Storefront Solutions for Challenging Environments

May 4, 2015
Adams Rite, Alarm Lock and Securitron offer specialized locks to secure narrowstile storefront doors

Most locksmiths involved in serving commercial and retail clients have had encounters with storefront type doors. For just about any task except a rekey, storefronts offer several challenges.

Condition: Often you will be working on an existing door system which in the majority of cases has not been maintained despite being subjected to brutal abuse by pedestrians and the elements. You get to learn about things like extrusions, glass, concealed closers, frost heaving and damaged pivots as soon as you start working on storefront. Many times you will be asked to rekey a storefront door, and the client will be disappointed that you did not also replace a leaking door closer or fasten a loose saddle as part of the service call.

Dimensions: Owing to the narrowstile, the backset of locking devices is a radical departure from the standard 2-3/8”-2-3/4” found on other types of swinging doors. This backset forces you into using specialized hardware and accessories.

The internal dimensions of extruded aluminum stiles and frames, is also not as it may appear. This becomes an issue when you are trying to pull wires in storefronts. Wherever one storefront element intersects with another, you are probably going to encounter a brace or other hardware that was placed there to prevent your cabling from passing. Especially deadly are those reinforcing rods across the top of doors which prevent the traditional installation of a maglock armature.

Glass: As if things weren’t difficult enough already, the presence of glass on the storefront can be a problem. In some cases, you do not know exactly where the edge of the glass is, but you are sure that if you happen to hit the glass with your drill, turning profit on the project will not be possible. Even if there is insurance, broken glass creates a security and safety issue which requires special attention, and will definitely ruin your day.

Duty Cycle: Equipment wears out and will usually require follow up calls for post break-in period fine tuning, typically callbacks. Using gray market storefront accessories is not recommended.

Location: When there is a storefront door, it is usually because it is a primary access and egress from the premises, meaning it is heavily trafficked, and critically important for the safety of the occupants.

PREP: The storefront is metallic, and the accessories you are installing often require that you make alterations to the door or frame to accept the accessory. This can be as simple as enlarging an existing hole diameter, but more often involves making rectangular cuts into the aluminum, and use of things like spiders and offset tabs. Many locksmiths first learned what a DREMEL tool was, thanks to storefronts, and that they will not be able to use their jigsaw to cut the storefront because of the typical saw blade stroke is greater than the internal dimension of the extrusion.

Here are some great projects that will help.

SECURITRON DK-37 Digital Keypad

The Securitron DK-37 Digital Keypad is a fully weatherproof, vandal resistant stainless steel keypad designed for narrow stile applications. It offers Wiegand output for universal compatibility with access control systems or the Securitron DKC controller.

The DK-37 is dual voltage 12V or 24V using AC or DC current and includes red, green and yellow status LEDs and audible keystroke echo. The DK-37 keypad is backed by Securitron’s MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty.

Product features include:

  • 12-key cast stainless steel 2x6 keypad with silicone rubber keys
  • Weatherproof and vandal resistant
  • Dual voltage 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Mounts on narrow mullion
  • Compatible with access control systems using standard Wiegand output
  • Red, green and yellow status LEDs
  • Audible keystroke echo
  • 16-foot (4.88m) Wiegand cable included
  • Dimensions:  1-1/2"W x 7"H x 1"D
  • Operating Temperature -22 to +158F [-30 to +70C]

DKC Digital Controller

The Securitron DKC Digital Controller provides standalone control of up to two electrically locked doors. It offers broad flexibility for access control professionals looking for a cost-effective solution for small configurations, including boutique storefronts, mantraps, and badge-in, badge-out applications. Adding door users is fast and simple, either upload via easy-to-use software or directly program from an installed system keypad.

Easy-to-use software with upload feature allows quick deployment of a one or two-door, standalone system with the flexibility to use any output reader or keypad capable of 26-bit Wiegand output.

The DKC is also compatible with ASSA ABLOY Aperio® wireless products. Connect your DKC to keypads, wireless products, or proximity or smart card readers for sophisticated yet simple access control.

Product Features:

  • Downloadable audit trail for time/date stamped user access
  • Stores up to 2000 total events
  • New, easy-to-use, intuitive remote programming option
  • Enter codes from the comfort of the administrator’s desk using the DKC Programming Tool for later upload to the controller
  • Optional easy keypad programming at the keypad or the controller board
  • Independently controls up to two doors
  • Up to 250 users per door
  • Non-volatile memory for fast recovery in power outages with no data loss
  • User code and/or hard code disable feature
  • 5 Amp SPDT relay output for lock control and alarm shunt, camera call-up, door prop, tamper detect, duress, doorbell or forced entry

M380 Series Magnalock®

The M380 Magnalock from Securitron provides smartlock features, aesthetic design, ease of installation, and 600 lbs of holding force.  It also comes with a built in, auto voltage-sensing microprocessor along with Securitron’s patented BondSTAT and door position monitoring plus advanced options such as integrated camera and REX

The M380 look is refined enough for the most discriminating designer openings with consolidated features that eliminate the clutter of multiple devices around the door.

