 4" gap between the frame and gate.

Adjustment screws are provided for both closing speed and closing force. D&D Technologies literature states that the SureClose EASY has, "Powerful, hidden hydraulics that don't leak". The concealed hydraulic system is housed in a compact, tamper-resistant closure with no need to ever add fluid. Two rows are used for "consistently superior performance". The SureClose EASY gate closer can be used for gates up to 180 lbs. Installation of a SureClose EASY closer does not require removal of existing hinges.  The product is ADA compliant and has been tested to 500,000 cycles. 

A 64-page D&D catalog is available at: www.ddtechglobal.com. The catalog displays dozens of gate lock products to fill any requirement. A new MagnaLatch Alert system combines a gate lock and a dual warnings of electronic of flashing LED lights and an audible alarm. Extended length MagnaLatch Alarm models place latch controls out of the reach of children. Every family or commercial business with a fenced yard or swimming pool area is a customer for increased security and D&D Technologies has the products to meet the challenge. For more information call: D&D Technologies, 714-677-1300.