Keypad Lock Makeover: LISCIO Combines Function & Aesthetics

Jan. 2, 2015
Delivering the convenience of an electronic lock without the “gadget” look, Emtek’s LISCIO Electronic Keypad Leverset with Bluetooth programming offers easy, quick locking and unlocking of interior and exterior doors with a contemporary style.

Keypad locks have become commonplace in both commercial and residential settings in recent years. The styles and functionality are widely varied, from star pattern buttons of mechanical locks, to vertical columns, or the telephone button configuration of electronic locks. However, one characteristic of these locks has remained constant: the large and often overwhelming keypad. The keypad is not part of the lock itself; it is merely a component, no different than the lock cylinder face in a mechanical lock. Little attention is paid to aesthetic of the lock, particularly for commercial applications. For commercial electronic locks, the large keypad can be justified due to the number of codes per employee, possible programming, high volume of use, and more. But what justification can be given for the lack of style for residential electronic locks?

Emtek, a division of ASSA ABLOY, has taken on the challenge of designing a residential electronic lock with a pleasing look. Emtek created the LISCIO keypad leverset with Bluetooth® programming. In place of the large, front placed keypad of other electronic lock designs are five discreet pushbuttons and a multicolor LED located on the exterior lever’s shaft. The lever design means that each lock must be handed either left or right.

The LISCIO has a 75 degree latch rotation that swings in a downward direction. When a correct user code is entered in the keypad, the motor powers and engages the lever with the latch retraction mechanism. The lever can be rotated and the latch retracted for a period of four seconds after a valid code has been entered. When no code or an incorrect code has been entered, the outside lever does not engage the latch mechanism.

Emtek’s LISCIO keypad leverset has a contemporary style with a small, curved and narrow front. The lock has a small footprint with exterior dimensions of 2-7/8” x 4-5/8” and interior 2-3/4” x 6-1/2”. A raised ring surrounds the outside lever, which extends from the upper third of the lock’s exterior housing. This lock configuration does not have a straight through “lever lever” spindle mechanism, because the inside lever is in line with the override lock cylinder. The LISCIO is available in Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes.

The mechanical override lock cylinder is in the exterior housing of the lock, not the lever itself. The override lock cylinder face is located in the lower third of the lock’s housing.

Both the interior and exterior levers have individual springs, which give them sufficient power to snap back to a horizontal position after rotation. The levers are solid cast and retracting the latch on the sample lock, provided by Emtek, felt solid.

Door Prep

Door prep for the LISCIO is a standard 2-1/8” diameter cross bore with a 1 inch diameter edge bore. The latch is field reversible with an adjustable backset of 2-3/8” or 2-3/4”. A plastic latch pin is used to set the backset. The cross bore opening is used for both the mechanical and electronic connections between the outside and inside assemblies. No additional holes are required. The LISCIO can accommodate a 1-3/4” to 2-1/4” thick door.

Emtek’s LISCIO keypad leverset is available with entrance or storeroom/gate functions. The entrance function is equipped with an inside thumbturn which engages a switch when turned. The switch changes the function of the locking mechanism to engage with the outside lever, placing the lock into passage mode. In the unlocked position, the thumbturn is a few degrees past vertical to the left. When turned to the locked position, the thumbturn is a few degrees past horizontal to the right. When in locked mode, entrance can only be gained by using a correct, active user code. The inside lever is always unlocked, providing free egress.

In storeroom/gate function, the outside lever is always locked and requires a correct, active user code or override key for access. There is no thumbturn on the inside trim plate for storeroom/gate function.


To service the five-pin tumbler “C” keyway emergency override mechanical lock cylinder, the outside trim plate assembly must be removed from the door. A Phillips head screw secures the lock cylinder. When assembling, be certain the tailpiece is installed correctly as it has a rectangular shaft and one side is stamped with “TOP.”

The LISCIO keypad leverset is a battery operated standalone lock, weatherproof for use on exterior doors. A standard 9-volt battery is mounted on the inside chassis. For the outside lever to retract the latch, power is required when the lock is engaged. Once a correct, active user code has been entered, power is momentarily sent to the motor to engage the lever with the latch retraction mechanism. At this time, pressing down on the lever retracts the latch. After a set timeframe of four seconds, the motor disengages the lever from the latch retraction mechanism. Power is only required to switch the lock to either the locked or unlocked condition and not to maintain either. If the lock is in the unlocked condition and power is lost, the lock will remain unlocked until power is restored.


Emtek’s LISCIO keypad leverset can be programmed using a Bluetooth® equipped smart phone or tablet with the free Emtek LISCIO App. The smart phone does not require an internet connection to program the lock. Up to 20 user codes can be programmed into a single lock. The app allows the user to add, delete, and edit user codes. The programming code is six digits, but the user codes can be either four or six digits in length. When changing from a four-digit user code to a six-digit code, all existing user codes must be reset and made the same length. The timeout mode is the amount of time allotted once a valid user code has been entered. The default timeout is four seconds or there is a 14 second extended timeout mode that can be chosen in the app.

Using the free Emtek LISCIO app eliminates the need to add, delete, or edit user codes at the lock. In addition, the app can be used to view and change some lock function settings. The battery status can be determined and lock activity can be viewed.

When a Bluetooth® communication is successfully completed, the next screen on the app notes that the battery life is either “Good” or “Low”. When the battery is low, the lever itself will emit four amber flashes to alert the user that it is near time to change the battery. Typical battery life is approximately one year. The activity log will display the date, time, and user who gained access using the lock. One smart phone or tablet can communicate with multiple locks.

The Emtek LISCIO Bluetooth® app runs on Apple iPhone® 4S, 5, 5S, 5C running iOS 6.1 or later and Android™ running OS 4.3 or later. For an iPad, it must be 3rd generation or later using iOS 6.1 or later.

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