Installation is simple. Watch how easy at:

Product Features:

  • Bracket mounting provides the easiest install for out-swing doors
  • Innovative install template for an effortlessly accurate alignment between magnet and armature plate
  • Sleek, low profile and refined lines for improved aesthetics
  • LED visual locked status with configurable red/green color output
  • Integrated door position switch
  • Autosensing dual voltage with microprocessor technology
  • Adjustable automatic relock timer (0.5-15 seconds)
  • Wire chamber with anti-tamper switch
  • Efficient, low power usage
  • Size optimized for use with door closers

Product Options:

  • Integrated passive infrared (PIR) Request to Exit (REX)
  • Integrated video surveillance camera in color or black/white for lower light conditions
  • Mounting for glass door applications

Optional features:

  • Analog black/white CCTV camera
  • 112 degree view angle
  • 420 TV line resolution
  • 48db S/N ratio
    • LUX minimum illumination day/night operation
  • Supports BNC connector

Analog color CCTV camera features:

  • 112-degree view angle
  • 520 TV line resolution
  • 48db S/N ratio
  • 1.5 LUX minimum illumination day/night operation
  • Supports BNC connection
  • Adjustable passive infrared (PIR) Request to Exit (REX)
  • Automatically cuts power to M380 for egress
  • Request to exit (REX) output
  • Easily adjustable beam pattern
  • Adjustable relock timer


  • Magnalock Power 510mA at 12VDC; 270mA at 24VDC
  • Camera Power* 180mA at 12VDC; 80mA at 24VDC
  • PIR Power 25mA at 12 VDC ;10mA at 24VDC

* A separate continuous power input is required to power the camera and REX.

More Information:

Alarm Lock Trilogy®

Alarm Lock provides convenient keyless PIN code or Prox access anywhere there’s a glass door. The Trilogy® line enables professionals securing buildings of all kinds to more cost-effectively and quickly add dependable coded or ID-carded wireless access control a door at a time, with a consistent model for every door type in a facility (cylindrical, mortise, narrow stile/glass, privacy or double-sided) .

Trilogy® electronic access control locks include original standalone digital and Prox models, with built-in HID® Prox reader, and nextgen wireless networking Trilogy Networx™ access locks, featuring global lockdown in seconds and the elimination of door-to-door programming and audit trail event queries by communicating wirelessly via ethernet or 802.11.

All Trilogys feature tool-free keypad programming and long battery life, with cylindrical models boasting Grade 1 BHMA certification.

New Alarm Lock Networx™ Prox ID and PIN Code Keypads and NetPanel 2-Door Access Controllers provide a wireless keypad solution for use with magnetic locks, strikes and electrified exit devices.

All programmable Alarm Lock models share the same database, programming, scheduling and functionality and use Alarm Lock’s Free Windows-based software. Several models can also be integrated within an enterprise security system platform, for a real time access control solution.

  • Trilogy Narrow Stile lever models (left and right) are designed to work with Adams Rite® latch series;
  • Thumbturn models support swing & hook bolt products .
  • PC-programmable 1300 Series models provide audit trail log of door users.
  • Pushbutton aluminum door trim retrofit glass doors with latch locks

DL1200, DL1300 Series: Keyless convenience to mechanical latch locks from Trilogy’s allmetal, vandal-resistant 12-button keypad and/or automatic timed scheduled locking/unlocking and audit trail are possible with 1300 Series.

  • Aluminum door retrofit outside trim for Adams Rite® 1850, 1950, 4710, 4070, 4730, 4900 Series and MS1850S and MS1950S Series latch locks
  • DL1200 supports 100 3-5 digit PIN user codes, fingertip programmable
  • DL1300 (and Prox PDL1300, right) support 2000 users, PC programming/reporting and features 40,000 event audit trail by user and 500 event schedule/real time clock (e.g. lock/unlock by time)
  • Weatherproof -31˚ to +151˚F (-35˚ to +66˚C)
  • Long-life, battery-operated for 100,000 and 80,000 cycles respectively, typical on 2 lithium 3V batteries, supplied; low battery alert
  • Compact styling 14-3/8”H x 1-5/8”D x 1-3/4”W
  • Key override mortise cylinder, 1-1/4” supplied. (Supports 1-1/8”, 1-1/4” and 1-3/8”). Also interchangeable cores supported (Corbin/Russwin, Yale, Schlage, Medeco.)
  • Backsets 31/32”,1-1/8” and 1-1/2”; Stile thickness 1-3/4”
  • Non-handed; fully field-reversible
  • Four finishes US26D satin, 10B Durondic, MS metallic silver and MB metallic bronze

