Master Lock: The Rest Of The Story

Feb. 3, 2014
Product offerings from Master Lock go far beyond the traditional padlock

Harry Soref was a locksmith and inventor. In 1919 he noticed that safe vault doors were made of laminated sections. Mr. Soref decided that if laminated sections provided added security for safe vault doors, then why not use the same laminated design for padlocks?  This was a revolutionary idea in an era when many padlocks had simple hollow bodies which could be easily broken. Harry Soref started the Master Lock Company in 1924. His laminated steel padlocks were heavier and stronger than most existing padlocks. Master laminated padlocks became a government favorite and a successful Master Lock company flourished.

A prized possession is a mounted Master laminated padlock. Master Lock had a commercial which was shown for many years during the Super Bowl. The legendary slogan "Tough Under Fire" is appropriate as a Master padlock was shown withstanding a rifle bullet during the commercials. This mounted padlock shows the powerful effect of the rifle shot, but the padlock remains locked. 

Master Lock has always been known for their wide range of padlocks but they also have many other products available in the security and safety sector. Locksmith Ledger contacted Master Lock and requested their suggestions for a few other Master Lock products which may be less familiar to locksmiths.

King Pin Locks

A solid, cast aluminum housing weighs only 6.5 lbs for easy handling.  An integral Master padlock provides locking security. The 387 series King Pin housing encloses the padlock. There is no exposed shackle to cut.  A hardened steel bottom plate on the padlock resists drill attacks or attempts to pull the cylinder from the housing.  The bright red housing and attached red flag indicates from a distance that the king pin is in a locked position.  It provides optimum security for both the commercial trucking applications and for private RV and fifth wheel trailers.  387 series King Pin locks use a 4-pin M1 keyway and can be ordered to match existing on-site key systems.           

Adjustable Cable Locks

The Master Lock 8400 series has a six-foot adjustable cable with a patented tightening system to cinch and secure equipment such as ladders, bicycles or other similar items. The vinyl coated, braided steel cable offers superior cut and weather resistance.  Cables for Model 8413D can be ordered in lengths from 2 feet to 30 feet. 

Master Lock 8400 series adjustable cable locks incorporate the Python rekeying system. Python cylinders have 4-disc tumblers and an M1 keyway.   A dual sidebar locking system offers maximum pick resistance. Locksmiths can order a Python 8491 rekeying kit which contains service keys for plug removal, a rekeying tool and disc tumblers for depth numbers 0-6.  The 8491 rekeying kit allows you to quickly key alike Python-related products to existing customer keys or to key alike several adjustable cable locks.

Steering Wheel Locks

A "quad hook" design fits steering wheels up to 13 1/2" in diameter.  The Master Lock 252 steering wheel lock is designed to prevent thefts.  An extended bar on the 252 steering wheel lock prevents full rotation of the steering wheel.    The 252 steering wheel lock can be easily installed or removed.

Coupler Locks

Series 377DAT coupler locks fit 1 7/8", 2" and most 2 5/16" trailer couplers. The couplers are easy to install and remove.  The locking system is designed to resist picking and prying. The 2847DAT coupler lock has an adjustable stainless steel lock latch for dimensions from 9/16" to 2 3/4". A watertight cap protects the lock against moisture and dirt. The 2847DAT contains the Python keying feature allowing locksmiths to quickly set a 2847DAT coupler lock to an owners existing key or to key alike several 2847DAT locks.   

Receiver Locks

The Master Lock 2866DAT fits both 1/2" and 5/8" receivers.  A "push-to-lock" feature allows users to push lock body firmly onto pin.  A water tight cap protects the lock from moisture and dirt.  The 1/2" pin is rated for Class I/II and the 5/8" pin is rated for Class III/IV  

Grade 3 Residential Hardware

Master Lock continues a tradition of offering quality products for every security need. Knob and lever locks feature solid brass lock cylinders in popular Kwikset, Schlage and Weiser keyways. Finishes include polished brass, satin nickel, antique brass and aged bronze.  Knob styles include ball, biscuit and tulip shapes. Lever styles include straight levers and wave levers.  Latches are adjustable for 2-3/8" or 2 -3/4" backsets.  Grade 3 handle sets are also available.

Residential deadbolts by Master Lock feature the "Night Watch" feature. The single cylinder deadbolt can be operated with a key from the exterior side unless the interior turn knob is set to the Night Watch position. This prevents any key from operating the lock and provides peace of mind for the home owner. 

Another Master Lock feature is resistance to lock bumping. Master Lock states, "As the leader in security hardware, Master Lock has stepped forward to create a revolutionary new lock cylinder that is highly resistant to lock bumping, is capable of detecting bump attacks, and meets the highest test standard for resistance to bumping."

Certain pinning rules must be observed when rekeying Master Lock products which are using "Bump Stop" technology.  A Technical Manual is available from locksmith distributors who stock Master Lock products.  A comparable Service Manual for American Lock products is also available.  These books contain valuable information for servicing every popular Master Lock or American Lock product.     

Edge Key Control

Edge cylinders use special keyways plus organized series of dimple cuts on the side of the key blank. Ball bearings located in the lock plug move into the dimple cuts as the Edge key is rotated. Security is maintained with both standard pin tumblers and the ball bearings. The ball bearings provide a secondary locking protection.  Both the standard key cuts and the dimple locations must be correct before the lock plug will rotate.

Edge Key Control is designed to restrict duplication of keys.  Key blanks are available only from Master Lock Authorized locations and these locations will only duplicate keys upon proper authorization. Edge Key Control is an affordable system which can be installed in a wide range of rekeyable Master Lock and American Lock padlock products.

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