Innovation and New Products from Codelocks

July 1, 2015
The NANO90 cabinet lock is based on Codelocks' best selling cabinet lock, but with a much smaller footprint. The KL1550 electronic cam lock offers MiFare, NFC, multiple user codes and audit trail capabilities.

Codelocks leaders were excited to introduce several new and enhanced products. when the Locksmith Ledger met with Grant MacDonald, Managing Director & President of Codelocks Inc., and Joey Dalessio, General Manager of the Americas, at the Security Hardware Distributors Association Conference in Phoenix at the end of April

“Codelocks continues to listen to customers as well as research new development and trends in all of our market areas on a global basis,” says MacDonald. “We develop new products for application in all markets; however we also look at specialty products in each market.”

The Ledger took note at SHDA of many new products in the mechanical and electronic door lock product groups as well as in the KitLock electronic cam lock series.

One such product is an electronic cam lock with mechanical slam latch built to accept a 6- or 7-pin small format interchangeable core. When asked why this was being introduced, Dalessio stated: “End user demand, period.  There are end user applications that require a self-latching mechanism, with the benefits of electronic code control with the ability to have a key over-ride.  We combined elements of our mechanical and electronic lines to ‘cobble’ a solution that works.”

Another example of listening to the end-user was evidenced by the longer spindle kits, to accommodate 1 ½” thick material now available for the KL1000 and KL1200 series, both available as kits. Yet another was the spring latch mechanism for the KL1000 Series capable of retrofitting any KL1000 Lock in the field, or new installation. June 2015 release was announced.

Codelocks' popular CL300 Mechanical Deadbolt or Dead-latch Series lock will soon be available with optional kit to convert any CL300 to accommodate 6-7 Pin Small Format Interchangeable “These product extensions are natural add-ons, meet demand and enhance each category,” MacDonald says

Since complementing existing product categories seemed the theme, it made great sense to view an ANSI Grade 1 rim exit device on the display cart.  Designed to operate with the CL5000 electronic Series and the CL600 mechanical series panic device controls, Codelocks now offers a complete solution to its customers requiring a single source for the exit device and control.  The stainless steel device featured multiple mounting hole configurations designed to retrofit with the most popular door preps making the product very versatile for the installer.  Models to fit up to 3’ and up to 4’ doors as well as an alarm kit are available.

Grade 1 “We now offer a kit to offer an alternative to our heavy use tubular latch packed standard with our CL5000 Electronic lockset and CL600 Mechanical lockset to cylindrical chassis.  The benefit is easier installation and higher use applications. KITS are available now," Dalessio adds.

The new NANO 90 is a mini-electronic lock, featuring a robust programming capability but designed to retrofit desks, file cabinets, and small device storage lockers and cabinets.  The Nano 90 may be installed flush or surface mount.  It is available in vertical and horizontal models.

The KL1550 is an electronic cam lock with multiple capabilities. Combining the sleek appearance of the KL1500 with MiFare, NFC, Multiple User Codes and Audit. Benefits include the easy retrieval audit, but equally easy programming of entire locker rooms using the NFC transfer allowed by an Android Device.  This product will be demonstrated at the ALOA show and available for purchase at that time.

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