PDL1300: Narrow stile prox ID card PC-programmable model with audit trail with PDL1300. Features include:

  • Built-in HID prox reader, supports up to 2000 users with HID Prox ID cards or/fobs or 3-6 digit PIN codes
  • Easy Tap & Add batch prox ID card enrollment mode allows many cards to be quickly added without PC –also– downloadable from PC or prox enroller tool
  • 40,000 event time-/date-stamped audit trail by user
  • 500 event schedule/real time clock (e.g. lock/unlock by time)
  • Long-life, battery-operated for 65,000 cycles, typical on 2 lithium 3V batteries, supplied; low battery alert

DL1200ET: Exit Device doors compatible with Alarm Lock’s Trilogy narrow stile exit device trim locks.

  • Adds vandal-resistant keyless access to panic exit doors
  • Protects storefronts and managed properties 24/7
  • 100 users supported (3-5 digit codes)
  • Designed with all-metal, vandal-resistant 12-button keypads
  • Supports 3-6 digit PIN codes and multilevel user hierarchy
  • Easily installs on most aluminum glass doors
  • Works with Jackson, Dor-O-Matic, Von Duprin (Von 33 LH (RHR only), DORMA, Arrow, DCI & Corbin panic devices (Dor-O-Matic, Jackson and DORMA devices require thumb-turn or knob.

DL/PDL1300ET: As above but also equipped with ID card prox reader (PDL version), PC programming and automatic lock/unlock scheduling and time zone support. This lock accommodates 2000 Users (PIN code or prox ID on PDL model)

Exit Devices TP Kits (Must order TP Kit Separately) include:

  • Jackson 1095
  • Dor-O-Matic - 2090
  • Von Duprin 22
  • Von Duprin 33 LH (RHR) only
  • DORMA - 5300
  • Arrow - 51200/51250
  • DCI - 1200/1300
  • Corbin - ED8200

Note: Certain manufacturers’ exit devices such as Jackson, Dor-O-Matic, DCI and others require a greater degree of rotation so a knob (50) or Thumb Turn (25) is required to retract and project the latch. In this function, the latch will remain retracted until a PIN or Prox Card is represented to project the latch creating a hold back feature.

More Information:

Adams Rite

Adams Rite has been providing electro and mechanical solutions for aluminuum storefronts for so long that their name is the generic term for this type of solution. They regularly revise their products and add new ones to the line so you can be assured that you are providing what is considered the best solution for what are challenging applications.

The MS+1890 deadlock/latch provides maximum security deadlock for after hours and traffic control convenience during business hours. Typical installation is a bank or store requiring three modes of door control:

1. Both lock and latch bolts retracted for unrestricted entry and exit during business hours

2. Handle-operated latch for exit-only traffic just after closing

3. Maximum Security hookbolt for overnight lockup.

NOTE: Handle or paddle operates latchbolt only.

A 360-degree turn of key or thumbturn throws or retracts the hook-shaped deadlock. A120-degree further turn retracts latch bolt as well. Cylinder may be any make standard.

1-5/32" diameter mortise type with MS® dimensioned cam (see CYLINDERS).

Handle retracts spring-loaded latchbolt only.

Steel Hawk 4300 eLatch

The Steel Hawk 4300 eLatch combines mechanical locking hardware with electrified access control while working within standard aluminum entrance door preparations. It is always operable from the inside via handle or paddle device. Entry is via keyed mortise cylinder or access control element.

This is a fail-secure lock with optional form “C” latch status monitor. The standard 4300 operates on 12, 16, or 24 volt DC power and is rated for continuous duty. Units are equipped with a quick connect plug-in type connector. It is interchangeable without stile modification for MS® Deadlocks or 4500 and 4900 Deadlatches. 1-3/4" minimum door thickness required.

Turn key, apply voltage, or operate handle or paddle to release the spring-loaded latchbolt. It is electrically-rated for continuous duty for timed applications. Interface with access control and uses any standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam.

Dual Force® 2190

The Dual Force 2190 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch provides access control and security for aluminum stile doors. It combines the access control capabilities of a latch with the security of a deadbolt. The key retracts and extends the deadbolt (and deadlatch) from either side. The exterior lever retracts the latch only, while the inside lever retracts the deadbolt and latch simultaneously for fast, easy, panic-proof exiting. This product is intended for out-swinging doors.

Key or thumbturn retracts or extends deadbolt or deadlatch. Inside lever retracts both when configured with interconnect feature. Outside lever retracts latch only. Latch holdback feature activated or deactivated by turning key to retract latch and sliding holdback button on faceplate down to hold and up to release.

More Information: