GMS Retrofit Cylinder Solutions

Nov. 1, 2013
With the ability to work with original pins and key cuts, and having the exact keyway profiles, GMS lock cylinders are an ideal alternative to original manufacturers' cylinders for maintenance or expansion of the original key systems. The integrity of the original key systems will not be compromised.

GMS Industries was founded 20 years ago. Their goal was to manufacture lock cylinders which were made to original manufacturers keying specifications. GMS has become a recognized alternative for every lock cylinder requirement. Their range of products includes rim, mortise, key-in-knob, profile and interchangeable core lock cylinders.

Interchangeable core lock systems continue to increase in popularity. GMS manufactures a line of small format lock cylinders which can be easily keyed into existing lock systems when either a key system expansion or lock cylinder replacement is required. IC core lock cylinders are available from GMS in either a 6-pin or 7-pin configuration. 

Popular BEST keyways such as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, Q, R, DD, TB, TC, TD, TE, WB, WC, WA, WD, WG & WH are available. GMS also offers small format IC core lock cylinders in the Arrow 1C & 1D keyways. Lock cylinder finishes include Polished Brass (US3), Satin Brass (US4), Polished Chrome (US26), Satin Chrome (US26D) and Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B). A 'C' clip retains the plug, face cover and lock sleeve parts within the housing which allows easy disassembly when needed.

GMS has also added a large format IC core lock cylinder to their product line which is designed for Schlage locks. As with other GMS products, the original lock cylinder dimensions are retained for ease of pinning into existing lock systems. GMS 6-pin large format IC core cylinders for Schlage are available in C, E or F keyways. Finishes include Satin Brass (US4) and Satin Chrome (US26D).  An added-length key blank raises a tumbler in the 7th position to retract the cylinder retainer for IC core installation or removal.

Replacement housings in either small format or large format configurations are also available from GMS in lengths to accept either 6-pin or 7-pin cores. Mortise cylinder IC core housings also have removable cams which are easily field-changeable as needed. Specialty cams for Almet, Adams Rite, Corbin, Sargent, Schlage, Yale and others reduce the amount of housings needed in inventory while being able to mix and match the correct cam and housing for every job. Tapered shoulder mortise lock housings are available for thin door installations such as required for aluminum door locks.  Rim cylinder IC core housings are also available with tailpieces which can be set in either a horizontal or vertical position.

While IC core lock cylinders are an important new part of their product line, standard mortise, rim and key-in-knob cylinders remain popular GMS products. Mortise, rim and knob lock cylinders are available with Arrow, Corbin 60, Corbin L4, Kwikset, Russwin D1, Sargent LA, Sargent LA/LD, Sargent RA, Segal, Schlage C, Schlage E, Schlage F, Schlage C/K, Weiser E, Yale 8 and Yale GA keyways.  Removable mortise lock cams are available to operate Adams Rite, Corbin cloverleaf, Sargent, Schlage L series and Yale. Five different finishes are offered including Polished Chrome(US26), Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B), Satin Chrome (US26D), Polished Brass (US3) and Satin Brass (US4).

Three different key-in-knob cylinder configurations are designed to fit many Schlage, Yale, Arrow or Sargent knob or leversets. With 16 different keyways to choose from and multiple tailpieces available for various lock models, GMS knob cylinders allow installation of your favorite lockset while still being able to easily set the new lock to almost any popular existing key system.

Dummy cylinders, thumb turn cylinders, padlocks and cylindrical deadbolts complete the GMS lineup. For further information on GMS products, consult your local locksmith distributor or contact GMS at 888-774-5625 or